Should Tony Romo Tell Jerry Jones To Go Jump In A Glory Hole?

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One of the biggest questions lately among media types has been whether or not Tony Romo will be signing an extension with the Dallas Cowboys. This article will assess whether Tony Romo should re-sign with the Cowboys. As most of you know, he is my favorite player. Keep in mind, in spite of the fact that I am a diehard Cowboys fan, I want what’s best for Tony Romo.

Sep 16, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) rolls out and runs from Seattle Seahawks defensive end Red Bryant (79) during the 1st half at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-US PRESSWIRE

After beating the New York Giants in week 1, Dallas Cowboys’ fans were in football heaven for a period of 10 days. Once again filled with that sense of false hope that we have been tortured with for the last 16 years. Only to have it come to a sudden halt because of the beat down the Cowboys received from the Seattle Seahawks. My dad has a saying that I have learned to accept as the truth. “To live in hope, is to die in despair.” Yes, I have become a realist. When I see the look of frustration on Tony Romo’s face week after week, because he is constantly running for his life, I can’t help but wonder if he has become a realist, too.

I previously wrote an article titled, “Should Tony Romo Ask To Be Traded?” I am going to include some of that content because it is relevant to the current topic.

When I heard this quote from Jerry Jones in an off season interview, it made my blood boil!

“That did not keep us, though, from having Tony [Romo] and having us all say, ‘We’ve got to watch out if our opposing teams think we’re too light in the britches in there.’

“I personally got carried away with, ‘Hey, we’re going to be able to go. These guys are playing well enough as a group. Costa – throw him in there. They’re playing well enough as a group that we’ll be able to not be too compromised and they’ll evolve and get better and better,’” Jones said. “That was a mistake.”

Sep 1, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on the set of ESPN College Gameday before the game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Michigan Wolverines at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-US PRESSWIRE

In another interview, Dallas Cowboys Owner and GM Jerry Jones said that 2012 would be a Romo friendly draft. The Cowboys had 8 draft picks and 2 glaring needs. Depth at the cornerback and offensive line positions. How friendly was this draft to Tony Romo? Jerry drafted one cornerback and not a single offensive lineman. (I wonder what Tony was thinking?)

I mean really? Really Jerry? A Pop Warner coach would have known better! I am willing to bet it was Romo who brought it up and Jerry Jones did what HE wanted to do anyway. This is the part that really got me heated!

Jones added that before extending tackle Doug Free’s contract (which has proven to be another blunder by Jones, who constantly overpays sub-par players) and drafting tackle Tyron Smith (who still isn’t living up to the value of a 9th overall pick), he didn’t realize how bankrupt the Cowboys were up front. The Cowboys owner said adding veterans like Nate Livings and Mackenzy Bernadeau (another blunder), a pair of free agent guards signed earlier this year, is the correct way to address Romo’s protection on the offensive line. How is that working out now?

“I believe that we’ve been compromising the offensive line for different reasons for two straight seasons,” Jones said.

Is this guy serious? This is like replacing a blown tire with one that has a nail in it! Does he really think that all the fans are neophytes who don’t know anything about the game? Did he forget Tony got sacked 6 times in the playoff loss to the Minnesota Vikings? It’s been more than just a 2 year problem! My message to Jerry Jones is:

“You can only patronize the fans for so long. Sooner or later they get tired of being caught in a cauldron full of mediocrity! Only the sheep will continue to buy in to the quick fixes that don’t solve the problem, they merely put a band-aid on it!”

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  • Tom Salagaj

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say again…JJ and his son are NOT football men. They’re not much more than fans. Rich, powerful, but fans just the same. This team will NEVER move forward as they should unless and until an authentic football man is making the decisions. Until that happens, expect this team to be the up & down team they’ve been since Jimmy departed….Nuff said…

    • Cowgirlcas22

      I agree 100%

    • Artie C

      I agree to some extent. I digress a little when I ask myself what makes a football man? Stephen Jones has spent nearly half his life in football, in and around football minded groups and people. He and his dad played football. At what point do we acknowledge or at least entertain the idea that these guys, at least Stephen, are football men.

