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Pros, Cons of the Dallas Cowboys Drafting Johnny Manziel

Jerry Jones is never a guy who shies away from attention. Since buying the team 25 years ago, Jones has traded 80 percent of his first-round picks. Johnny Manziel is one of the intriguing prospects in this year’s draft class. Media has always followed around Manziel and it would make sense to pair Manziel and the Dallas Cowboys. After all, the Cowboys are “America’s Team”, and Jones is trigger-happy. If Manziel is available when the Cowboys are on the clock, it should not be surprising to see Jerry be Jerry and draft this maligned prospect. Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of drafting Manziel.


Although he is undersized and his arm isn’t the greatest, Manziel has the “it” factor that NFL teams love. While his game is extremely unorthodox, people around the league can’t knock on his college football production. In just two seasons a Texas A&M, one could make an argument that those two years were the best out of any two-year starter in college football history. Like I said earlier, Manziel would bring in a lot of revenue for Dallas. He is the most marketable prospect out there and Jerry knows that there is a chance Manziel could turn out to be something special. Comparisons on him have varied from Tony Romo to Fran Tarkenton to Doug Flutie. Like Romo, Manziel shows pocket awareness and he can make magical plays out of nothing. Something to remember is that Romo is 34 years old and he has already gone through two major back surgeries. Drafting a quarterback could be necessary if Dallas’ brass wants to plan for the future. Troy Aikman left the league at 34 years old from back injuries, and he has stated how the Cowboys need to be cautious with Romo’s back.


Why draft a quarterback? That’s a question that will be the most asked question if Dallas drafts the former Aggie. In 2013, Dallas had arguably one of the worst defenses in NFL history. Granted Dallas did have a ton of injuries, but that is no excuse considering they have dealt with injuries for three straight seasons now. One could also make an argument that Dallas’ defense has gotten worse since last year. They will not have DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher, and they will be relying on Henry Melton coming back healthy from an ACL injury last year. With so many needs on the defensive side of the ball, can Dallas really bypass a defensive player to draft Manziel? The Cowboys could upgrade almost every position on defense and drafting Manziel gets in the way of improving the defense.

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