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Carmelo Anthony Doesn't Make Sense for the Dallas Mavericks

The closer we get to the start of NBA free agency on July 1, the more juicy rumors we get. The craziest one so far are the reports that LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade would all opt out of their deals, re-sign with the Miami Heat for less money. By doing that, Miami would have enough cap space to get the Big Three’s fourth basketball soul mate to come to South Beach: Carmelo Anthony.

A LOT would have to happen for Miami to pull this off. All four of those guys would have to put their egos aside and sacrifice some money in order to play with each other and keep being the best friends forever they are. They did that in 2010, but adding a fourth big name to the mix seems risky.  The chances of it happening seem slim, and, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein, there are other teams that Anthony is interested in such as the Chicago Bulls, the Houston Rockets and…the Dallas Mavericks.

Since the Mavs blew up their championship three years ago in favor of financial flexibility, their goal has been to sign another superstar to pair with Dirk Nowitzki and make Dirk their second best player.

They went after Deron Williams in the summer of 2012 and failed, and considering what he’s done since re-signing with Brooklyn, that’s probably a good thing. They went after Dwight Howard last summer and struck out there, too. So now here is the Mavs’ third chance to finally add a star. But, is Carmelo Anthony really a star and is he a fit for the Mavs?

Going to Miami to team up with LeBron and company would not seem like something Melo would do, but don’t forget that those are his buddies. The only way Melo is going to win the title is if he is not the best player on the team and Miami is the one spot where he would probably be okay with not being the man. He’d be the new number one option in Dallas, but there’s no way that would translate over to winning a title. It never will for him.

We all know the story. Melo had a nice little run in Denver but forced a trade to the New York Knicks, and really hasn’t done much since he got there. That’s not entirely his fault, but Melo has earned the title of a selfish player and someone who really only cares about himself over his career. He’s a talented guy and an impressive scorer, but that doesn’t mean he can be the best player on a championship team. He’s a very good player, but he’s not elite.

As far as the fit with the Mavs go, there are questions there as well. It’s hard to envision Melo and Dirk playing together in the same uniform. They both have some similarities and like to operate around the same areas of the floor. The goal is for Dirk is to become the second best player, but not to completely change the way he plays an operates.

Plus, Monta Ellis is a player that needs the ball in his hands a lot to make plays and score. This past season, he did a much better job of playing off the ball than he has at any point in time in his career, but Ellis still needs the ball in his hands a lot. If the Mavs were to some how sign Carmelo, I just don’t see how those two would fit together.

Yes, Dallas has been looking for another star for a long time, but that star isn’t Melo. It’s something that probably won’t happen, and, frankly, something that probably shouldn’t happen.

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