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Dallas Cowboys Draft a Backup in Will Smith

The Dallas Cowboys love taking in-state college football players and they drafted another one in Will Smith. The Texas Tech outside linebacker plays with a ton of versatility and it will be interesting to see his role on this team. Sean Lee and Bruce Carter have problems staying healthy and the Cowboys cannot have another year of relying on Ernie Sims and Cameron Lawrence playing linebacker. Drafting Smith gives the Cowboys a nice player who can fill in if there is an injury or he could get on the field when it’s a passing situation.

At 6’2″, 230 pounds, Smith is undersized to play linebacker at the NFL level. With a NFL weight room and an NFL conditioning program, Smith will have the chance to put on around 10 pounds of weight. Although, the Cowboys might like Smith’s weight at 230. Smith is a nice glue player because his versatility allows him to play inside linebacker or outside linebacker. Starters aren’t the only thing this defense needs. The Cowboys need depth on defense too.

By Smith and Anthony Hitchens in the fourth round, the Cowboys now have two rookie linebackers who will be able to come in and play if needed. Smith will be a nice player to follow in training camp, as that will be the time where Cowboy fans can see him play the most. Time will tell how good of a player Smith actually is. For now, he will be a nice player who has high upside for the Cowboys. If he learns the defensive playbook, Smith will see his role expand in Dallas.

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