Cowboy HC Garrett Needs His Walking Papers.

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After watching Jason Garrett’s Dallas Cowboys get humiliated by the Chicago Bears, I have to ask: what has happened to ‘Americas Team’? It seems the more hype put out by the Cowboys Owner and General Manager Jerry Jones about any acquisition by the Dallas Cowboys, the more that acquisition turns out to be a disaster. The lack of discipline and inconsistency shown by the Dallas Cowboys since Jason Garrett (following the mid season termination of Wade Phillips) took over as head coach in 2010, is evident in virtually every aspect of the Cowboys football team. Whether or not Jason Garrett was ever qualified for the job, also seems worth questioning.

December 26, 2011; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton on the sidelines against the Atlanta Falcons during the first half at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-US PRESSWIRE

On Tuesday, suspended New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton (formerly with the Cowboys) was asked if he’d be interested in the  head coaching job in Dallas.

“I’d rather answer a bounty question,” Payton said, via The Times-Picayune. “Right now my focus is on staying with New Orleans and really getting back on the sidelines.”

What does that tell you? The fact that he would rather talk about the bounty scandal is a solid indication that he wants nothing to do with Jerry Jones or the Dallas Cowboys. Why do you think that is? People are tired of Jerry Jones and his traveling circus. He has done a great job of marketing the Cowboys, too bad selling jerseys and promoting Papa Johns pizza doesn’t win football games.

The biggest blunder since giving Doug Free All-Pro Left Tackle money to end up being a below average Right Tackle, was the hiring of the inexperienced Jason Garrett as the head coach. I was against it in the beginning; the guys at the top of my list were: Jim Harbaugh, John Gruden, Bill Cowher, and Brian Billick.

Lets face it, it takes more than a Princeton education and warming the bench behind Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman on a resume to be qualified as a head coach in the NFL. What is the tie between Jerry Jones and the Garrett family to begin with? Jason is the head coach, his brother Judd Garrett is in charge of the scouting department, and John Garrett, his other brother, is the tight ends coach. Nepotism anyone? Maybe the Garretts’ are the problem. I previously wrote an article about the predictability of Jasons’ play calling, you can see it here.

Lets take a look at the decline in the Cowboys production since Bill Parcells and Sean Payton left town.

2011 Garrett/Ryan

Team Statistics
Cowboys Opponents
FIRST DOWNS (Rushing-passing-by penalty) 91 – 219 – 17 78 – 199 – 28
OFFENSE (Plays-Average Yards) 1017 – 5.9 972 – 5.6
RUSHING (Plays-Average Yards) 408 – 4.4 385 – 4.1
PASSING (Comp-Att-Int-Avg) 376 – 570 – 12 – 7.8 336 – 545 – 15 – 7.6
SACKS Romo 36 Opp QB’s 42
FIELD GOALS 32/37 26/33
(Rushing-Passing-Returns-Defensive) 5 – 33 – 0 – 1 10 – 24 – 0 – 4


Rushing Statistics
Player Att Yds Yds/Att Long TD
DeMarco Murray 164 897 5.5 91 2
Felix Jones 127 575 4.5 40 1
Sammy Morris 28 98 3.5 15 0


Receiving Statistics
Player Rec Yds Yds/Rec Long TD
Jason Witten 79 942 11.9 64 5
Dez Bryant 63 928 14.7 50 9
Laurent Robinson 54 858 15.9 74 11
Miles Austin 43 579 13.5 53 7

As you can see in 2011, Tony Romo took a career high 36 sacks, there were 162 more passes called than runs, and the Cowboys had an all time low of only 4 rushing TD’s by running backs. The Cowboys also gave up 28 1st downs by penalty and only got 17. People can say what they want, but that is far from a balanced offense. The question now becomes: What did Jason Garrett do as the head coach to improve on these horrific numbers from 2011?  When you look at the table below you shouldn’t be surprised to see that the Dallas Cowboys are actually on course to be worse than in 2011.