  • Cody

    What are you really expecting from tyron Smith to say he hasn’t lived up to expectations? He’s played good last year and it’s 2 games into the season and he’s played alright considering he’s playing left tackle it being a new position to him and all. I’m not here trying to defend Jerry but free deserved an extension there wasn’t anything better available that we were a lock to sign and he played good that year now has he lived up to his contract? No he hasn’t and I do think they need to replace him but hindsight is 20/20 its easy to say it was a terrible signing now when he hasn’t lived up to his contract but when he was signed he had a career year and wasn’t gonna settle for a 1 year deal. As for the draft yes Jerry has final say, should he have gone after an offensive lineman when their pick came up in the 3rd round? Probably, and but even though he has final say please don’t act like he doesn’t listen to his coaches and scouts if an offensive lineman wasn’t the best available or the guy they wanted then why take one?

    • boysteamusa

      boysteamusa says: Im giving Smith time being that he’s 21 years old and he certainly has the build. He needs to get some agility to handle those guys coming off the edge. I suspect he will get better but I wish he had better players to learn from rather than just Callahan coaching him.
      Free deserving an extention is completely ridiculous, he showed effort on one good play running down the field to block and they rewarded him with far more than he will be ever worth on the field. Jerry got just what they deserved for paying him, Free is a problem that will cost Dallas bigtime in the end and may get Romo seriously hurt out there imo.

    • Cowgirlcas22

      what I am trying to say is, Trent Williams held Ware at bay as a rookie Saffold did well Bulaga did well in GB, Solder is doing well in NE, none of them went 9th overall!

      • boysteamusa

        I agree, Tyron is struggling too, yet he is not easily pushed around like the others which is a good thing. Sad part is he has no other quality linemen there in Dallas to learn from. He has got to get better agility and keep his man in front of him. He is strong and I suspect will get stronger. I simply hope they strengthen the rest of the line.

  • boysteamusa

    Im not sure what “Glory Hole” Jerry was speaking of but if its more championships we’ll he’s not gonna get it done with the type thinking he shows in those statements above. It is telling that Jerry and others thought they could get by with being light in the britches on the Line and even Romo had to tell them to be careful here. I guess we all will have to watch this train wreck continue until reality finally sets in. It’s gonna be interesting watching Carl Nicks in TB this week to see who he is pushing around. Man, we could have done some serious good things on this O-Line during the off-season with Nicks or Grubbs and in the draft.
    I doubt Tony goes anywhere but it would be hilarious to see him make management sweat him out awhile since they didnt do nearly anything to protect him. I like that saying you keep using of your Dad’s Cas, dying in despair sounds brutal and is a reality for many, hope Dallas fans dont spend this decade hoping for what will never come.

  • thesmiths50

    Nice article , and well done Cas. JJ needed to realize that the OLINE needed fixing and all he did was put together a patchwork OLINE , and it is a joke. Romo is running for his life constantly and doing his spin o ramas just to create space to throw down field.
    If I was Romo , I would want to be traded and I would pick a team that had a stout OLINE .

  • David Perez

    Tony Romo will have to win a SB in spite of Jerry.

    • boysteamusa


  • Michael Valentino

    Wait, so Jerry Jones says he got “carried away” with this offensive line? And he was banking on Costa as someone to solidify this group? Everyone who followed the Cowboys and the people who write the preseason magazines knew that Dallas needed to address the O-line in the off-season. And JJ has a revelation over the summer and admits he made a mistake? I wish I hand’t read that. Now my blood is boiling. He throws 30MM at two average players instead of going hard after Grubbs (assuming Nicks was too expensive) or getting a quality interior linemen (or two) in the draft. I just don’t get it. I’m not looking forward to the Cowboys playing the Bears front four, or the Steelers and Ravens front seven, or the Eagles, or the Giants again, or the Skins with Ryan Kerrigan coming off the edge. If Romo can stay healthy he will good numbers, and his career stats will demand a lot of attention in FA (if JJ doesn’t first sign him). I don’t want to see the Cowboys lose him but he may be thinking of extending his career. And, sadly, he might have better chances of doing that elsewhere. JJ should be charged with dereliction of duty. smh.

