Jan 31, 2014; New York, NY, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and wife Gene Jones walk the red carpet prior to attending the Howard Stern 60th Birthday Bash at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Jones Caught In Racy Pictures?

So supposed photos have surfaced that put Jerry Jones in a very bad light. You can see the pictures here. If in fact these pictures are of Jerry Jones then there could be some sort of punishment handed out by the NFL. I am not saying that they will kick him out of the league a la Donald Sterling in the NBA, but it could have major impacts on the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL

Roger Goodell has long held the stance of protecting the shield. While Ray Rice ended up with only a two game suspension, this is an owner and is supposed to be a leader in the league. Goodell I am sure will do his due diligence when it comes to researching this matter, but if you look at the pictures it sure looks a lot like Jerry Jones.

There are some strange circumstances about the photos. The man who released these photos believes he is the son of god and has been trying to get a meeting with Jerry Jones. In his Twitter posts (INFIN8SON) he states that Jerry Jones is, ““I am the way, the truth and Jerry, you are my light.” He sent out a 20 page manifesto and claims that he got the photos from a group that was going to blackmail Jerry Jones. The man moved from the Dallas area to Wichita believing forces were out to kill him for knowing about this blackmail scheme.

The fact the guy obviously isn’t mentally stable does allow a little wiggle room for Jerry and the NFL. What will be interesting is if the pictures are found to be true and who else comes out speaking about this and releasing what they know. Either way it could damage Jerry and the Cowboys. It could invoke some change or it could just blow over and pass. The next few weeks will be interesting to see how the Cowboys, Jerry, the NFL, Roger Goodell, and fans react to this.

So I am reserving judgement on whether he is guilty or if there are other circumstances that we don’t know. While I know many fans want Jerry gone, this is not the way anyone should have that happen. The next step is discovering the truth and letting the chips fall as they may.


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