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Terrell Owens Talks to Sport DFW About Tony Romo

This weekend former Dallas Cowboy, Terrell Owens, spoke at the Moonlight and Miracles charity event in El Paso. I was lucky enough to be in attendance and take part in a group Q&A with the much maligned former Dallas Cowboy.

Yesterday and today I’ve been breaking down Terrell Owens’ discussion. He discussed Jerry Jones, his favorite team and coach, thoughts on injuries and how QBs play a part in them. Later today I’ll share what he had to say about the time he celebrated on the star and the real reason George Teague hit him.

Today we talk Tony Romo.


TO on Tony Romo

When I played there Tony was a hungry guy. A guy that was sitting on the sideline, wanting to get in, get his time and his turn to play. There are a lot of expectations. There’s [high expectations] to wear that hat and have that star on the side of your helmet. To be the star and to be the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, there are a lot of responsibilities that comes with that so he’s going to be scrutinized, you know, left and right. But that’s part of being the quarterback; it comes with the territory…When you win you’re going to get all that glory, when you lose, you got to stand up there and take the heat too.

You look at Tom Brady, you look at Payton Manning. Those guys are very cerebral. They make timely decisions to put their team in position to win and I think Tony just hasn’t been as consistent as he needs to be to get over that hump.

With Tony Romo you can expect, you know, an untimely interception at some point in the game. But that’s just how it is. It’s unfortunate because he has to live with that every day. And I’m not being critical; I’m on the outside looking in.

As I’m watching the games unfold, ok, you’re routing for the guy but you kind of cringe because it’s like something bad is going to happen – and it does! It’s unfortunate but again, I was a guy that stood at a podium at a press conference and I shed tears for a guy that I knew and I felt in my heart was really my teammate, and I went to battle for him and it was unfortunate some of the things that were going on. When your star quarterback starts dating Jessica Simpson…those are kind of things that being a quarterback in Dallas that you’re subjected to.

You think about Staubach and Aikman, and he has a lot to live up to…if they get deep in the playoffs, I think that helps stop some of the criticism.


Owens made a couple other references to the Dallas quarterback throughout the 45 minute discussion. His opinion on Romo isn’t necessarily flattering nor is it unfair or overwhelmingly negative. He seems to have taken a “Romo is what he is” attitude, not uncommon amongst football fans.

The Terrell Owens Q&A was recorded and transcribed personally so minor human error is possible. I tried to include all relevant material and clarified when necessary.

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