  • C. Joseph Wright

    I have to admit it: since reading Cas’ stuff, I have been forced to rethink many of the things I thought I knew about the Cowboys’ franchise and the way it is being run.
    Excellent work. Thanks for a fresh perspective.

    • Cowgirlcas22

      thank you and your welcome

  • californy

    Nice article Cowgirl, I may not agree on your liking of Tony Romo as a player, but I do acknowledge his greater importance in this offense with such a bad offensive line. It always been my belief that no player should be that great of importance to a team to the level of Tony Romo. Tony Romo has a role to play on this team, but he goes beyound what most QB should have to do. I see a bigger issue not address here in this article. Yes, Tony Should consider his option, i always believe in that. But with Tony larger salary command and the need to protect him, and the money constraints in the future i dont see how Tony can get the adequate protection that he needs along with his worth here as a player.
    What strange about the Romo situation is this. JJ has always look for a manager instead of a coach here in Dallas at the HC spot, and Tony Romo leadership and talent has some how undermind all of this. There always been the talk of lack or leadership here in Dallas, it was very evident in last week lost in Dallas. I believe we have some of the leadership we need on the team, we just lack it at certain spot here in Dallas.
    JJ is the element that tends to undermind the leadership and direction of the Cowboys on the field. I dont know any other person in the NFL, that cast such a strong shadow over his team like JJ does here in Dallas. JJ is the only GM and owner that I know that has his own weekly show. JJ is the only owner-GM that I know that announces whether players are going to play of not. JJ is very much hands on and this tends to undermind the HC and the team. In a small clip two week ago, I seen JJ give out a game ball to JG. I dont think this is the job of the owner or GM to do such a thing. IF JJ feel Jason garrett is doing his job, that a completely differnt thing, he paid to do that. Game ball should be given out by the head coach and no one else, and it should be given out to player who go beyound what they are expected to do on the field.
    Now lets go forward to the Seattle game, how many times did you see Tony Romo change the game play like he did in the NY game. In the Giants game, I heard Tony yel lout “kill kill” to change up the play. I didnt see this in the Seattle game. It is my belief that JJ or JG put a clamp on these changes during the game. Tony ran the play the way the HC wanted him to do, and we saw the net result of that. I say let the leaders lead on the field and quit underminding the process of winning of these games. What sad, is I dont see this changing in the fore see able future either. The key to winning championship is for team to buy into the leadership and direction of the team. This can not happen with too many wrong people having a say in it, especially when the player are not buying into it.

  • Standfirm66

    GREAT ARTICLE. i would not blame Romo one bit for leaving, although i would hate to see him go. but if JJ doesnt do something soon with this high school o-line he has protecting Romo, then i say yeah Romo is out the door.

  • jarrine1

    All this boils down to Jerry not having the savvy that Jimmy had during the Super Bowl years. He mis-evaluates talent at every level. He falls in love with the glamour of people and not true talent. For as much as he likes to save a buck, he sure as hell likes to waste it and compromise the Cowboys success on Roy Williams type players. Jerry is a Marketing Success, but a football failure.

  • Philip

    I absolutely love this article. How can I follow your writings? Seriously you see things just like I do and I am very appreciative of being able to read it from another romo fan.

  • Artie C

    I’m a Romosapien as well. I’ve written many times in support of Romo and how he is not being given the weapons or support he needs to succeed. I think it’s funny that the duck and jive moves making something out of nothing that Romo is known for, derives mostly from poor offensive line play and poor route running by his receivers and bad play calling. In Garrett’s offense, a play needs to break down to succeed.

    • Artie C

      His interceptions, which he is also known for, derive from the same things. Though, I’m glad you point out that Romo’s interception ratio is lower than Aikman’s

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