NFL Mock Draft Final Edition: Dallas Cowboys Trade Back

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Apr 26, 2013; New York, NY, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell speaks before the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

It’s finally draft day. Tonight the NFL will get together to conduct the first round of the most exciting non-sporting event in sports. The NFL Draft.

Let’s take a look at this week’s mock draft and see what the Cowboys do.


Nov 30, 2013; Columbia, SC, USA; South Carolina Gamecocks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney (7) rushes the passer against the Clemson Tigers in the second quarter at Williams-Brice Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

1. Houston Texans

Jadeveon Clowney

DE, South Carolina

The Texans are looking to trade their top pick but are demanding a bit too much to make it actually happen. This team is only a signal caller away from contention but they feel they can find one in the 2nd round. Clowney is the best player in the draft and will team with JJ Watt to form one of the most feared D-Lines in the NFL.

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  • Greg Boling

    Let’s see. You say there is a bidding war for the Dallas pick but the trade only nets 994 points for the 1000 they give away. That’s not a bidding war that’s simply a sale. If there really is a bidding war at that spot, the Cowboys can do much better.

  • David

    I dont like the Hageman pick for Dallas. Especially after letting GB take Pryor. And if they passed on Barr there as well that would be beyond stupid.

    • Greg Boling

      I agree David. They got too little value for the trade in the proclaimed “bidding war” and then passed on a potentially dominant edge rusher which they definitely need. This mock is beyond ridiculous and I’m wondering if the guy who put it together knows Dallas or the NFL in any way.

      • David

        I have seen him write some good articles but am puzzled by the Hageman choice. The knock on him is his inconsistent play and lack of effort sometimes. Thats not the guy Marinelli will tolerate in Dallas. Plus like I have written many times in other blogs, Dallas has signed two interior D-lineman in FA. One being the pro bowler in Melton. Dallas has way to many other holes on defense, particularly DE, FS and OLB.

  • Alex Darden

    Hageman could be a big time player with Marinelli pushing him. I would probaly have to go with him and the extra picks over Barr as well.

  • Alex Mauppin

    The Cowboys need depth, would they be willing to trade down again at 21? You are not going to pick up any sexxy pics, but you can get younger. This is a deep draft filled with talent at all levels.

  • Michael Davis

    No way they take Hageman over Barr. I’m OK with the value of the trade but not Hageman. If Barr is not there then I look to trade this pick 21 to go even further back. Only other player to consider at 21 might be Shazier.

  • Reid Hanson

    Trading back will probably not net the amount of points typically acquired in past drafts since the 2014 draft is so deep. A bidding war will only bring it up to market value. Also keep in mind the value chart I linked in is not the Bible by which all teams abide. They all have their own chart. Each year there is a market value and that is only truly discovered when the situation arises.

    • Assassin

      Agreed. And let’s hope Dallas uses a different draft value chart then the one they used last year. Loved the talent we got but hated the trade value itself.

      • Assassin

        Add – with Hageman, Fuller, Barr, Ealey, Jernigan, Shazir and Sua Filo still on the board, I wouldn’t put it past Dallas to do yet another tradeback.

        • Reid Hanson

          I think you’re right. A 2nd trade-back with San Fran wouldn’t shock me at all. Nor would a trade with Jacksonville as they look to grab a QB. I really love the 2nd – 3rd round talent in this draft and think the Cowboys could be extremely active.

          • Assassin

            Since the NFL went to the 3 day draft, my opinion is that the first pick in the second round (Houston’s) is the most valuable in terms of picking up value and overpaying. 31 other teams are looking at specific players that they really want but were not picked in the first round. They have all night to dwell on them and then overpay to whomever has the top picks.

    • Guest

      Add – with Hageman, Fuller, Barr, Ealey, Jernigan, Shazir and Sua Filo still on the board, I wouldn’t put it past Dallas to do another tradeback.

  • Reid Hanson

    Barr over Hageman was tough to call. I had the Cowboys picking Barr in recent drafts but after speaking to some scouts recently, I think Barr is a much better OLB in a 3-4 than a DE. Many doubt his ability to be a 4-3 DE because he’s not a big or physical player. If forced to play WILL LB, he will not be a good value pick. Hageman has warts for sure. But his versatility on the DL is key.

  • rob alberti

    i cant believe u get paid to do this!!!! a 3 and a 6 for a number 1?
    my 7 year old could come up with a better deal that that
    cant believe im saying this but thank god jerry is in charge and not u!!!

    • Assassin

      It’s not a 3 and 6 for a number 1. He’s saying we move back 5 spots to #21 in the first round PLUS a 3 and 6 for our #1

  • Assassin

    These are “pool” picks in the general areas that we are drafting that I’m thinking we will draft from – of course after round 1, everything is a real crap shoot:

    1st round – Aaron Donald, DT. Unless someone unexpectedly drops like Clowney. If Donald is gone, trade back. I think there will a nice group of defensive players between 25 to 32 of; Ryan Shazier OLB, Timmy Jernigan DT, Rashede Hageman DT (I really like these last two guys), Louis Nix DT, Kony Ealy DE, Dee Ford DE or on offense Xavier Su’a Filo OG.

    2nd round – In our area, Kyle van Noy OLB from Brigham Young, Jeremiah Attacho OLB from GTech, Joel Bitono OT from Nevada (OG for us, maybe RT in future) or Scott Crichton DE from Oregon State (a possible JJ Watt type) or Scott Tuitt DE from Notre Dame.

    3rd round – Gabe Jackson OG from MissState, Kelcy Quarles DT from SoCarolina, Dom Easley DT from Florida (nice spot for a first round talent with knee issues but has passed physicals), Dion Bailey FS from USC or Jack Newhort OT from Ohio State

    4th round – Cyril Richardson OG (my Baylor guy!), Ego Furgeson DT from LSU, Justin Ellis DT from LaTech, Will Sutton DT from ArizState or Lache Seatrunk RB (my Baylor guy #2!)

    5th round – George Uko DT from USC, Stanley Jean Bapsite CB from Nebraska, Carun Reid DT from Princeton or Jeff Pagan DE from Bama.

    No 6th round

    7th round – Taylor Hart DE Oregon, Chris Watt OG Notre Dame, Tevin Reese (my Baylor guy#3!), Jordan Lynch QB Northern Ill, Dustin Vaughn QB West Texas A&M, Jay Prosch FB Auburn, Isaah Crowell RB Alabama State

    • Assassin

      I really, really like Dustin Vaughn in the 7th. Since we now have 4 QB’s on the roster, if Orton retires, we will keep three for game day with 2 being active and the NFL QB exception for the 3rd. That means you keep a developmental QB on the practice squad that has a better chance of not getting poached. Vaughn is kind Rotheleberger size and type. Threw for over 5k last year