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Dallas Cowboys: Grading the Ahmad Dixon Pick

The safety position was an area the Dallas Cowboys needed to improve in the draft. While I truly believe J.J. Wilcox is worthy of being a starter, Dallas needed to add a player who would provide some competition and a bring a type of swagger to the defense. With their third fifth-round pick, the Cowboys selected Baylor’s Ahmad Dixon. Projected to go in the third to fifth round, selecting Dixon in the seventh was a great value pick. It’s unlikely Dixon will be the starter for opening day. He will most likely be a special teams specialist and provide some competition behind Wilcox too.

The first thing you notice about Dixon is his ability to make the big hit in the open field. This trait is invaluable for a safety to have because it changes the way offenses attack you. While Dixon has a ton of ability to be a good in-the-box safety, he also shows nice vision and good fluidity to change directions when the ball is in the air. At 6’0″, 212 pounds, Dixon has good size for the safety position in the NFL.

Dixon has drawn comparisons to Jonathan Cyprien and a large part of that is because of his hitting ability and his vision. Dixon also has long arms, which tell me that he could play some cornerback if needed. Something interesting about drafting Dixon is that he was a linebacker for two years at Baylor. Wilcox played running back and receiver too in college. This shows that the Cowboys have now have two versatile safeties who are still relatively new to the safety position.

Final Grade: A

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  • Earl Robertson

    Dixon is a great pick hopefully this will put an end to Heath wearing a cowboys jersey !!

    • JoeDaBeast

      I SO agree with you there. It amazed me how Heath could constantly be on the field. It is as if he was related to Garrett or the Jones family, or as if they owed Heath a favor.

      • Earl Robertson

        Lmao I know it seemed like the twilight zone

    • David

      The Cowboys have five safeties on the roster prior to drafting Dixon. Three of them are undrafted FA’s from small schools. The other two were drafted in the 3rd and 4th rounds respectively. However they were also drafted from small schools and Wilcox was a safety for one year before being drafted. Church is an ok safety but lacks range and the ability to cover on a consistent basis. And realistically none of their safeties cover well or have the range to play the deep half or third to help the corners. If they do not improve in this area their secondary will get lit up again. I like Dixon because he comes from a big time program but he obviously has limitations or he would have been drafted much higher. But I like the Cowboys drafting philosphy this year of drating players from quality programs this year and hope that continues.

  • Greg Hill

    There are valid reasons why Dixon fell to the 7th round which are on public record available to anyone with access to the internet. How about an assault charge for beating another Baylor student. Also, he is injury prone with various injuries recently. Well known dirty ball player around Big 12 circles who loves to take the cheap shot. If the criminal element is what your shopping for, Ahmad is your guy.

    • Earl Robertson

      Dang didn’t know he was injured prone and I take it u not much of a fan of his! I watch about 3 games of Baylor last year and each one he played good but I know I am no way an expert on him.

    • John Ren

      These are ridiculous statements and simply not true. I think this Gary Patterson who wrote this since he spewed the same nonsense too. So let’s address the facts: misdemeanor assault charge was no billed by the grand jury. Let me help you with the definition “No Bill” indicates that the criminal charges alleged therein against a person have not been sufficiently supported by the evidence presented. So any Tom Dick or Harry can accuse you of something but if the evidence doesn’t even meet the standard of a grand jury indictment your still guilty? What kind of stupidity is that. Unbelievable.

      A well-known dirty player in circles? By whose standard? Random internet guy? He had one targeting penalty against TCU when their coach went on some random tirade about Dixon (of course GP is only trying to deflect the fact that TCU has sucked in the B12 and he hasn’t earned his money). Dixon is a hard hitter who is passionate and well respected in B12 circles.

      Injury prone? Really? I’ll just leave this here.
      2013: Second-team All-Big 12 selection after starting 12 games
      2012: Honorable mention All-Big 12 selection after starting all 13 games at nickelback.

      2011: Honorable mention All-Big 12 selection after starting all 13 games at nickelback.

