Why The Cowboys Should Avoid Johnny Manziel

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Feb 21, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel speaks to the media in a press conference during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

So the draft is right around the corner and there has been growing speculation that the Dallas Cowboys will try to get Johnny Manziel. While there is a growing sentiment among many fans that this is exactly what the Cowboys need, I am firmly in the other court for various reasons. I will get into what I don’t like in Manziel as an NFL QB in a bit, but there are more things to my reasoning that just his playing style. Sure, Jerry could bring him in knowing it would sell tickets. But that is like going to a junk yard to see the one shiny bumper on the 1964 Austin Healey, even if Manziel ends up being better than I think.

First, the Cowboys need defense. It doesn’t matter who is behind center when your defense can’t force a punt. I think many people seem to have forgotten just how bad the defense was last season. Bolstering the defense should be priority number one. While I could see the argument for a Guard early, I just can’t see getting a QB in the first round as improving the team in any way. Heck, we could get Tom Brady , and to be honest, he would struggle with this defense not being able to hold opponents.

Second, what would you do with Tony Romo? Do not give me the cut him thing, moneywise it makes no sense to take the $30 million dollar hit to the salary cap, this year, and $20 million next year depending on when and if he is let go. So we are okay with using a first round pick on a guy who won’t start for at least 2-3 seasons? Remember that will be when his rookie contract will be expiring. So the argument is have him start, right? Not so fast you are now paying your backup insane money, and to be fair, it hasn’t upgraded the team at all.

Third, I just do not see Manziel as an NFL QB. I know I will take a lot of flack for this, but I am trying to look at him objectively. We can objectively throw out most of his pro-day, other than maybe arm strength, it is passing to his receivers without a pass rush or a defense lined up. Looking at Manziel as a QB in the NFL objectively, there are a lot of holes in his game that his athleticism made up for in college. With a pass rush Manziel tends to not have a strong pocket presence. His ability to run benefits him in the college game, but in the pros he will be relied on more to stay in the pocket and pass. Remember the guys in the NFL are starters for a reason, they are fast, strong, and smart. Manziel’s running instincts when he feels pressure could get him in trouble in the NFL.

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