Mel Kiper 2014 NFL Mock Draft: Dallas Cowboys Select Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

On Thursday night, draft gurus Mel Kiper and Todd McShay joined together to make a three-round mock draft. Kiper had the evens, while McShay had the odds. That means Kiper was the general manger for the Dallas Cowboys with the 16th pick. With their first choice in Aaron Donald off the clock, Kiper had the Cowboys select Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, a safety out of the University of Alabama.

At Alabama, Clinton-Dix was the leader of the Crimson Tide’s defense for now three years. He has won two National Championships and he is one of the most experienced players in this draft. Clinton-Dix saw time in his Freshman season behind Mark Barron, who was another Alabama free safety that was the best in his draft class. In fact, the Cowboys were linked to Barron in numerous mock drafts, but Dallas elected to trade up and select Morris Claiborne.

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While Clinton-Dix could be a key cog in Dallas’ defense, I think the Cowboys benefit better by drafting a player in the trenches. Whether it would be an offensive linemen or a defensive linemen, Dallas could add an instant starter. A player like Zack Martin or Timmy Jernigan would make a ton of sense for this team going forward. Another thing is that the Cowboys already have a free safety in J.J. Wilcox.

Before his concussion injury, Wilcox was flourishing at the safety position opposite of Barry Church. It should also be said that Wilcox did not complete a full training camp last year because he went back home to visit his ailing mother in Georgia. Wilcox isn’t a game-changer, but he shows glimpses of being a solid starter in Dallas for years to come.

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  • David

    JJ Wilcox is as of right now an averge to below average safety. He got benched for Heath who was bad as well. Wilcox was constantly out of position and has liimited range playing the deep third safety. He would honestly probably be a better SS or in the box safety for Dallas. Both Dix and Pryor would walk on and be arguably the best overall safety on the team. Church is also a liability in the deep third FS position. Unless they get Barr, Lewan or Martin I really hope they take one of those safeties. If they are both gone along with Barr then they need to look at trading back if possible..

    • Ryan Ratty

      You still have to give him a chance. He’s still new to the position and he missed training camp last year. Thanks for reading, David. Always one of the best commenters on the site.

      • David

        Ryan thank you for the props. But dont get the wrong idea, I am not saying give up on JJ. They have no depth at that position and would just love to throw a top safety in the mix for competition. I think JJ could actually be better than Church and would be a great tandem with Pryor. They could almost have a feared safety duo like the Seahawks because JJ is a hard hitter to. As long as they get a top player available at 16 and dont reach for say a Kony or someone else I will be happy. I honestly think they will go with either Barr if he falls, one of the top two safeties, an OL or trade back. There is an outside chance they go WR there as well.

  • Shawn

    This team lacks the the physical toughness in the treanches. Drafting a safety does nothing to help your passrush or run stopping ability which was the cause of all Dallas’ headaches. The idea that maybe the second best player on an alabama defense that in alabama terms was to put it kindly awful or a safety from Loisville that never faced an even relatively effective college passing offense is headsctratching to say the least. You win games in the trenches.

    • David

      They also lack any playmaking ability at the Safety position. Or are you good with like 2 picks in two years. You need very good players at all positions on defense to win the SB. If Seattle had Dallas safeties in the SB they lose.

      • Chad

        The same could be said for Seattle with our D-Line. Those guys harassed Peyton from the first snap.

        • David

          They had a bunch of good guys in a rotation. I dont think one guy had more than 8 sacks. Their secondary was better than their D-line. But they had a great overall defense obviously. All I am saying Dallas is not going to win a SB unless they get great on defense everywhere. A great defensive line is not going to make Dallas secondary great. They may improve them some sure but its doubtful they will instantly turn great.

  • Michael Davis

    Wrong position for #16. Also wrong Safety for Dallas. Ward/Pryor better fits for Dallas. Dallas brought Ward in for visit not Dix. I think they favor Ward over Dix.

    • Ryan Ratty

      I agree with you. But just because they brought in Ward and not Clinton-Dix doesn’t mean they favor the former over the latter. Thanks for reading!

  • Shawn

    There is not one safety that is worth the #16 pick in this draft…..and there are 4 DL that are,
    Offenses ant throw the ball deep, when they don’t have time to, and if we dfafted any One to play safety it should be FSUs Joyner, he is a perfect fit for a tampa 2. Pryor is a close to the box safety….. which is where he who end up on most play action fakes, watching the ball sail over his head to a reciever that beat mo claiborne, the last guy we drafted because he was going to help our secondary… can you name the DBs on the giants teams that shupt down the pats in 07 and11, prob not cuz they didn’t have to make many plays because the giants loaded their D-line in drafts, we have 3 safeties vying for that position maybe if we draft dix or pryor they can blitz every other down to make up for the pressure we aren’t getting because we wasted a chance to pick a quality DL

    • Ryan Ratty

      I agree with you, Shawn. Dallas has put too much money in the secondary in the past few years to upgrade it some more early in the draft. The trenches should be the target without a doubt. Thanks for reading/commenting.