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Gavin Escobar's Fit With the Dallas Cowboys in 2014

The Dallas Cowboys drafted Gavin Escobar in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft and this pick was a questionable one to say the least. This pick was a bad one because the Cowboys had many other pressing needs and they also already had their tight end in place in Jason Witten. To make matters worse, the Cowboys had a promising tight end in James Hanna.

When the Cowboys drafted Escobar, I was upset because Hanna had a lot of potential and he also was coming off an exceptional season spelling Witten every once in awhile. Dallas saw a ton of potential in Escobar, but there was a lot of problems with him too. Escobar’s route-running was raw to say the least and he was horrible in run-blocking, which is something the Cowboys value a lot.

At 6’6″, 255 pounds, Escobar has a nice size-to-weight combination. He doesn’t have great speed, but Escobar is versatile enough to line up outside like Jimmy Graham and he is able to play as an in-line tight end, meaning he would be a traditional tight end lining up next to the tackle. Perhaps the best trait about Escobar is his explosiveness. Escobar has a 32″ vertical and he’s put on around 15 pounds since last year.

Escobar’s role will expand in 2014 because his versatility makes his a nice fit in Scott Linehan’s offense. Witten said that Escobar got stronger and his run-blocking got better in the offseason. That being said, Escobar will take some snaps away from Witten going forward. Cowboy fans are impatient and expectations will be huge for Escobar in 2014. His play must improve going forward.

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