Dec. 4, 2011; Glendale, AZ, USA; Dallas Cowboys cornerback (21) Mike Jenkins against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Orlando Scandrick and Mike Jenkins Need to Stop Whining

Orlando Scrandrick and Mike Jenkins are complaining already. Don’t these guys get paid millions to PLAY FOOTBALL???  It almost makes me physically ill to hear these players complain. If a player says he will not play at a position that is named by the coach, that’s fine, I have no problem with a player not doing what he is told.  It is quite simple; you call him in the office and cut him, you send him packing.  Just like that. I have no use for someone who is paid to do a job and whines about it.  Especially these days, when people have a difficult time making a living.  Orlando Scandrick gives the impression that he is someone who does not like it when he doesn’t get his way and makes statements like, “Not happening.  Brodney Pool, Gerald Sensabaugh and Barry Church are our safeties. Orlando Scandrick, Morris Claiborne, Brandon Carr and Mike Jenkins are our corners.”  This is type of behavior is not good for the TEAM.

Dec. 4, 2011; Glendale, AZ, USA; Dallas Cowboys cornerback (32) Orlando Scandrick against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Jason Garrett can take this incident and turn it into a positive ,and set the tone to the new players entering camp, by just cutting Scrandrick.  By kicking Orlando to the curb, Garrett will set the tone and let the other players know who is the BOSS. It is his way or the highway. Now if Scrandrick was someone with Darrelle Revis’ talent, maybe we could talk about it, but Scrandrick ain’t Revis, so sit down Scrandrick and do what you are told.  Of course, you know that Scrandrick will not be cut, but he needs to understand what a “Team” is,  and he apparently does not based on the statements he has made.

Scrandrick also added, “I have no idea what they have planned. I feel like the best players are going to play regardless of your contract, draft status or who you are.”  The problem I have with Scandrick is he has absolutely no idea of how they are going to use him, yet he’s sure he’s one of the best players at a given position. However, it matters not, you play where you are told, or sit the bench and watch the game. This makes the 2nd Cowboy to play the whine game.

Sep 11, 2011; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets wide receiver Plaxico Burress (17) is unable to catch a pass while defended by Dallas Cowboys defensive back Mike Jenkins (21) during the game at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Farrell/THE STAR-LEDGER via US PRESSWIRE

Mike Jenkins says, “trade me” . Why would the Cowboys trade him?  He is under contract, so again Jenkins, play where you are needed.  You do not have much room to complain. Jenkins had a fair year last year, but was also torched on a couple of occasions like a Zippo lighter. So just do what your told.  Jenkins wants out of Dallas because of the free agent signing of Brandon Carr and drafting of Morris Claiborne. If I was Jenkins, I would be jumping for joy to be a part of what could become a very talented defense and a very good football team.  But no, lets be selfish and moan and groan about where you play.

This is the type of cancer that will eat at a team from the inside out if not checked in time.  Mike Jenkins is  young and could become a very good asset. However, if he continues with this type of behavior, the good teams will not give him the time of day when he becomes a free agent, and rightfully so.  Given the various types and forms of coverages, Scandrick can play like a safety while still telling himself that he’s a corner, or does he not know that?   Also, in Cover Three and Cover Four, corners typically join the safeties in patrolling the deep zones.  In man coverage, it really doesn’t matter if a player’s position is technically corner or safety, just cover your man!

As for Scandrick, as long as he’s not covering a deep zone in Cover One or Cover Two or otherwise providing help over the top for Carr or Claiborne or Jenkins, Scandrick plausibly can continue to regard himself as playing corner-back, that is just a thought.  Why anyone would complain with the type of money Jerry is paying Scandrick (contract details) is amazing.  It just shows you Scrandrick and Jenkins are not  “team” players, it is all about “ME”, and the heck with my teammates.

I have only one solution, just say adios to them. The Dallas Cowboys should not allow this type of behavior, if it is allowed to to go unchecked, forget about winning a Super Bowl this year or any year in the near future.  I know one thing, Coach Landry would not have tolerated this behavior, he would cut players at the snap of his fingers because he knew that you must have discipline. Without it, your team will erode from the inside out.

I am excited about and look forward to the upcoming 2012 season, but when you hear of players saying what they want and what they will or won’t do, well that is where I draw the line. Both of these players need to sit down and see what is going to happen. Training camp has not started and already players are complaining. I guess we will find out how Jason Garrett handles the situation.

Jenkins and Scandrick both need to remember a couple of things: first, it is not easy to make the NFL your career if you get a labeled as ME player ALA  T.O. You will find yourselves doing what T.O. is doing, which is not playing in the NFL. In my opinion, he thought he was bigger than the team, he is not.  Second, Jenkins and Scandrick need to know how to spell TEAM. It is not me or I, it is simple, it is T E A M! If you forget that, you will at some point find yourself on the outside looking in.  Good luck, I hope you make the right decision.


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  • californy

    The Cowboy situation is not a good situation here in Dallas. It hard to say who is at fault in these things, is it Scandrick or it it Jenkins? I blame someone else for this situation, to me he set up this situation. It hard to say who has more fault, I love to blame JJ on everything that is happening, But I have found out very recently JG has more say here in Dallas than I originally thought so I blame them equally. Why did Dallas pay their back up CB 4 times what they did their starter last year. Then you ask this Back up CB to become a safety to help you team and he refuses. There a couple of other contract that I disagree with here in Dallas, the extension of Ratliff and Spears. It is obvious Ratliff is not getting the job any more for years so why resigned him. Spears has never got the job done so why is he still a member of this team. The hate is on he wrong guy here in Dallas, the dislike for Coleman, yeah, he had some career low as a 3-4 DE with 38, but that number is 2.5 times more than Spears who is getting paid double if not more what Coleman is being paid. The facts are facts Coleman is averaging 20 more tackle in his career than Spears and talk is about Coleman be cut.

