Cowboy Fans Lose Patience: Jimmy Johnson Exposes Jason Garrett.

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Oct 28, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) talks to head coach Jason Garrett (9) after throwing an interception in the second quarter against the New York Giants at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Was the decision to appoint the inexperienced Jason Garrett as the Head Coach any different than many of Jones’ other decisions? I think not. I can already see his stamp on this team and I don’t like what I see. The fans are losing patience real fast. Jerry says he has faith in Jason Garrett and that he made a mistake in the past by firing Chan Gailey after only 2 years. That’s like comparing apples to oranges because Gailey took the Cowboys to the playoffs both of those years. Jason Garrett is batting below 500. The Dallas Cowboys appear to be getting worse rather than better. Once again, enough said!

In spite of all this, what really put me in to bitch mode, was Jason Garretts’ way of handling Jimmy Johnson busting him out. What did he do? He threw his franchise quarterback (Tony Romo) under the bus by saying to the Philadelphia media, that ultimately Romo is responsible for all of the turnovers because he throws the ball. Really? I mean really? This is where I have to choose my adjectives very carefully. If I said things the way I really want to, I would never get published.

First of all, let me go back to what Jerry said about Jason Garrett having the same input on personnel that Johnson had. If that’s the case, then what kind of success did the Garrett/Jones tandem have in putting together the Cowboys offensive line? Every expert in the country says the line is the biggest weakness on the team. Most grade them anywhere between an F and a D. Does anyone remember the offensive line that was assembled under Jimmy Johnson? Kevin Gogan, Nate Newton, Mark Stepnoski, Marc Tuinei, and Erik Williams.(arguably every one of them is a hall of fame player). If this current make shift line is any indication of Garretts’ stamp on this team, he needs to be fired yesterday. The most important job of any head coach and/or general manager is protecting their franchise quarterback. Their results? EPIC FAIL”.

Everyone wants to praise the triplets. Yes, they were good players, but the secret to their success was the guys up front protecting Troy Aikman and making holes for Emmitt Smith to run through. How many playoff games did Aikman win after that offensive line was disassembled? “ZERO”.

When Jimmy Johnson was asked about Romos’ numbers (in a phone interview that was posted on compared to Aikmans and his chances of winning a Super Bowl he said,

“What most people don’t realize, we had the youngest team in the league and we led the league in defense those super bowl years. Those defensive players were being number one in the NFL and yet we don’t have a single player in the hall of fame. Ya know, Charles Haley deserves to be in the hall of fame. It was a total team and so a, It wasn’t just Troy Aikman and his statistics and his numbers, we were very balanced on offense and we ran the ball a lot with Emmitt just simply because it helped our defense and it helped us control the game. Now Troy Aikman could have put up huge numbers if we would have allowed him to. But, if he would have been putting up huge numbers, then we would have been turning the ball over more, we wouldn’t have played as good of defense, and so we had a “TEAM” and that’s why we were able to win super bowls because we had a “total team”, not because of statistics.”

I think Jimmy Johnson has summed up what I have been preaching for a very long time. Football is a “TEAM” sport. Obviously Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett are failing at providing the supporting cast that would allow Tony Romo to win a Super Bowl. As he also said, there is no fear in Dallas because everyone is buddies. Johnson also explained that the Head Coach is supposed to carry the hammer, but that Jason Garrett is too soft to lay down the hammer. Kevin Ogletree can continue to run routes wrong and drop crucial 3rd down passes because he knows Jason Garrett runs on a buddy system and he isn’t going to bench him and give Cole Beasley a shot.

Nov 4, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley (11) stays on his feet after being hit by Atlanta Falcons strong safety William Moore (25) after a catch in the first half at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

What spites me about that is Beasley has only been targeted 4 times during the regular season. Twice in the 4th quarter of the Chicago game, both resulted in catches. Twice in the Atlanta game. The first time, out of all the receivers on the field, they chose to double him (why do you think that is?) and Tony was forced to throw it out of the corner of the endzone. The second was on a crucial 3rd down play while in double coverage again, Beasley made the catch. The replay clearly showed that he had enough for the 1st down. Had Jason Garrett been acting like a head coach and managing the game properly instead of having his face buried in his play card, he would have challenged the spot resulting in a much needed Cowboys first down. If Beasley has shown anything it’s consistency. He is 100% on catchable balls! Why does Jason Garrett continue to stall his progress? The same can’t be said about Kevin Ogletree consistency.

