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All Eyes Will Be On Romo But Keep One On Dustin Vaughn


Tony Romo is set to make his Pre-Season debut against the Baltimore Ravins today and rest assured everyone will be talking about his performance. I for one am not worried, Romo is going to be fine. I am worried about when there is no more Romo.

The Dallas Cowboys do not have a young up-and-coming QB that they are grooming as Tony Romo’s heir.   Or do they? Dustin Vaughan is an interesting prospect if you ask me. The 6-4 235 pounder out of West Texas AandM had a solid outing against San Diego, he looked more poised than Caleb Hanie anyways. If he continues to grow this Pre-Season, the Cowboys have to find a way to fit him on the 53 man roster.

Jul 31, 2014; Oxnard, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) throws a pass at training camp at the River Ridge Fields. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Vaughan has a big arm and although he is raw, there is definitely something to work with here. Tony Romo has got at least 3 more years left, that is the perfect amount of time to groom Vaughan, it is in-fact the same amount of time that Romo himself was groomed.

I am not comparing the two as players but rather their initial situations. I clearly remember watching the unknown Tony Romo those first few Pre-Seasons and being exited. I am now a little exited about Dustin Vaughan, the same way I was exited about Alex Tanney last year. The Cowboys should have kept Tanney on the 53 last year and they should keep Vaughan on the 53 this year.

Now I am not jumping the gun here based on a few series against third-string San Diego defenders, Vaughan is far from a finished project. I am basing it on his size and skill set. I have watched some of his college highlights, he can make every throw that there is to make. He could have some ugly moments yet, it doesn’t matter. Unless he shows the Cowboys that he is regressing, then he should be kept.

It’s not as if the Cowboys will be relying on him to play this year or next, the team is relying on him to practice and learn. Is it worth a roster spot? Absolutely, it is.

So while everyone, myself included, will be watching Tony Romo today, don’t forget to watch Dustin Vaughan. You just might be cheering for him in a couple of years.


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