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Dallas Cowboys - Biggest Problem No One is Talking About

Tony Romo is old. At 33 years old, Romo has experienced a ton of pain as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. While it may not be the case now, the Cowboys had awful offensive line play when Romo first started as the quarterback of American’s team. While quarterbacks like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are still playing at a high level, it should be known that both of those players had competent offensive linemen throughout most of their careers. Because of his offensive line and the vacancy of a consistent running game, Romo has been injured on numerous occasions. Obviously his back problems are the most concerning, but Romo also tore his collarbone, fractured his ribs, and played through punctured lungs.

With all of that being said, something the Cowboys need to clarify in the coming weeks is who will be the backup behind Romo. In recent years, the player playing that backup role was Kyle Orton, but the veteran wants to retire and the Cowboys may have to let him walk. If that happens, Dallas’ backup quarterback options will be Brandon Weeden, Caleb Hanie, and undrafted free agent Dustin Vaughan.

Weeden’s career has flamed out since being drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the 2012 NFL Draft, but he may just need a change of scenery to capture that potential he once had in college, despite already being 30 years old. Hanie has been a backup quarterback throughout much of his career, but when he has gotten the chance to show something, he has failed tremendously. Take a look at his performance in the 2011 NFC Championship game when Jay Cutler went down. Hanie had two interceptions and much of his success was because of receivers gaining yardage after the catch. Vaughan could be a fun player to watch in the pre-season, but he is unproven and played for a Division II football team in college.

With the back injuries and his body deteriorating because of football, the Cowboys need to find a player who can be called upon in case of an injury to Romo. While they don’t need to find his heir apparent just yet, the Cowboys need to have a stopgap behind Romo.

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  • Earl Robertson

    I hate Hanie he is worthless but Weeden may be someone that just needed a better supporting cast and coaches. Preseason games will tell a lot. I still think they should have got Alex Tanney. He showed something last year

    • IBleedBlue

      Agreed. Weeden just needs some seasoning. Hopefully it sticks and he can make the adjustments. Orton pulling a no show was out of left field and isn’t something any team could have prepared for so it truly is a “next man up” kind of opportunity for him.

      Some people would whine and blame the front office but they’re delusional if they think they would have seen all this coming. Hanie is kind of a laugher though.

      • SmartThinking

        No amount of pre-season training is going to keep Weeden from choking. It’s his nature. Just because he’s on a moderately better team doesn’t alter the fact that he makes bad decisions. The only reason he’s on this team today is because he came cheap. That’s it. Not better. Just cheap.

        Do you read? They told the world why they gladly dumped Weeden. Cleveland got fed up with Weeden’s inability to locate receivers in space. They had all they could take of his rushing plays inside a jammed up pocket. Then there were all those pesky interceptions to contend with.

        You can make him your pet cat if you’re ignorant enough about the necessities of this position if you want to. I prefer to remain in Realville when it comes to hiring players who can actually improve this team rather than just prolong the ineptitude and agony over another supposedly cheap deal.

        • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

          I agree completely. It should be obvious to anybody who watched Weeden play that he doesn’t have what it takes to be an NFL quarterback. If I were Dallas, I wouldn’t have wasted my time and money on him and I don’t care how cheap he came.

        • IBleedBlue

          So now you’re an expert on a player’s “nature”.


          You’re so full of it, your eyes are brown. But hey, keep trolling me if that’s your only interest. I’m about giving the guy a second chance. And yeah, he may come on the cheap but Dallas needs another QB because the one they thought they had signed to a contract has apparently developed a case of stupid. No one, not even you with all your assumed intellect, saw that coming. You can act like you did and the rest of us will enjoy laughing at you but it still doesn’t make it the truth.

          • SmartThinking

            Do you actually think before you write something? How about research? Ever done any of that? Or, do you just wave your little blue and silver flag and hope people will think you know what you’re talking about? Cleveland’s coaches are on record re: Weeden’s inabilities for everyone with an intellect to read. One of them even cautioned Dallas off the record, before they signed him.

            I really wish you knew what you don’t know. Even other contributors to this site agree Weeden is a liability, not an asset. But, apparently, you have difficulty processing input. Most fanatics can’t accept being wrong either. Sound familiar?

            I always laugh when you zealots start throwing names at people who obviously are trying to help you understand the ins and outs of this game better. But some people can’t be helped.

            I’m going to keep trying with you, though, “assumed intellect” and all. I love exposing people like you who think they can say anything and people will believe it. So, watch your words, bub. People may be laughing, but they’re pointing their fingers at you and your inane comments.

          • IBleedBlue




          • SmartThinking

            Very creative. But, do you have anything of substance to contribute to this forum?

            Thought not.

  • NYCowboysFan

    Meh, Romo is still great and will play 19 games behind this young tough OL. Who cares about backups…We don’t need no stinking backups.

  • JoeDaBeast

    Isn’t the title “Dallas Cowboys – Biggest Problem No One is Talking About”? Is there something I’m missing, because we’ve been talking about capable back-ups and the heir to the Cowboy QB throne for some time now. Come on now, go write for the sorry #LandryHat is you’re going to write like this.

  • Greg Hill

    Now that Romo has a great OL, TE, RB and WR there are no more excuses, right?

  • Jack Farguson

    Romo Has half of the years of actual service as Manning and Brady. He sat on the bench for four years before Dallas played him, so although he is up in age he doesn’t have the wear and tear. They all deal with injury. As for Weeden his only guarantee is training camp! A chance to compete! Another year of experience may help some of the issues you mentioned. After all he was a rookie. Better coaching might help too. There is also a strong Offensive line that could give him time to think. Lots of rookie QB’s deal with some dumb mistakes, especially when they play on a bad team. Do you guys not remember the Orton before he came to Dallas. I remember him having some issues. As you guys saw a few years ago with Romo, If the Receivers and quarterback aren’t on the same page, or don’t run routes correctly, Interceptions will happen. I’m sure the coaches will do what they need to do when they need to do it. The season hasn’t started yet. Orton hasn’t retired yet!