  • californy

    I feel the boy must dumpster dive sometime this summer for better player at CB and safety position, I will look towards NE and Arizona for player for this roster. I would like to get Richard Jefferson as a dime CB from Arizona

  • californy

    Wow how differnt the season would of been had Scandrick and Jenkins playing for a extention, you would of seen the best of both players. I doubt we will see the best from either this year. I am not sold on Claiborne being that player who will not struggle this year, there will be a learning curve and with no back up. I heard Jenkins will start the season on the PUP list. I blame JJ & JG for all of this, I was one of the few people who wanted 3 new CB and 3 new OL in the draft, had we done this we would of been set for the season. I doubt Coale (pup candidate), Wilber, Hanna, mcSurdy, Crawford & Johnson will have much impact on this team this year other than Special team or back up players. We dont need any more backup player we have a team full of those already.

  • californy

    I already knew before the draft the boys were going to be missing Jenkins again in the preseason and part of the early season, you would of though the Cowboys would of accounted for this, why does this team need more LB, especially back up LB who are not ready to play. I would of drafted DE, someone like Jared Crick in the 4th or Vinny Currey in the secound. There was a couple of OL that I wanted late Center David Molk in the 6th, Michael Brewster center undrafted, Jerimiah Warren undrafted, CB Alfanzo dennard Cb in the 7th, Chase Minniefield CB, & Leonard Johnson CB Undrafted. It obvious the boys are clueless about player evaluation just look at their lack of depth in most area.

  • Cowgirlcas22

    I totally agree on Scandrick, but as someone who was not only raised by a coach, but around players most of my life, I have to side with Jenkins on this. He sacrificed his body playing injured for the “TEAM” when he could have sat out and gotten his surgery last yr. Dez sat out because of a bruised thigh lol. How did he get rewarded? JJ extended Scandrick who was clearly the worst CB on the team and stuck the knife in Jenkins back. Jenkins, even injured, was clearly the teams best corner last season.

    As far as T.O goes, he was the best WR this team ever had. He trained harder and played harder than anyone else on the roster. I never really liked the “man” much, but I love the “Player”. He also got a raw deal. The media has a way of twisting things. After speaking with a reliable source from inside valley ranch, I learned that it was in fact JG who wanted T.O gone, not JJ. Coach Sherman ended up leaving the Cowboys because of the situation. He also didn’t like the way the passing game was coordinated by JG.

    T.O was liked by most of his team mates and in fact spent a lot of time teaching the young WR’s. The real reason he got cut was because he called out JG on his play calling and predictability as an OC. Love T.O or hate him, it doesn’t change the fact that the man knows football. He not only played beside the best WR in the world, he played under one of the best coaching staffs of all time.

    • Melanie Rowe

      Jenkins in 2010 gave up on the team – he wouldnt tackle and he let plays happen that he normally wouldnt!! I dont care if the team ends up with just 3 wins all year you dont give up no matter what!! 1 good year does not give him the right to demand anything, what has he done lately, play injured?? wow where was the dedication in 2010 when we needed him?? I wont say he isnt good cause cause hell I know he is better than Scandrick but still you need to prove there is a reason to pay you!! Get your ass on the field, Shut the Hell up and Prove why you should be paid!!

      • James Brady Parker

        Well Mel, that is how I felt, but cas also makes a good point for Jenkins, still I believe that the Cowboys are better served if they keep the griping indoors and not in the public..

        Thanks for your comment…Texas Brady

    • James Brady Parker

      As you can see Cas, I am late catching up, I had been under the weather for a bit..I can understand where you are coming for on Jenkins, BUT, I guess I come from the old school, where most of the griping was kept in the coach’s office and was not pubic fodder as it is today, that is why I sorta torched them both..But I do get what you are saying..

      I can’t argue with you Cas, you have your ducks in a row..thanks for the comment..

      Texas Brady

  • californy

    TO learned from the best by practising harder than most people ever practice. He learned the game from Jerry Rice, How much better would these player be if they saw the example of a good receiver every day in practice, regarless of his age 38. My guess is Miles will not have those hampstring issue and start earning his pay check once again. I am tired of making excuses for these broken down receiver who are not getting it done. Did every one see the play of laurent Robinson last year, he was playing for a big contract earning a veteran minimum. It too bad we can cut the wage of these player who lack the motivation it takes to be the best..

  • californy

    It kind of surprise me the decison that JJ makes as this team GM. You know JJ is a suceesful businessman. In life it really not hard to make the right decision, the ques are there most of the time you have a prety good idea how things will fall. In varies senario I had the boys trade down, pick up extra picks, even in one situation trading Dez or Miles Austin. All these decision would of save us any where between 17-22 million per year. We would have our 2 Guard, CB, DE, C, QB, LB and a safety. We wouldnt have the issue we have today. It so clear to me what we need to do. The Miles or Dez trade was all about getting this team back into some type of financial track with the position. Jordy Nelson for GB is a top 6 WR who get paid 4.95 million for this year, he had like 1300-1400 yards last year, Miles had 537. If Dez become this team WR, he will demand a salary of 9 million. We cant afford 1 contract for a WR at 9 million ,less 2. I am not considering 1 player a sucessful draft but 8-10 player. And dont even get me going on Ratliff, Spears and Scandrick extentions last year, we might of save us another 70 million here.

  • kpaws22

    scandrick needs to stop talking and cover somebody .. anybody … toast is all I have seen of him for the last few years. and jenkins? hey bud .. you had 1 good year .. thats it … seriously both of them were part of the worst cowboys secondary ever. period. they should be happy their money is garanteed.