2012 Garrett/Ryan

Team Statistics
Cowboys Opponents
FIRST DOWNS (Rushing-passing-by penalty) 13 – 61 – 1 19 – 38 – 8
OFFENSE (Plays-Average Yards) 248 – 5.9 226 – 4.9
RUSHING (Plays-Average Yards) 79 – 3.4 113 – 3.8
PASSING (Comp-Att-Int-Avg) 110 – 161 – 8 – 7.7 64 – 104 – 1 – 7.2
SACKS Romo 8 Opp QB’s 9
(Rushing-Passing-Returns-Defensive) 1 – 6 – 0 – 0 2 – 5 – 0 – 3


Passing Statistics
Player Att Comp Yds Comp % Yds/Att TD TD % INT INT % Long Sck Sack/Lost Rating
Tony Romo 151 101 1148 66.9 7.6 5 3.3 8 5.3 49 8 52 78.5
Kyle Orton 10 9 89 90.0 8.9 1 10.0 0 0.0 21 0 0 137.1
Rushing Statistics
Player Att Yds Yds/Att Long TD
DeMarco Murray 61 237 3.9 48 1
Tony Romo 12 12 1.0 9 0
Felix Jones 3 13 4.3 13 0


Receiving Statistics
Player Rec Yds Yds/Rec Long TD
Dez Bryant 21 269 12.8 38 0
Jason Witten 21 188 9.0 23 1
Miles Austin 18 300 16.7 49 3
Kevin Ogletree 17 221 13.0 40 2

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  • Jbbravo

    Cas I have backed Garrett since he became head coach thinking the team was finally being held accountable. It seems I might just be wrong about him. The defense looks better because Rob is coaching them. Now the offense looks terrible and Garrett wants all that responsibility now he can take all the blame. Yea the line is not great but OC find ways to make due by changing up the scheme. They take advantage of their players abilities. Garrett seems to call what I would in Madden. I’m tired of the over thinking in his play calling. They need to scrap that reverse call it don’t work with this team. I think you might be right in this coach Cas and I wouldnt be surprised if somebody like Gruden is in here next year.

    • C. Joseph Wright

      After going 2-2, it is far too early to lose faith. I still think that Garrett may deserve another year and another draft to see what having a roster of the “RKOG’s” can do. That could change if things gets worse, but I think they will improve.
      Don’t forget they beat the Giants in NY.

      • ctcowboy1968

        The Cowboys played a great game versus the Giants. The offseason moves were to build the Boys to win in the NFC East.
        JG deserves nothing. He has proven nothing. When this team wins it is in despite him. JG is an awful HC and he is not a leader.

  • osnappp

    Coaching someone as stupid as dez bryant has to be tough. Running the wrong route for a pick six, dropping a sure touchdown pass, not getting set for penalties. Those were game changing plays. Not to mention the D line not putting pressure on cutler. That is not a good line, they should have been all over him. Greenbay actually showed everyone how to beat the bears. Double Marshall. Instead they gave him a 40 yard td catch with nobody guarding him!!? In my opinion, they lost because Ryan’s poor defensive decisions and the awful play by the recievers. the only positive was witten didn’t play like a stump.

    • C. Joseph Wright

      Maybe I am behind, but this is the 1st time I’ve heard anyone blame the defense.
      Thanks for giving me something to consider.

    • MCWeese

      Yeah I couldnt beleive they werent doubling Marshall even after he had beat them for three wide open passes. Inexcusable.

