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Is It Time to Sell the Dallas Cowboys?

Over in the NBA, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has bought the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion. Before the sale took place, Forbes ranked the the New York Knicks as the #1 most valuable NBA team at $1.4 billion. The Clippers came in at 13th with $575 million. (In case you were wondering the Mavs came in at #8 at $765 million.)

So for Dallas Cowboys fans, this begs the question: How much are the Cowboys worth now?

Forbe’s last rankings of NFL teams has the Cowboys as the clear-cut #1 with $2.3 billion. However, since then the Cowboys have inked a $500 million dollar deal with AT&T and have announced plans to open up a brand new practice and corporate facility in Frisco.  With the NFL still growing in both size and worth, tied with the Cowboys ever-growing brand despite the lack of on the field success, it is safe to assume that Dallas’s value could be pushing $3 billion very soon.

In 1989, Jerry Jones bought the team for $140 million. Since his purchase of the Cowboys, the team’s value has increased upwards of 1500%. If a basketball team with very little success outside of the last couple of years can sell for three times the asking price, certainly a historic team and respected franchise like the Dallas Cowboys could break the bank.  Sounds like a good time to sell, right?


“All I can tell you is it doesn’t matter what’s the number, Jerry’s not selling,” Chief Operating Officer Stephen Jones said Friday on 1310 KTCK The Ticket. “Only he can make that decision. It’s kind of fruitless to even discuss it.”

Depending on what side of the fence you sit, that is either good news or bad news. Judging by my Twitter feed on Sundays in the fall, it’s bad.

The Cowboys are currently the fifth most valuable franchise in the world trailing only Real Madrid, Manchester United, FC Barcelona and the New York Yankees.

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