Nov 24, 2011; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys fan cheers during the game against the Miami Dolphins on Thanksgiving day at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Sorry Packers, the Dallas Cowboys are America’s Team

The issue of whether or not the Dallas Cowboys are still ‘America’s Team’ is one of the more ridiculous questions that gets discussed around the blogosphere.  It is astonishing that the legions of NFL fans who despise the Dallas Cowboys and the moniker “America’s Team” lack the ability to understand that nicknames are non-transferable.

Mar 26, 1987;Boston, MA, USA; FILE PHOTO; Boston Bruins defenseman Ray Bourque and Edmonton Oilers forward Wayne Gretzky (99) in action at the Boston Garden. Mandatory Credit: Dick Raphael-US PRESSWIRE

Think about it: if someone broke all the NHL scoring records, would he become the “Great One”?  Nope, that is Wayne Gretzky.  If a ball player had several post-seasons where he smashed home run after home run, would he become “Mr. October”?  Nope, that is Reggie Jackson.  The Cowboys had some behemoth lineman in the 90s, do you think anyone ever thought of calling them the “Hogs”?  I doubt it, they were Redskins.

Get over it.  The Dallas Cowboys are, and always will be, ‘America’s Team’.  No one else can ever be ‘America’s Team’.  You can discuss who is the most popular team in the NFL, but being the most popular team will still not make another franchise ‘America’s Team’.  The funny thing is, many of the Dallas Cowboys players, staff, and fans, don’t even like the nickname.

The notion that the Green Bay Packers are ‘America’s Team‘ because they happen to be (for argument’s sake) the most popular franchise during one season while boasting a undefeated record is just asinine. Leaving aside how incredibly flawed that survey was, the Green Bay Packers would have to be one of the most popular teams in the NFL for decades before they entered into the conversation with the Cowboys.  They would also have to maintain being in the top 5 most popular franchises after a 3 or 4 consecutive losing seasons, then maybe that would warrant them being in the discussion.

People who try to argue that the Cowboys lack of success should preclude them from being ‘America’s Team’ are missing the point.  Their mediocrity in the last 15 years is part of what makes them America’s Team still: they haven’t made a serious playoff run in almost 20 years, but they are still extremely popular and their fan base remains as loyal and devoted as they were when the Cowboys were winning Super Bowls.  Is there even one other sports franchise, except the Toronto Maple Leafs, that can go over a decade without a serious playoff run and yet still remain one of the most popular and profitable franchises in all of professional sports?

It appears that many people confuse being America’s Team with being the most popular team in America.  They are not the same thing.  No one ever argues that the Cowboys are the most popular team in the NFL every year.  That being said, the Dallas Cowboys have been one of the most popular teams in the NFL since the 1970s.  No other team has been in the top 5 or 6 most popular teams every year for more than a generation.  Sorry Packers and Steelers fans.

When attempting to discern the popularity of the an NFL franchise, it is appropriate to consider, at minimum, the following factors:

- ticket sales

- support in the crowd at away games

- TV ratings

- Jersey and other memorabilia sales

Year in and year out, despite not having a very good team sometimes, the Dallas Cowboys continue to be one of the leaders in ticket sales, they continue to have more support at away games than the vast majority of other teams, they  continue to set records for TV ratings, and they continue to be near the top of the league in merchandise sales.

They may not be #1 in every category every year, but they have been near the top in each of the categories for more than 30 years.

Earlier this month, the NFL released its ranking of the top-selling jerseys on between April, 2011 and February, 2012.

With four players in the top 20, the Cowboys have more players in this ranking than any other NFL team. Tony Romo, Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, and Jason Witten were all in the Top 20.  (I was a bit surprised that DeMarcus Ware was not on the list).

The Patriots had 3 players in the Top 20, while the Packers and Giants each had two.  No other team had more than 1 player in the Top 20.  Nineteen NFL franchises did not have a single player in the Top 20.

Rank Player POS Team
1 Aaron Rodgers QB Green Bay
2 Tim Tebow QB Denver
3 Eli Manning QB New York Giants
4 Tom Brady QB New England
5 Troy Polamalu S Pittsburgh
6 Victor Cruz WR New York Giants
7 Drew Brees QB New Orleans
8 Clay Matthews LB Green Bay
9 Michael Vick QB Philadelphia
10 Tony Romo QB Dallas
11 Miles Austin WR Dallas
12 Rob Gronkowski TE New England
13 Patrick Willis LB San Francisco
14 Wes Welker WR New England
15 Dez Bryant WR Dallas
16 Jason Witten TE Dallas
17 Ray Lewis LB Baltimore
18 Peyton Manning QB Indianapolis
19 Brian Urlacher LB Chicago
20 Darren McFadden RB Oakland

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  • Dallas3026

    Amen, brother!  Preach it. 
    I also never understood why people think the most popular team should be ‘America’s Team’.

  • waynejr

    Whatever state you go to, there is always a place for Packer Fans to go

    • B-rad

       @waynejr Is it a store where they carefully craft foam cheese wedges into ridiculously absurd head wear?

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  • CmoneyMike11

    @PackersWatch fuck da police!! Cowboys are gay as shit

  • Dallas3026

     @CmoneyMike11 I am confused how the issue of America’s Team has anything to do with your desire to have intercourse with law enforcement officers.

