Oct 28, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver MIles Austin (19) catches a pass against the New York Giants at Cowboys Stadium. The Giants beat the Cowboys 29-24. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE

"Looking Forward" to the Dallas Cowboys vs. Atlanta Falcons Game

Like the first half of the season (rounding up), yesterday was a bummer. As I tweeted (using the website’s twitter account), only the Dallas Cowboys can come back from 23 points down and lose by a middle finger. Unbelievable. Still, at least they can look forward to the Atlanta Falcons who haven’t lost yet and play at home. Other than the fact that Matt Ryan has a 98.8 quarterback rating, fewer picks in seven games than Tony Romo has had in two and a defense that has forced 19 turnovers this game should be a pushover. Considering how well the Cowboys prevent turnovers, they really have this game, at least on paper, in the bag. I’m about as enthusiastic for this match up as I was with the Giants or Ravens, which means the Cowboys will put in a good performance against a good opponent and still find a depressing way to lose. 

News and Notes:

The Cowboys find a way way to lose-twice. After Tony Romo’s Chicagoan performance in the first quarter, he lead them to a 23 point come back and almost won the game, but Dez Bryant’s fingers grazed the out of bounds marker in the back of the endzone, and the last two Hail Mary attempts fell incomplete, the last a pathetic attempt 10 yards out of play.

The Falcons win 30-17 at Philadelphia. Considering the Cowboys play the Eagles the week after next, how the Cowboys battle the Falcons might give a clue as to how they’ll play the Eagles. Since playing the Falcons will likely result in a loss, the Eagles game is really the one that matters. If the Cowboys beat them, they stay alive, but if they fall to 3-6 they’re cooked.

Jerry Jones “encouraged” about DeMarco Murray’s return. After this week’s experience with our “King Felix”, we all could use DeMarco Murray. I know Felix Jones rushed five times from the one-yard line, but how can a professional running back fail to score a touchdown, lose a fumble and rush for 2.38 yards per carry excluding the one yard rushes? I don’t know, but hopefully, Jerry’s injury prediction is right.


Matt Ryan throws two picks. I have no statistical or logical reason to say this. Matt Ryan has only thrown six interceptions all year and the Cowboys have only intercepted two passes, but for some reason I think the Falcons will struggle offensively. I know this is the least specific, least thought out “prediction” ever written and this is likely wishful thinking, but something tells me Matt Ryan will throw two picks.

DeMarco Murray returns and runs for 115 yards. One weakness for the Falcons has been their run defense, which surrenders 143.8 yards per game. That’s actually pretty odd, as most of the Falcons’ injuries have happened on the offensive, not defensive side. Our team has struggled because they simply can’t run the ball. The Cowboys rush for slightly less than 100 per game, which is in the lower half in the NFL, but with the Falcons’ struggles I’ll go in-between (though not evenly) and say 115.

The Falcons win 27-23. In my introduction, I said that this game felt like a Giants or Ravens game where no matter what effort was given the Cowboys would find some pathetic way to lose. In this game, I think it’ll be a mixture of fumbles and interceptions. With a ball hawking secondary that has forced nine turnovers already and considering Tony Romo’s predisposition to throwing an inordinate amount of interceptions spells a pick six or at least to two Falcons drives starting in Dallas territory. If DeMarco Murray starts, I’m not worried about fumbles, but if Felix Jones does, it could be a long afternoon. Note: Final score takes into account turnovers.

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  • amadbear

    I predict 41-14 loss for the falcons. Dallas will bring an unprecedented stifling D that will shake Matt Ryan and their receivers. Romo will have a game like the second half of the recent Giants game, only no interceptions and no stupid penalties. Again, wishful thinking, but I believe this will be Falcons first loss non-the-less.

  • http://www.facebook.com/efrain.hernandez.568 Efrain Hernandez

    i say dallas wins 20-14

  • californy

    I just wanted you to know that Atlanta has not won a team this year with a winning record, I guess if they win us the streak continues, As good as Atlanta seem they can be beaten, a good coach will know how to attack them. What funny is the way Atlanta run their offence is the same way I been screaming for the Cowboys to run theirs. Despite the perception of a better OL, Atlanta came into last week game rank 29th in running. Ryan is a good QB bevacuse his OC doesnt put him in high risk senarios. I only had a chance to watch half a game, only because I fell asleep through the other half, and it seem when Ryan got in danger he grounded the ball and even sat down on the field to avoid the hit. What saved Atlanta was the short passing game, they never had Ryan hold onto the ball for a long time. The short passes and the sweeps and screen is what I have been calling for in dallas, this is the offence Atlanta run. They will attack the middle of the field in the same way the Bears do. There a DE in Croy Bierman, who is no where listed in the depth Chart will give Doug Free a hand full in this coming game. The boys better run a double and TE and establish a running game or it will be a long day. There is something that Atlanta does really well, they have great discipline and are great at creating turnover. John Abraham may be old but the guy still brings it. The safety may not be know name but are as good if not better than Chicago and Tampa bay safeties.

    • Greyson Jones

      The Falcons do things the Cowboys simply don’t-they don’t commit stupid turnovers and they don’t commit stupid turnovers. That’s why I made the score close, since otherwise I’d give the edge to the Cowboys. I was only two points off on the score split, and both factors I just mentioned decided the game. I should have made that clearer, so I’ll include that on next week’s report. At least Philadelphia is as screwed up as we are.