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Cole Beasley's Fit With the Dallas Cowboys in 2014

Known as one of the most reliable pass-catchers around the league, Cole Beasley has made a living in his short NFL career passing catches on third down for Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys. Beasley was projected to be Dallas’ third receiver, but that logic went out the window when the Cowboys drafted Devin Street out of Pittsburgh. New offensive coordinator Scott Linehan is a pass-first play-caller, even though he believes the running game will be leaned upon.

The Cowboys will likely use a ton of four receivers set and that’s where Beasley will make his money next season. His size will prevent him from ever playing outside, but Beasley prevents matchup-nightmares for defenses and that will be his greatest asset to Romo and the Cowboys going forward. The New England Patriots have had success in recent years by how an offensive weapon out of the backfield and a shifty slot receiver. A couple years ago for the Patriots, Wes Welker and Danny Woodhead worked perfectly together with Tom Brady. If Ryan Williams steps up next season, the Cowboys will have similar players than the Patriots a couple years ago. Williams and Beasley is Dallas’ version of Woodhead and Welker.

Last season, whenever Dallas had third-and-shorts, Beasley would come on to the field and run almost the same routes every time. Beasley was among the league’s bests at moving the chains and there is reason to believe that he will be even better in 2014. With an improved offensive line in front of him, Romo will have around a second or two to look through his reads. Beasley may not have constant starting minutes, but he is a play-maker and his role in Dallas is extremely important. Dallas will need to make a decision on whether to re-sign Beasley after this season when his contract runs out.

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