  • Hughie from NJ

    Cas I had same coaching list as you,in same order.John Gruden is still available and when, HE DOES cowboy games HE SURE SOUNDS LIKE A GUY WHO WOULD LOVE TO COACH the Cowboys.Problem is though most bug name coaches dont want to deal with Jerry and if they take the job,They dont last long because of Jerry.Cowboys are talented and close to being really good,our problems are discipline,stupid mistakes,miscommunication.Also Romo seems to mess up at the wrong times with a pick or a fumble.I am ok with the offense EXCEPT for the OLINE,We knew that coming in and JJ did nothig to fix that,besides T.Smith the rest of line sucks! also the Offense is predictable,I call every play before the snap and Im right 90%of the time.We also knew We needed another pass rusher to help Ware,another fail for JJ.Our secondary was horrible and kudos to JJ He finally did something there.But overall JJ is the problem,name me another G.M who would still have a job with 1 playoff win in 17 years?You won’t find 1.JJ gives out huge contracts to mediocre or bad players,Scandrich,Free,Bernandeu,Livings,Spears, Coleman even Sensabaugh,yes He is a solid safety but who was beating his door down to sign him,or any of those guys,so JJ overpays them.Great teams build from inside(oline and dline) out.JJ loves the flashy skill positions,just thimk how much better the offense would be if We had a line.

  • Tom Salagaj

    Why in the Sam Hill would any great coach want to come to Dallas if things remain as they are? And what are those things? JJ wants a “puppet” coach. He will make all decisions with regard to coaching since he has always wanted to be the head coach. He may deny this but we all know it’s true. Why did Jimmy Johnson leave? Why did Parcells leave before his full time? Why hasn’t there been a coach of the “great” variety interested? Why did Wade Philiips get fired? Jerry has been “in the way” all these years since Jimmy J left. It’s not going to get any better. Do you think John Gruden would really come to Dallas to be a puppet coach? I tell you the truth, I never watch Jason’s press conferences any longer because there is nothing substantial that ever comes forth. I used to love Bill Parcell’s press conferences. Always interesting, always truthful…but the TO debacle forced on him by JJ just about killed Parcells. No, it’s over in Dallas now and forever until and unless JJ makes wholesale changes in his approaches to running this team. I doubt seriously if either of the Harbaughs would have inked a deal to coach with the idea of becoming a puppet coach? Nada!
    I’m out….maybe drift on down to Houston and latch on to a winning team from Texas…finally!

  • Madcap

    2007 was Phillips/Garrett, most of the players were there thanks to parcell, sure, but it was still coached by phillips/garrett. Also, what do you expect peyton to say, he loves NO, he doesnt wanna leave, of course he doesnt wanna talk about the cowboys, he still has a job there in NO.

  • C. Joseph Wright

    I bet the jackass who wrote a whole series of articles on “The Jason Garrett Effect” feels pretty stupid now!

  • C. Joseph Wright

    In all honesty, your posts have changed the way I think about the franchise. I haven’t totally lost all faith in Garrett, but it is dwindling.

  • californy

    Nice article Cowgirl Cas, You nailed it again. Yeah there are people who cluelsess about Jason garrett influence here in Dallas,Jason garrett waspretty much running the show before even Wade Phillips had even left. In 2008 Jason brother Judd join the Cowboys as the team head of scouting department, he also had his brother John come as the Cowboy TE coach. Jason got hired even before Wade Phillips and was told he had no choice but to work for him. I doubt Wade even chose John as his TE coach. There are people who think that Jason Garrett has been this team top guy for two year, when in reality, he had way more influence than people think. Word has it that it was Jason who had TO contract terminated. We did develope MIles as a WR, but we never really truly ever replace TO production. Fans are cluelsss about Jason Garrett influence here in Dallas. . JG talk about getting the right kind of player, but what is more important team harmony or Team victories. I guess for JJ and JG they chose team harmony over fielding a SB ready team. We are only going to be spectators to the big game vs participants

