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Dallas Cowboys – Give Brandon Weeden An Opportunity

The odds were against Brandon Weeden coming out of Oklahoma State in 2012. After all, Weeden tried professional baseball for a few years and he was drafted at the age of 28. Yes, you read that right. Despite already being 30 years old, Weeden has a future with the Dallas Cowboys and in this league for that matter. Obviously, Tony Romo is the Cowboys’ quarterback and he will be for another 2-4 years, but Weeden provides necessary insurance.

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Kyle Orton wants to retire, but the Cowboys don’t want him to. Instead of paying Orton $3 million to not even step foot on the field, barring any injury, the Cowboys could benefit much better by saving Orton’s money and choosing Weeden over Orton as the backup.

Another player I would like to see get an opportunity is Dustin Vaughan, an undrafted rookie out of West Texas A&M. The Cowboys have done a good job at finding quality talent in the undrafted free agent period and Vaughan could be another diamond in the rough.

While Weeden had a horrible tenure with the Cleveland Browns, it should be said that he didn’t really have a lot of talent around him to work with. Sometimes, players just need a change of scenery and that’s what Weeden will have in the next few months. With Romo’s back still healing and Orton likely sitting out mandatory mini-camps, Weeden will have the chance to showcase his talents with the first-teamers. That means Weeden will be throwing the ball to Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams, and Jason Witten. Players deserve second chances and the Cowboys are wise for giving Weeden one.

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  • SmartThinking

    Losers always blame their failures on the people around them rather than stand up and take responsibility. Weeden threw interceptions. Lots of them. He doesn’t read defenses well and he panics under pressure — two very bad QB traits. Those aren’t the fault of bad company. If he was worth his salt, big Jones would have had to cough up a lot more than Weeden cost this team. Hell. Cleveland ate half his contract just to get rid of the guy. Dallas is a worse team with Weeden at number two.

    • Dana Wilson

      like the article says. He just needs another chance. The Browns were a hot mess a few years ago. In the NFL. You need talented players to win

      • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

        i agree, you need talented players to win. That’s why Cleveland got rid of Weeden.

  • [email protected]

    Weeden didn’t have a Oline or dependable WR’s so I believe that he has that here in Dallas he just needs a chance. Hell Orton hasn’t been anything in Dallas. He cost the Cowboys the chance to make it to the playoffs last year. I hope he does retire because he didn’t do anything in Denver or Chicago now did he. So if Weeden can learn the offense and the Oline can keep him up right we may see a new Weeden.

  • Guest

    Great Article!… @SmartThinking, Silky Johnson would be proud of you!

  • Simoni M.

    Crazy! This guy can’t play in the NFL. Take a look at what Norv Turner, the QB guy did. He benched him. But too late–Weeden got the whole coaching staff fired. Turned says the guy can’t play. He is right.