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Dwayne Harris is an Important Piece for the Dallas Cowboys

When NFL teams get their draft boards ready for the NFL Draft each year, usually teams are looking for players who can fill their positions of needs. Offensively or defensively, players are rotated around the league on either side of the ball year in and year out. While many people tend to forget about it, there is a third part of the game, and sometimes it is the most important one. Games and momentum can be changed in seconds in special teams. Fortunately, the Dallas Cowboys have one of the league’s best special teams player in Dwayne Harris.

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Although he is not really utilized on offense, Harris’ role in Dallas to be a contributor in special teams. Whether it is returning the football or lining up as a gunner in the punting game, Harris makes an impact whenever he gets a chance to step on the field. Fans don’t understand how important field position is in the NFL. When offenses start their possessions at the 40-yard line, it opens up their offense, rather than starting at the 20-yard line.

Cowboy fans believe that Dez Bryant and Tyron Smith need to be re-signed as soon as possible. While that is true, the Cowboys also need to look into bringing back Harris. His contract is up at the end of the 2014 season and the special teams group will immediately lose their captain and their best player. Harris plays a huge role on this team and the Cowboys need to express how valuable he is to the team.

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  • ajax24

    Well… obviously

    • Old Frog


  • JoeDaBeast

    “Fans don’t understand how important field position is in the NFL.”

    I really don’t think you should insult the fans like that. The “common” fan may not understand the importance of field position, but many fans do, as well as realize the momentum swing that Special Teams have on the game.

    #LandryHat sucks!!!!!

  • Marco

    Such an underrated player, he’s important to Dallas in very key moments. I hope they can continue to keep and use Harris. GO COWBOYS!!!

  • Thomas Davis

    Sign the man he is important to the team they need to sign Tyrone Smith, Dwayne Harris and especially dez Bryant they’re key players the one real reason they won half there Games last year don’t let them slip away. They’re stupid if they do!