July 31, 2012; Oxnard, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) runs with the ball during training camp drills. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys Will Be Just Fine

As everyone knows, Dez Bryant was recently arrested for assault/family violence, which in is his case was a class “A” misdemeanor.  It could have been worse, but it wasn’t good news. Rest assured that the NFL office is already looking into what happened. Chances are, Dez will be suspended, which is not the way Coach Garrett wanted to start the season.  It is very possible that Dez could reach some type of plea agreement with the DA’s office and receive some type of probation.  As a former police officer, I have heard of worse-sounding cases receiving probation. So long as Dez is not on probation from any previous case he should be just fine.  If I were the Cowboys, I would sooner than later invest in some anger management classes for Bryant, and I do mean now before camp starts.  By doing this, the Cowboys are out front of the NFL,  showing that the Cowboys are taking this arrest serious. Which they should.

Jan 01 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) warms up prior to the game against the New York Giants at the MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Alan Maglaque-US PRESSWIRE

I have not met Dez nor his family so I do not want to speculate on his family life, I will leave that for others.  What I would tell Dez is this: you need to take the lead on this and manage your anger and whatever drives it.  Be the first in and speak with Mr. Jones (he thought enough of you to draft you) so you can help him help you. After 28 years as a cop, I know that rarely is there just one episode of family violence; sometimes there are multiple family violence calls before something catastrophic happens.

On the field, Dez is a “game changer”. I have not seen a receiver as young as Dez that had the skills that he already possesses.  It doesn’t matter who is covering Bryant, he can beat you when you least expect it.  Opposing defenses will have to plan for Bryant, for Austin and Witten, and who ever our #3 receiver will be. You can only cover so many people. You guess wrong you will get burned, and count on it, it will happen.  It is very unfortunate that this incident happened when it did, the Cowboys seemed to be looking great heading into camp later this month.  This incident will not prevent the Cowboys from being better than last years 8-8 team.  It doesn’t help, but we can’t speculate what the real damage will be until the league issues the penalty.  Either way, the Pokes will be just fine.

I do believe that the Cowboys will be happy with whoever they select for the number 3 receiver, the only problem is NOT KNOWING what the Commissioner is going to do and how many games will Dez be suspended. I want to say minimum of 3 games with a max of 6 or anything in between.  The league is going to be cracking down on players with the “conduct detrimental to the team offenses”. You can count on it, and that is exactly how it should be.

Well, as I said, all will be just fine with Dez Bryant. Recently Mrs Angela Bryant signed a “”Non prosecution affidavit”.  Being in law enforcement for 27 plus years, I will be able to explain the process of the “Non prosecution affidavit”.  What happens is the victim does not want to continue with the case, at which point she must explain in writing that he/she does not want to proceed with criminal charges. Also, he/she must indicate that they have not been intimidated, or promised anything in return for deciding to drop charges. However, in Texas, in family violence cases, just because the alleged victim has decided to drop charges does mean that the district attorney’s office will not proceed with the case.

Once the case is at the DA’s office, it will be the decision of the district attorney to decide if the case is dismissed or not.  My experience is that the decision is based a lot on the accused’s history. In Bryant’s case, I am not aware of any previous family violence arrest against Dez, which will bode well for him.   They may recommend anger management classes or some type of counseling for both mother and son.  I am not sure what will happen in Dez’s case, but I would guess the DA may honor the non-prosecution affidavit.  That’s just my opinion.

In closing, I would like to say, let’s try not to judge Dez to harshly, no one really knows the WHOLE story, this incident just did not fester to this point over night. It will take some time to heal, and the Bryant family needs to heal, there is no doubt about it.  In the heat of the moment, this incident could happen to anyone, I have seen it.

This team needs Dez Bryant, he is a critical part of returning the Cowboys back to where they belong, that is back to the Super Bowl.

Go Cowboys!



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  • tucson

    Can’t stop the dez. 88 baby swervin like irvin.