    In JG secound full year, he has chose all of the coaches that are his assistant on this team. So they should be no more excuses for not getting it done. It is JG signature over this team OL and lack of running game.
    It is his family who has scouted these player, and it been the Garretts influence in selecting these players. JG got rid of Flozell, L davis, Gurode, Kozier, and Holland, and replace them with Free, Tyron, Bernardeau, Living and Costa. Most Cowboys can see why we have a drop off in talent, this is very much obvious; Flozell, Gurode are both 2rd picks, L davis was a first rd Pick, Kozier was a fifth rd pick, and Holland a 4th rd Pick. vs Free a 4th rd Pick, Tyron 1str pick, Bernadeau 7th rd pick, Living and Costa went undrafted

  • TexasBrady

    Cas, as usual you have a very good post, I will will disagree with you. I would take a wild guess that you would have fired Garrett after the lose against Chicago. Of course that is just a guess. I will not disagree that Garrett is predictable sometimes, it happens a lot to some coaches.

    The difference of being 2-2 and 3-1 is a matter of a few dropped passes here and their.. Passes dropped by who I believe is our Hall of Fame tight end Jason Witten and Dez Bryant;yet I do not hear anyone calling for the release of Witten, and you never will…WHY…he is a no doubt hall of fame player.

    One of the biggest reasons that the Cowboys have failed for the past 17 years has been the consistency at the head coaching position. The Dallas Cowboys have not been able to maintain a head coach long enough to be consistent.

    You know how important that is. Look at the Pittsburgh Steelers for as an example..Chuck Noll coached from 1969-1991 leaves in comes “The Chin” Bill Cowher, coached from 1992-2006 and then enters coach Mike Tomlin 2007 to present. Noll has 4 Super bowls, Cowher and Tomlin 1 Super Bowl a piece. An exception to what I am saying is the New England Patriots, The Patriots did not have the level of success until Bill Belichick was hired and he has coached from 2000 to present and has 3 Super Bowl wins.

    Yes Cas you have a valid point to a degree, but if it is me I give Garrett another year or maybe two. When you fire a coach as within two or 3 years you have to tear down the offense and defense then find the players that will adapt to whatever scheme they decide to implement.

    In my way of looking at things it is the following…Coaches Coach, Players play and owners OWN, Owners do not make good General Managers, as proven by the track record of Jerry Jones. Jerry does it all, with some input by his head coach. I guarantee you this, Jerry Jones would not have waited 17 years to fire a GM with the track record that Jerry has had as GM…

    Jerry knows how to market his Team, which is good for us, the fans, now he needs to go find the best GM he can hire, then settle back and see what happens..

    I know what you mean Cas, and I know how you feel…I have been a fan since 1962 so yes, It ticks me off to see all of the stupid plays and penalty’s.. But like I said before, this is a team…you win and lose as a team, that includes all players and coaches……and GENERAL MANAGERS..

    That is just my opinion..



    we need another coach,Garret lost this team when he ice his own kicker..

  • Blaster

    Do the players really care about the game? They have their millions, expensive cars, and win or lose, folks in Dallas adore them. Its not like that in Philly or NY. Lose and the folks will run you out of town.

    On top of all that, J Jones is happy as can be selling leases at the stadium and acting in commercials – this man is not dedicated to the team, which sets a very poor example for the team.

    Until the culture in Dallas changes or JJ and his family stop pretending they know how to run a football team (the former is more likely), I doubt anything will change in D (though they could get lucky one year)

  • MCWeese

    Im just as unhappy about this team as anyone else. But the first 3 games Witten was dropping passes all over the place. Special teams were getting punts blocked. Yada yada. If Bryant hadnt dropped 3 balls and Romo would have connected on both seam patterns I think we would be talking about a different outcome to the Bears game. Im not a huge fan of Garretts but the players are to blame when they dont make plays!!! Everyones bragging on the defense but if look at the stats after 4 games how many DBs have an interception??? That would be ZERO!!! I think that is a big deal also!!!..

  • MCWeese

    Since 1997 the Cowboys are 123-123..thats an average team. And thats exactly what they are. An average team. Not bad..but not good either. Average. Get use to it.

  • boysteamusa

    It tells me from the top down Dallas Cowboy management had serious decision making problems.