  • The_UK_Cowboy

    Wasn’t the title “America’s Team” bestowed by NFL films after the 1980 (or around about there) season?
    The term “America’s Team” is a one-off term that CANNOT be transferred to flavour of the month teams like the Packers or whoever the drogues that want people to read their articles and create a “controversy” by invoking the name the Dallas Cowboys.
    If you want to swap nicknames you may as well refer to the Baltimore Ravens (one of my most hated) as “The Purple People Eaters”. Would that be acceptable? Hell no!

    • cjwright

       @The_UK_Cowboy Yes, it was a 1978 NFL films episode.  They say that Landry hated it from the beginning because it made everyone want to beat the Cowboys even more.

  • tobes

    I am not a Dallas fan by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t like the fact that they are called America’s Team. I think it downright sucks. But I digress, the writer is accurate in this case. We don’t have to like it but a fact is a fact.
    My dream is that my beloved Eagles will eventually outlive dumbass Vince Young’s moniker of the dream team. What an idiot. 
    P.S. I still don’t like Dallas. 
    The Tobes

    • cjwright

       @tobes Please never comment here again: your reasonableness combined with your dislike for The Dream Team makes it harder for me to hate all Eagles fans! lol
      No seriously, the whole Dream Team thing seemed like a bad omen from the start.  Thanks for reminding us that not all non-Cowboy fans are completely lacking in reason.

    • cjwright

      @tobesPlease never comment here again: your reasonableness combined with your dislike for ‘The Dream Team’ name makes it harder for me to hate all Eagles fans! lol
      No seriously, the whole Dream Team thing seemed like a bad omen from the start.  Thanks for reminding us that not all non-Cowboy fans are completely lacking in reason.

  • Californy

    I never quite understood this label of American team.  I think if you research it, and I did once it said the Cowboys were the greatest team on paper, and in the early years they were in the feature game of the week.  This may be important for some to have this label but as a fan who lives outside of the Dallas Ft Worth area, just  doesn’t mean a whole bunch to me. I rather trade this label for a couple of more championships.  I agree with something about the Dallas Cowboys we are the most love hated team in the NFL, and may time by the same person from week to week.

  • californy

    I never quiet understood the importance of being lable American team. I think this lable probably will mean more to JJ in the sales of NFL Jersey. As a fan the only thing that matter to me is the winning of championship. I would prefer we were the most hated team , as long as we had most of the NFL SB Throphies. I dont understand the lable of what it means to fans. I would prefer this team operates outside the lime light, in exchange for being the best year in and year out. ToM Landry made the Cowboys into Americas team with a winning he instilled into the boys from 1960-89. I think the boys had like 20 winning season in a row. We are no longer that type of team that can be held up to the standard that Tom landy left. Time will tell whether the boys can return to the winning way or are just another hyped team for the media. I would prefer this team energies and resouces being spend in making this team better than lining of JJ pocket book.

    • Matt Riddle

      Wow, sounds like someone is a little frustrated that the Cowboys have been surpassed pretty much every way by the Packers. Oh, by the way, the Packers were one of the most popular teams in the country in the 60s, then spent the 70s and 80s in the toilet, only to return to prominence in the 90′s with Favre and Holmgren–then the success was continued with Rodgers and McCarthy. They did exactly what you said the Cowboys did to earn such a nickname.

      And jersey sales are a poor comparison when talking about the popularity of a team. Dallas is a huge metro area, in a huge state that only cares about one sport. Post the percentage share and then compare the markets. If you compare the numbers fairly I don’t think your ‘Boys would have quite the advantage you think they do.

      If clinging to your antiquated and incorrect nickname are all you have left, then I suppose you’d fight for it as hard as you could. I’m fine with Dallas being America’s Team, as long as the Packers are the best–nicknames mean nothing.

      • Rick Mage

        Lol, Can you explain why the Cowboys are still the most valuable franchise? You guys get lucky and win “one” Super Bowl for the first time since 1997, and all of a sudden, you guys are the best?? When Your fudge Packer win 5 Super Bowls, come talk to us Cowboys. ;) Even then, the Steelers have 6 rings, but nobody likes them just like nobody likes your small town or anything that has to do with your small town. ;) Oh, before you get wise and mention those two first championships, that don’t mean shit, because that was only half of the league. But if you wanna count those two games in as NFC champions, the Cowboys still got you beat. ;) And seriously….how the Hell did your 15 & 1 Packers lose to a 9 & 7 Giants team who barely made it into the playoffs?? Oh, I know…Maybe your team wasn’t nearly as good as their easy schedule made them out to be… ;) But don’t go away jealous…just go away.. ;)

    • boysteamusa

      Tom Landry didnt like the name either. But there was always something about the Dallas Cowboys that so many teams hated.

      • Rick Mage

        Yep, Tom didn’t want his Cowboys be named America’s team, because he didn’t want a target on his team’s back.

  • Steve Delarwelle

    Sounds like you despise the Packers more than any other team. Lets just say for your sake we aren’t “Americas Team”…..Call us….”The First Team to Win a Superbowl in the Cowboys Stadium”…..That must really chap your ass.

  • Me

    The Cubs… 100+ years without a championship… still a loyal fan base

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