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Cody Mandell Will Beat Out Chris Jones for the Punter Position

The punter position is becoming extinct in the NFL. In today’s game, the NFL is an offensive-minded game where it seems like punters only get a couple of chances per game to make their money. In 2013, Chris Jones had a decent season for the Dallas Cowboys, but the Cowboys might benefit more by having undrafted free agent Cody Mandell start over Jones. That being said, it is laughable to keep two punters on a football team, so the Cowboys should cut ties with Jones and give the starting duties to Mandell.

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As the starting punter for one of the best college football programs in the past few years, Mandell has garnered a lot of attention. It’s pretty amazing to think that one of the best punters in the past few years has been Mandell, even though he was a walk-on freshman. As a senior in college, Mandell was nominated to the All-SEC Second Team. He averaged 44 yards per punt. That number is respectable, but Mandell has had some booming punts in the past. There was a span in his junior season when Mandell was punting the ball 60 yards each punt. That number is incredible considering he was in college.

Mandell is costing Dallas next to nothing, while Jones is costing the Cowboys around $700,000. There were times in 2012 and 2013 where Jones shanked the ball on multiple occasions. Jones is also not particularly good at directional punting, which is something Mandell excels at doing. Given their contracts and their skill in general, Mandell has the upper-hand over Jones and that is why the Cowboys should keep the rookie instead of Jones.

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