  • kurumba

    Open Q/ to Dallas GM/Owner/LoveHimself Jones:
    Sir what other Pro Sports team, I speak here of Soccer e.g Barcelona Real madrid Man United or NBA or NFL team, is run or rather managed on the basis of “protecting” the GM/Owner’s or team manager’s ego? Who? Perez at Real Madrid or Sandro Rousell at Barcelona would be skinned alive if this was the case. So too would Alex Ferguson at Man United. Belichick and Kraft, The Rooneys, The Maras at The G-Men, Lourie at the Eagles or Blunt at Atlanta or the Buss clan at The Lakers do not run a team this way. NONE OF THEM FUNCTION IN THIS MANNER!!! No Gm/Owner/Ego Terrified Jones. Instead all the above BIG TIME SPORTS TEAMS want to WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS & TITLES!!! Thus fans must factor this in when they choose to follow the Cowboys. The top down system of control & management is NOT committed to winning or to assembling smart winning coaches. A final Q/ to Senoir Jones is this: do you & family members really truly enjoy sitting through 3 Hours of total humiliation & sloppy careless football every season year in year out? If the answer is affirmative then this seriously borders on some form of psychosis & sadistic behaviour perhaps as a counter balance to being wealthy Paternalistic Capitalists and akin to what the landed ruling class gentry did for stimulation [they already had everything else in a materialist sense] in Fascist Europe prior to and during WWII.

  • ctcowboy1968

    Ride on Cowgirlcas! JG has to go. JG is has never been qualified and he has proven that time and time again. He can not manage the clock (Cardinals in 2011 and Raven 2012). He does not know how to change strategy (Up by 24 in the 2nd half vs Lions and he is still throwing the ball). He does not understand the game that is playing out in front of him. Therefore, he does learn and improve. His emotionless face during interviews that “we are going to investigate this” or “fix that”, but it never happens. How many people that screw up this many times and this bad would not be fired from their job?
    Once we get rid of JG, we can start to work on putting JJ in house arrest. He has turned this franchise into a joke.

  • James Griffin

    I agree with the writer. Jason Garrett did not pay his dues to become the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. There was nothing on his resume to merit that position. I have no problem with Jerry though. It’s his money and his team. Last I checked, that “He who has the gold, makes the rules.” He just wants to win and be involved in the process. Cannot blame the dude one bit. But after this season, my advice to him is to fire Garrett, get rid of that security team around Dez and make him be a man or ship him out too for some players and picks.

  • bigdaddy

    jason garret is being out coached in the cclutch part of the my opinion he have lost two game by making nonsense play calls..a high school coach can do a better job than not to mention any of the sec coaches.i don ‘d see it getting any better.i thought at first when he was hired he was a jimmy johnson clone (heck no),,not even close .sorry jimmy for disrespecing you like that.ok jerry it s time for a real franchise quarterback and a real nfl coach and general manager..hire john grudden and get the hell out of his way and win the 5 or 6 superbowls then let stephen and john have at it..but garret is not it and take romo with him…period.i have seen enough..

  • bigdaddy

    just looking in disbelief after a 3 and 1 fade to ogletree in he inzone,should have ran the dam ball get the first down,then 4th and 1 should have ran again,some bullshit play i never seen on the j v level..what mr offensive wizard,you need a coordinator..two weeks ago you through a out pattern todez for 1 yard thus you really helped your kicker with that.he misses a 51 yarder.hell i honestly think rob ryan is better..his defense is hitting and aggressive. garrett go get advice on ball control and look at the game instead of the score don t have aikman quarterbacking,,romo can t make the throws reel his ass in like parcel did,tell him to just drive the bus nothing brett farveish,he don t have a cannon..period.he can t throw the deep outs nor the slants..take that shit out the play book.keep it simple..simple football would have won you an extra two game this season already.block,tackle,catch,run,put your kicker in a winning s simple…

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