      2010: Played in 11 games.

      What criminal element? this is not even worthy of statement.

      Dixon has his faults but this load of tripe is not it.

      Stick to the facts Gary Patterson

  • Greg Hill

    There is the truth and then there is the legal truth. The Baylor student that Dixon assaulted had injuries that were treated at a hospital in Waco. The qb at Florida State didn’t rape that coed either did he? Currently, Dixon is injured and was injured when drafted isn’t he?

    • John Ren

      Truth vs the Legal Truth? You mean like when OU and Bob Stoops got off with light punishment and Rhett Bomar got hammered? Because Stoops truth was that he didn’t know about the payments but the real truth that ‘everyone in Big 12 circles’ knows is that he runs a crooked program where he pays people under the table? Your reasoning is poor and non factual and you know it.

      But lets not let facts get in the way of internet nonsense, right? Dixon was injured at draft time (which may have caused some of his fall anyway but I digress) so lets ignore the 48 games he played in college and call him injury prone. He played in 13 games as a senior which by the way is 10 more games than injury prone Sam Bradford played in his senior season.

      Go ahead and make up some more things so you can pretend to be right. Your position that someone is guilty because you decide it to be so (assuming you even read a newspaper article and did not hear the info second hand) is wrong.

      We can go back and forth with dumb examples but I am ending it here. I don’t expect someone with zero facts and relying on the “truth vs the legal truth” or “he got hurt recently so he is injury prone” as the backbone of their argument to be reasonable. Good luck to you sir in your search for the real truth.

  • Greg Hill

    John, stick to the discussion. How does starting rumors about OU defend Dixon? What about the injuries the Baylor student received or did I imagine them? Apparently, your emotional involvement with this loser has clouded your judgement. Dixon will not play this year due to injuries and will again have issues with the law in the future because he has no respect for it. Another wasted draft pick by the cowboys.

    • John Ren

      You truly do not understand arguments or how to make them. You are clearly flustered reverting to name calling of people and appealing to the emotional. You are so jaded by whatever your issues are you cannot even see the comparisons, nor do you even address the argument. The correlation is a baseless rumor started by you based on who knows what, you refuse to accept OUs (and their coaches) wrongdoing though clearly punished by the NCAA with findings (though lighter on the university then they should have been) and then you proceed to prosecute a player based on your own prejudice even though he was cleared (you really can’t see the comparison?) Don’t be jaded by your OU love, accept the warts with the frog. You revert to your own brand of truth vs truth and if it is not what you want to hear then that person is a loser and a criminal and yet the school you admire and the coach you revere are merely victims of rumors. That is ridiculous, as is your argument. You have not presented one fact other than a no billed legal case and oh and the player got hurt last week so he is fragile argument.

      Again my reason for writing this is that you are posting nonsense based in fact less rumors and indicting a person that need not be indicted. If you said he was a poor player or that he was slow, a bad tackler, etc. that would elicit no response as each is entitled to their opinion but this stupidity about troubles with the law and injuries is unbelievably small minded and nowhere near factual. I have no attachment to the player in question, I am aware of the situation that happened and the grand jury got all the facts and no billed the case, yet apparently you as the great internet detective decide that you are right and they are wrong.

      I think you should go back to researching Roswell and the 9/11 conspiracy while following your sooners, because you are not good at trolling. Clearly you are hung on something somewhere but I’ll leave your issues to you and your therapist. Best of luck in all your future endeavors, oh yeah and Boomer Sooner.

  • Greg Hill

    Again John, stick to the discussion. Attacking me and a school doesn’t defend the person in question. If you can’t defend your argument change the subject and start attacking the messenger. Why is that? Have I attacked you or Baylor? No, but for some reason you feel compelled to divert the attention away from who this article is about and attack me. Besides, I thought you stated you were done. Obviously, you were done discussing Dixon. Finally, I suggest that you control your emotions because when your not in control of yourself it means somebody else is.