    • http://twitter.com/ChiefJBrady James Brady Parker

      Amen to that…lets just hope it is so..

      Texas Brady

  • Jbbravo

    I dont think Dez will be suspended that long maybe 2 games at the most. I like how you actually show some care towards Dez and his situation i think that you were a great cop when you were. I say two games suspension up to four

    • http://twitter.com/ChiefJBrady James Brady Parker

      Thanks, not many times do people thank you for being a Police Officer, but it comes with the territory..

      I agree with you two to four games, but Commish does not ctton to family family violence and neither does Jerry Jones, so I will go with the high side and say four games. He is lucky if that is all he gets.

      I believe as well that this is the last year for Dez, if he messes up one more time, he is done as a Cowboy. I hate to see Dez in an Eagle, Giants or Redskin uniform and have to defend against him 6 times a year..because rest assured, someone will be willing to give Dez a chance to play. Count on it.

      Texas Brady

  • Tony Touch

    I love how Cowboy fans are willing to overlook he assaulted his MOM!!! THE WOMAN WHO HAVE BIRTH TO HIM! I hope he sits for a year and has to take mandatory anger management 4 days a week for a full year.

    • http://twitter.com/ChiefJBrady James Brady Parker

      Hey there Tony..I understand what you are saying, first off I do not believe that anyone has given Dez a pass, especially the Cowboy organization. Mr. Jones has voiced his sentiments quite clearly the other day when he said he was too “Pissed to talk with Dez” …Let me say this, if the district attorneys office feels that the case warrants prosecution, then you will see Dez in court to face the charges. Most DA’s that I have known in my career, will not hesitate to pull the trigger on anyone when it comes to family violence.
      The case against Dez is not clear as to what the true circumstances are, the reason he was arrested in the first place is the Police have no option, they SHALL arrest, no excuses, the law closed the door on police desecration when it comes to family. If there is any violence against a family member the POLICE SHALL arrest, period. This is to prevent any further violence, so I disagree that the Dallas fans are giving Dez a pass. It is what it is, a case of family violence that is before the DA’s office, he will decide whether or not to proceed……..Thanks so much for your comments.

      Texas Brady

  • californy

    I appreciate your perspective Texas brady, I am sure you seen plenty of cases like this in your life and know how they are dispose in the court. This is no small matter in any sence but at the same time, we should not throw him underneath the bus for this also. It would be great if DEz takes a pro active approach to putting this behind by getting the help he needs today. I hope Dez lawyer along with the counslelor here in Dallas set up a program to help out Dez and his mother in this situation.

    • http://twitter.com/ChiefJBrady James Brady Parker

      Thank you for you comment, I do appreciate it…..Family violence is not an excusable offense, provided an offense did occur. I do not know what exactly happened in the case of Dez Bryant and his mother, even more so since a non-prosecution affidavit was signed. If the DA believes that the case justifies proceeding with the case, rest assured he will. Thee are many underlying issues that we the public are not aware of..that is why I say, take a step back and let’s see what happens.. there is no room for family violence. So love your family and pray that the Bryant’s get the help they need to heal as family.. Texas Brady

  • http://yourdailycowboysfootballfix.com/author/cowgirlcas/ Cowgirlcas22

    nice article and ty for explaining things from the legal perspective. People don’t understand exactly how the affidavit she filled out actually works. As someone who has been the victim of this from my ex, I can attest that if a guy does this once he will do it again. My guess is, he has done it before. I heard her say in the 911 call that she can’t take it anymore and has to put a top to it. Dez has some serious issues. His pattern of improper behavior is escalating. I expect more problems in the future! If he gets away with it this time and isn’t held accountable for his actions, he will never learn a lesson and screw up worse next time.

    • http://twitter.com/ChiefJBrady James Brady Parker

      Thanks for the kudos Cowgirl..It is a perspective that sometimes is overlooked. That said, the family needs some help top get past this issue, and hopefully it stays in the past.