August 13, 2009; Oakland, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys cornerback Alan Ball (20) watches warm ups before the game against the Oakland Raiders at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. The Raiders defeated the Cowboys 31-10. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

5 Reasons Why Dallas Cowboys GM Jerry Jones may Re-sign Alan Ball

When the Dallas Cowboys failed to make the playoffs this season, there was no shortage of people to blame, but Alan Ball received more criticism than any other Cowboy, with the possible exception of Terence Newman. Alan ball, having played five seasons as a Cowboy, is now a free agent.

Alan Ball was drafted in the 7th round of the 2007 NFL draft as a CB out of Illinois. Ball did not see significant playing time as a Cowboy until the 2010 season when he started all 16 games at safety. The experiment at the safety position was less than a success, so last season Ball returned to his position as a 4th or 5th corner behind Mike Jenkins, Terence Newman, and Orlando Scandrick. Ball was forced to start 2 games last season due to injuries.

November 14, 2010; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants tight end Kevin Boss (89) scores on a 35 yard pass as Dallas Cowboys cornerback Alan Ball (second from right) is late on the hit during the third quarter at New Meadowlands Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Chris Faytok/THE STAR-LEDGER via US PRESSWIRE

The general consensus in the media, on the blogs, in the comments sections, and by the water cooler is that Alan Ball was a liability in coverage, and the Cowboys should be happy that his contract has expired. If one searches the internet, it is practically impossible to find anyone who thinks the Cowboys should, or will, re-sign him.

It would not be shocking if Alan Ball remained a Cowboy for the 2012 season. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Like always, the Cowboys need depth at CB. Terence Newman is likely to be cut, so they have Mike Jenkins penciled in as one starter, and Scandrick as the 3rd starter in the slot. That means they need at least one free agent or early round rookie to come in and start. If Jerry Jones does sign a CB capable of starting, there will be very little money leftover for depth in the secondary.

For depth, they currently have 3 CB’s under contract who will compete in Training Camp for a spot on the Roster:

Mario Butler, 6-1, 188 lbs., undrafted free agent from Georgia Tech. He has never played a snap in a real NFL game.

Justin Taplin-Ross, 6-3, 214lbs, undrafted free agent from Utah. He has never played a snap in a real NFL game.

While both of these players have good size and therefore people are excited about their potential development, neither of them are guaranteed to make the final roster next year.

CJ. Wilson, 6-1, 195 lbs., Baylor. He was drafted in the 7th Round of the 2007 NFL Draft by the Carolina Panthers. He has never started an NFL game, and he has never even played in more than 8 games in a season.

When considering the need for depth behind the starting 3 CB’s (Mike Jenkins, Orlando Scandrick and a free agent or draft choice), remember that Jenkins has a bit of a history with injuries, so it would not be a huge surprise if he couldn’t start all 16 games. Scandrick also missed a few games with injuries last season. (The good news is that Brandon Carr has started all 16 games in all four seasons in the NFL.)

Having Alan Ball as the 4th or 5th CB would provide time for Mario Butler and/or Justin Taplin-Ross to develop.  If nothing else, Ball would provide decent competition for younger players in Training Camp.  Of course, everyone would be hoping that one or both the rookies would beat Alan Ball out of his spot, for they would be cheaper and have much bigger .up-sides’.

2. Alan Ball has a lot of game experience, and he knows Rob Ryan’s complicated defense.

3. Alan Ball could probably be signed for a very reasonable salary.  Walter Football ranks him as the 29th best free agent CB out of a group of 59 free agents, so there are worse options.

4. Alan Ball is versatile; he could fill in at safety in an emergency.

5. The most convincing fact was saved for last: Alan Ball is a phenomenal tackler. In fact, Alan Ball is one of the best tackling CB’s in the entire NFL. The guys at ProFootballFocus looked at every CB in the NFL who attempted at least 25 attempted tackles in run support. In 2011, Alan Ball’s tackling efficiency was the 2nd best in the NFL. They analysed the tackling efficiency of over 100 CB’s; Alan Ball was the second best.

In addition to the need for experienced depth in the secondary and the attractive price of Alan Ball, having a player who can play both CB and safety, and who is an excellent tackler when providing run support, seems like a player who could be useful to a Defensive Coordinator like Rob Ryan.

Don’t be shocked if Alan Ball goes to the 2012 NFL Training Camp with the Dallas Cowboys.  You have been warned.

On an almost unrelated issue, the interesting thing about the ProFootballFocus’s examination of CB’s tackling efficiency in run support, was that many of the NFL’s ‘elite’ corners are in the bottom 20 (in a group of over 100).

Take a look at some of the big names (and highly paid) players that are clustered at the bottom.