I can go on and on about how Jason Garrett is not only not qualified for this job, but he is having an ill affect on the team. You can draw your own conclusions, but this fan, as well as many others, has run out of patience. The icing on the cake was blaming his franchise quarterback for his inability to,

  • Protect him with good blocking or scheme the offense so he can get rid of the ball quicker.
  • Provide him with a decent running game to take some of the pressure off of him.
  • Provide him with receivers he can trust.
  • Call the right plays at the right time in games.
  • Manage the game properly.
  • Make mid game adjustments to counter what oppenents are doing.
  • Manage the clock properly.
  • Hold players accountable for their actions.
  • Command some discipline to cut down on all of the penalties.
  • Prove there is really competition at every position. (if there was, he would let others play)
  • Lose this foolish concept that a team only has 3 WR’s and win by committee scheming the offense to utilize the strengths of all the receivers. (It keeps defenses guessing and you always have a fresh receiver on the field against an ever tiring DB.)

Jason Garrett repeatedly says that they didn’t execute, the other team made the big plays. I  prefer what Johnson said, it’s not the teams that make the big plays that win, it’s the teams that make the fewest amount of bad plays that win. The Dallas Cowboys make too many bad plays. 

At the end of the day, this fan agrees 100% with Jimmy Johnson. “The Dallas Cowboys have turned in to a country club”. It all starts with the Head Coach and if he is too soft to do the job, then the Dallas Cowboys need to get someone who isn’t. A Head Coach has to be the bad guy. As I said before, “Nice Coaches Finish Last In The NFL”.

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  • californy

    One again Cowgirl great article, It good to hear about the glory years but we cant live in the past, we must live in the present, and the present show us having a bad future. I guess the right kind of guy mentality mean being friends with the players. One of the reason Jimmy left was he was tired of being the bad guy having to come down so hard on the player he like. There was one case in Jimmy past where he got onto Emmitt Smith on such a small item. Emmitt was mad over this incident, Jimmy later on went to explain, if he doesnt hold his marque player accountable, then he has no control over the direction this team takes in the future. Being a great coach doesnt mean you are freinds with the players. Rodger and Tom landry had their battle to, in fact I wont be surprise if Rodger retired early just so he can excape from Tom landry way of doing things. Good coaches know how to lead but that doesnt mean these players are friends.

    • Michael Valentino

      cali, I live in Chicago, and trust me, everyone still talks about the 85 Bears — and that was 27 years ago. But I agree with you. As Cowboy fans we shouldn’t continue to live in the past. Steeler fans don’t. And now, 49er fans don’t. I’m tired of the mediocrity and excuses and lax attitudes. Jones has to step aside (although he never will) and the Cowboys need a disciplinarian-type coach. I was high on JG, but this team is simply not producing for him…or, the talent level is not nearly what we’ve estimated it to be. As for Roger Staubach, 11 concussions took their toll. He lead the NFL in QB rating at 37 and was still at his peak. He’d have played til 40. Doctors told him he should quit. He discussed it with his wife, and made the best decision for himself.

      • californy

        You would think JG would be the ideal man for the job, his dad was a head coach, scout and recruiter to the place he coached, but this didnt translate to his son especially Jason Garrett. The 2008 draft there are currently no starter despite having 2 1st round draft picks. Eventhough Felix is starting, he really the back up to Murray, Michael Jenkins is pretty much out the door. Of the players starting of the 2008 draft it only Walden and Marty Bennett and they play for another team. This was Judd Garrett first draft. In fairness to him I say the 2009 draft was his first he had a whole year to prepair for this one, and that one was one of the worst draft in Cowboy history, Victor Butler is the last guy left in that draft and in all this time he has yet to start for us. It about 4 years when these player should start getting their extention and I dont see any player worth the bother to extending in thse two draft. Dont think JG had nothing to do with these draft, he had more influence than people think. JG was the key coach who had TO contract terminated when he called out his play calling, despite him being Phillips assistant. TO was right about him years in advance. JG offensive play calling lack creativity and most defences are in tune to it predicticability to it. I also believe he was the one who forced Ray Sherman WR coached out. We have yet to develope Dez as a result of this also. Word has it that JG has more influence here in Dallas and during his short time his team record is one of 16-16. JG made the decision to fire all Pro Leonard Davis, Flozell Adams, Gurode and non Probowl player Kozier, CoLumbo (1st rd Pick) and Kozier. He has since replaced them with scrubs Living, McKensie, Arkins, Parnell, Leary, Cook and Costa. It shouldnt take more than two years to develope these player, if they havent develope it has more to do with the player than the coaches. I am not blaming JG exclusively, I blame JJ a whole lot more.

