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Kyan Anderson is a three star point guard from here in Fort Worth that committed to TCU on Sunday night. Monday night Kyan and I talked to discuss his basketball future at TCU, the reasons for his signing with TCU, and about his relationship with Coach Jim Christian. In talking with Kyan, his passion for the game is obvious and his intelligence and basketball acumen are definitely assets that Jim Christian will love to have in a point guard.

Alex Apple: How excited are you to be committed with TCU, and how much of a relief is it to know that you have found your home?

Kyan Anderson: I am really excited to be at TCU. One of the biggest reasons that I decided to come to TCU was that I felt like I could come in and make an impact early. My mom, my dad, and I talked about my playing close to home, and I am excited to be playing in my own back yard and be playing at TCU. I decided to leave Providence because of the coaching staff change, and we did not feel comfortable that we had not talked to the coaching staff early, so I left and have found a new home here at TCU.

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Alex Apple: How involved in your recruitment was TCU before you signed to go to Providence?

Kyan Anderson: I wouldn’t say that they were really involved. [Jim Christian] used to send a lot of the assistants to see me and talk to me, so they were recruiting me, but I would not say that they were too involved. It was not anything like this second time around. Coach Christian told me that he [really wanted me], and I really respect him for that. I really respect his honesty.

AA: What besides the obvious trust factor was it that you liked so much about Coach Christian throughout the process?

Kyan Anderson: It was just that very thing. You can tell that he is a coach that will be honest with you, and he is not going to give you that BS factor. He gives you the honest to God truth, and that is what you want in a person and in a coach. He is just a really good guy, and I really feel comfortable around him.

AA: How big of a role did your family play in helping you make this decision?

Kyan Anderson: This was definitely a decision that I made for myself, and I like to get their opinions on things. I wanted my family to feel involved. My little brother, I had him involved, so I wanted to make sure I got opinions from everyone that is close to me. But at the end of the day, I had to think for myself, and I broke it down, and I know that TCU was the best for me.

AA: What was it that separated TCU from Virginia and Texas Tech (Anderson’s other two finalists)?

Kyan Anderson: It was the relationships that I established and then obviously being close to home. And of course, playing in the Big East is going to be crazy. It is going to be a great challenge for me that I can’t wait to get started on. All the other schools were great, don’t get me wrong, but I felt most comfortable here, and I wanted to come in early and help my team out right away.

AA: What part of your game do you feel like will make the most impact on TCU’s team?

Kyan Anderson: I think my being an overall point guard is going to help a lot. I can bring a lot, and whatever is demanded of me, I will be able to bring.

AA: Did Coach Christian give you any type of hint as to what role he foresees for you in this upcoming season?

Kyan Anderson: Ya for sure. He said he wants me to come in and make an impact early, and he said that he has been looking for a point guard like me. I am pretty sure he has big expectations for me, but I am just going to come in and handle my business.

AA: How do you feel like your game has most matured over the last year, and how will it continue to mature?

Kyan Anderson: I feel like it has really matured. I had a hand injury that I was nursing before the beginning of last season, and so I was getting that better. Now I am in the gym working hard everyday. I know that I can always get better and improve. With how my recruitment took off, I could feel the hard work paying off, so I have got to stay in the gym and just continue to put in that hard work.

AA: What are your plans for this summer?

Kyan Anderson: I am going to come in and take summer classes and start to work out and keep getting my game better.

AA: What is it that you really hope improves most before next season and what are you really concentrating on getting better at right now?

Kyan Anderson: Right now, just getting bigger, better, and stronger is the main thing. I am always working on my shot and trying to build consistency because right now, I feel like getting to the hole is my biggest strength. Just getting everything stronger and faster though will help me the most.

Anderson was ranked as the 18th best player in the state of Texas for the 2011 recruiting class. Anderson is a special young man and a special player who Jim Christian is surely thrilled to have in the program.

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