Dec 29, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant (88) runs after a reception for a fourth quarter touchdown against Philadelphia Eagles safety Patrick Chung (23) at AT&T Stadium. The Eagle beat the Cowboys 24-22. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys' Dez Bryant is a Top 5 Receiver

The NFL’s Network Shaun O’Hara said that the Cowboys’ Dez Bryant is not a top five wide receiver.

His top five receivers are Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Demaryius Thomas, A.J. Green, and Andre Johnson.

O’Hara continues to say that Bryant is not an elite receiver!

His reasoning? Because Bryant had four games last season where he had 40 receiving yards!

Are we serious here?

O’Hara either harbors a deep hatred for the Cowboys or he did not watch any of the Cowboys games last season! OR BOTH!  (He’s a former Giant).

For starters, Mr. O’Hara, Bryant is coming off of his second straight 1,000 receiving yards season; and he had 93 receptions, 1,233 receiving yards, and 13.3 yards receiving average.

And voted to the Pro Bowl.

Compared to the O’Hara’s magnificent five, Bryant’s numbers are comparable. Bryant had more touchdowns than all of them, except Thomas, who had 14 to Bryant’s 13. Calvin Johnson (12), Brandon Marshall (12), Green (11), and Andre Johnson (5).

Bryant ‘s 1,233 receiving yards were last compared to theirs, but only by 259 yards to this group’s receiving leader, Calvin Johnson’s 1,492.

Bryant’s 13.3 yards receiving average would be third out of the group, only behind Calvin Johnson’s 17.8 average and A.J. Green’s 14.6 average.

His 93 receptions were fourth out of the group.

But the caveats Mr. O’Hara are the touchdowns. Bryant’s 25 touchdowns are more than any receiver over the last two seasons. That is more than both Johnsons’, Marshall, Thomas, and Green.

You add his receptions, total receiving yards, and touchdowns  over the last two seasons, Mr. O’Hara, and Bryant is not only a top five receiver, but he is elite!

So elite Mr. O’Hara that Jason Garrett compared him to Michael Irving, the Hall of Famer Michael Irving.

So elite that a contract extension is warranted.

Dez Bryant is an elite receiver.

And a top five receiver!

And I bet you didn’t know that either Mr. O’Hara.              

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  • Scott.

    And this is why there is no argument about is Dallas still Americas team. Topics like this are all about ratings because Espn and the Nfln know that folks will tune in. #goamericasteam.

  • SmartThinking

    Does anyone doubt Johnson’s number one designation? Other recent polls have Bryant as number two. I have him ranked at a very close number three.

    If I were Bryant, I’d put my head down, shut my mouth, and go about proving to everyone in the sports media that no one in this game is a better wide receiver than Dez Bryant. Not by saying it but by doing it. And the only way to definitively do that is to put up bigger numbers and more TD’s.

    You want to shut the detractors’ mouths. Be the man!

  • Old Frog

    We are finally getting our financial house in order so why is everyone in such a hurry to screw it up again? Bryant is great but not at any price. I wish GMs around the league would grow some collective balls and stop meeting the salary demands these players are putting out there.