The Story of Dallas Cowboy L'Damian Washington

If you aren’t rooting for L’Damian Washington to make the Dallas Cowboys, you should. While he fell to become an UDFA, he has all the ability to make this team. The knock on him was his size. He stands 6’4” 195 pounds, however runs a sub 4.4 40, although at his pro day there were rumblings it was lower than 4.3. He was a captain at Missouri as a WR and has an amazing work ethic. He had a 3.5 GPA and every time someone told him he couldn’t do something, he went out and proved everyone wrong. He would work until he could do what people said he couldn’t. But there is more to this young man than just his talent on the football field. If you haven’t seen it yet, the Grantland video on him was moving and eye opening.

When he was five, his father was murdered. He grew up playing football and basketball and his mother would go and watch every game. At one game, his mother suffered a stroke, and passed away. He was old enough to become responsible for his brothers, and so he was now on a course that would cause him to be the adult of the house, go to school, and take care of everything. He worked his tail off until he was recruited by Missouri.

While he has the speed and route running ability, he needs to add size and work on not being a body catcher. I wouldn’t doubt he will do everything he can to prove everyone wrong. He doesn’t run for himself, he doesn’t play for himself, he doesn’t even catch for himself. He does all of this for his family, his brothers watch and know it is all for them. L’Damian Washington wants this and needs this, even if it is not for himself.

If you aren’t rooting for L’Damian Washington, you should be. He has no problem proving you wrong.

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