Dec 13, 2009; Arlington, TX, USA; San Diego Chargers wide receiver Malcom Floyd (80) and Dallas Cowboys corner back Alan Ball (20) fight for a pass at Cowboys Stadium. The Chargers beat the Cowboys 20-17. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE

# Name Team Total Snaps Total Attempts Total Misses Tackle Efficiency
81 E.J. Biggers TB 579 63 10 6.3
82 Rashean Mathis JAX 510 38 6 6.3
83 Sean Smith MIA 1014 68 11 6.2
84 Andre’ Goodman DEN 1000 61 10 6.1
85 Kyle Wilson NYJ 544 48 8 6.0
86 Champ Bailey DEN 848 47 8 5.9
87 Darius Butler CAR 387 41 7 5.9
88 Charles Woodson GB 945 87 15 5.8
89 Aqib Talib TB 652 43 8 5.4
90 Kevin Thomas IND 418 38 7 5.4
91 Asante Samuel PHI 769 42 8 5.3
92 Michael Adams ARZ 352 37 7 5.3
93 Jabari Greer NO 941 88 17 5.2
94 Tramon Williams GB 953 80 16 5.0
95 Dunta Robinson ATL 937 59 12 4.9
96 Sam Shields GB 702 49 10 4.9
97 Ronde Barber TB 922 101 22 4.6
98 Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie PHI 452 32 7 4.6
99 Chris Gamble CAR 869 59 13 4.5
100 Nnamdi Asomugha PHI 890 52 12 4.3
101 Kevin Barnes WAS 403 35 9 3.9

Table taken from  Read the entire article here.

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  • Dallas3026

    I hope you are wrong!

  • Shady

    I was totally against even thinking about resigning Ball.  I believe I could suit up and do a better job, I would be cheaper for sure. However and there is also a However…with the $10 mil hit on the cap looming, Ball may be the only player the Cowboys can afford to sign. Imagine that, it sickens me. All depends on how Steven and Jerry handle the distribution of the $10 million hit.  This may force Jerry to release more players that he was planning on. One thing for sure, at least it is not the $36 million the Redskins will have to eat.
    The Redskins and Cowboys have one thing in common…NOSEY owners who do not have the skills to manage a team. At least Synder hires a General manger. Jerry is everything at Dallas.

    • cjwright

       @Shady Its funny even before the news of the $10 million cap hit, I was contemplating writing a article comparing the histories of Jerry Jones and Snyder.  Now it seems they have even more in common.

    • Dallas3026

       @Shady “Shady, a Walk-on CB for the Dallas Cowboys” – it sounds like a Disney movie!

      • Shady

         @Dallas3026 My old Patrol Captain tagged me with “SHADY”. I was a traffic Motor officer and they would always claim I hid behind something so that no one could see me….so he tagged me with “Shady Brady”..that’s been 25 years or so….memories…

        • cjwright

           @Shady  @Dallas3026 At least it is not because your evidence was ‘shady’. lol

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  • jbbravo

    I don’t want him he fits in with all our other CBs that seem lost when the ball is in the air. Seriously why doesn’t any of our CBs just turn around for once. Oh yea because they get beat quite often. This is embarrassing and we go sign Scandrick? Jenkins is good but gets injured but he atleast turns his head and looks for the ball. I dont know why but I get this odd feeling Jerry wants to keep Newman also.

    • cjwright

       @jbbravo The Cowboys may not want him either, but they may not have a better option.

    • Shady

       @jbbravo nah…after signing Carr, maybe as depth, but his days as a starter in Dallas is over,,,,

  • jbbravo

    Can someone please tell me why Carr is not signed yet? The more longer this goes on we lose a shot at other free agents. Also I have to say Jerry is a bigger idiot than I thought. Before free agency starts word leaks out he wants Carr. As soon as free agency starts Carr is on his way to Dallas. Now it’s all in Carr’s hands to milk Jerry for anything he wants since Jerry is a moron that looks desperate. I was really wanting Nicks but now Philly is going to get the shot at him instead. Maybe we take Castro now who knows.

    • cjwright

       @jbbravo It looks like they are working something out; I am expecting (hoping) that they announce a deal on Wednesday or Thursday.  It sounds like Jerry isn’t going to let Carr leave Dallas without a contract being done!

      • Shady

         @cjwright  @jbbravo I really hope your right, can not afford to miss on this guy, most of the other CB’s are signed. …….

  • Shady

    Don’t know how true this is, but it was reported CARR was in the wind headed to 49er country… Newman avaable, everyone else is signed…….That would be our luck.

    • cjwright

       @Shady The reports I saw say that Carr was in Dallas Tuesday, they had a long meeting, and he is still there.

      • Dallas3026

         @cjwright  @Shady Lets hope they get a deal done soon, before he has a chance to meet with other teams.

      • Shady

         @cjwright Well, no news is good news, 49ers signed Rogers, Carr was to go to SF but I think that cancelled Carrs trip to SF….
        Kyle Orton just signed with Dallas..a 3 year deal..that’
        s one down.

  • JonathanBarger

    CJ, if both Newman and Alan Ball were receiving the exact same salary, who would you want as your 4th CB?  It’s rumored that Newman is on his way to Cinci to talk with Mike Zimmer, but what’s so bad about a new contract with less money?  

    • cjwright

       @JonathanBarger Wow, that is a tough one.  If it was only for one year as a stop-gap, I think T-New because I think he could still be effective in zone coverage.  That being said, Ball is a much better tackler, and there is still hope ( I suppose) that Ball will improve whereas Newman will just continue to age.  Its hard for me to be objective because T-New has been one of my favourite Cowboy defenders since he was drafted.

  • Shady

    Has anyone thought of Adam “PAC-MAN” Jones? Or is that just too much of a risk?

    • cjwright

       @Shady I think that Adam Jones is so far away from being Garrett’s Rightg Kind of Guy, that he wouldn’t even be considered.

  • stephanwhite

    When the Dallas Cowboys failed to make
    the playoffs this season, there was no shortage of people to blame, but
    Alan Ball received more criticism