  • disqus_bYmUOv9koS

    Larry Allen was drafted by Jerry Jones. Jimmy Johnson was gone by then.

    • Cowgirlcas22

      Larry was a player that Jimmy had scouted. He had him on his radar with every intention of acquiring him, however, he couldn’t deal with JJ anymore and wanted to spend more time with his family and left the Cowboys. It’s just like Jimmy making the Casillas trade and JJ going to the press and saying I made the Casillas trade.

      • Michael Valentino

        Jimmy definitely wanted Tony Casillas. He also brought in Miami guys like Jimmie Jones and, obviously, no. 1 pick Russell Maryland. Back then, I wondered, “Why get Casillas?” He was a solid player, no doubt, but the Cowboys had Danny Noonan, up to that time, the best defensive lineman in Nebraska history. Landry saw Noonan as the next Randy White. After a very promising rookie season, Noonan dropped off significantly. Bringing Casillas in – and drafting Leon Lett (a very solid DT in the Cowboys eight-man rotation) were great moves by Johnson, not Jerry. NO doubt had Johnson stayed and kept the team in line (including RT Erik Williams), the Cowboys would have won home field and beaten SF in ’94 and would have won 4 consecutive SBs. That would’ve cemented them as the single greatest dynasty in NFL history, bar none. My stomach sank when Jimmy Johnson said he was leaving. And the Cowboys in ’93 had Larry Allen on their radar. When Jimmy got Erik Williams, Buddy Ryan (no lover of the Cowboys) called it, “the steal of the draft.” Oh, for the days when the Cowboys knew how to draft blue chip talent along the O-line. I’m really sick and tired of reminiscing.

  • californy

    I have read numberous articles that said the Cowboys in the 1990 only ran 7 plays, I dont know how true that is but the key to running those play was in how they were executed. In today world a QB may have to learn up to 100 plays and many carry those plays on a wrist band. But what good are those plays when they are not executed because you have player who dont know or dont have the capability to run the plays correctly. The key to being a good football team is to being in the right place at the right time, this best can be done when the player are in the best condition and understand their role in the whole process. In the Landry and Jimmy Years when a player went down in a game, the new player step in and without much drop in production pick up his game and the boys seldom lost much in production.
    In today world, the players we have are not really starting material on this football team. There is no way you are going to convince me the New OL are better than the player we had with Kozier and Holland last year. The upgrade happen with a 30 million dollar investment into these two player, This move was not cost effective we could of had better and cheaper talent in the first two rounds of the NFL draft.
    JG and JJ lack so much in football matter, despite both having spent most of the career life in the business, In JJ post SB record, this team is bellow 500 in winning percentage, and this team has had huge cap hits every year and with no depth at all. JJ has already mortage this team future years to come with player who wont finish their career in Dallas. It many w

  • californy

    (continue) way JJ has lower this team standards because he has not able to compete as it team GM and JG as this team HC. It doesnt take 5 years from going from the worst to first in this league. The Colts are just the latest example of what good drafting would do for a team, with a 6-3 records, it is my belief if the Colts win 4 of the next 7 games this team will be in the play off guarantee. The boys will be lucky just to get to 8-8 this year with no play off in it future.

    • bwall

      Do you see something wrong here. The colts lose Manning, and stink for ONE year and get a good QB, and now in playoff hunt, and dallas has been mediocre for 17 years after Aikman? I think that is a major problem, how this team cannot be competitive for the playoffs in the day of FA, good players in the draft. I think it is pathetic and a directly reflection the GM of this team

      • californy

        It doesnt take a number 1 pick in the draft to turn things around. Pittsburg is in a major rebulding year, they have two new starting OL despite losing their top Pick Decastro this year. They also have some new player on the defensive side of the ball contributing and have two of NFL top young WR of which one was drafted in the middle round and the other going undrafted. They are developing their third WR and I could be wrong he was also undrafted also, he is from SMU, the same college as Beasley. Remember Indy is doing all of this with a head coach who has already missed half the season. A HC really is only as good as his assistants and Indy is play off bound this year in just one year. JJ can even get it right in 17 years he has been rebuilding this team.

  • ‘mericas_team2012

    Much like Beasley, last season there was a fella here who caught every pass thrown his way but still failed to get any recognition and never even seemed to be in consideration to keep around as that “3rd” receiver. I havent kept up with him this season to see how hes doing with Tom Brady as his QB but im guessing with the depth there he prolly doesnt see to many passes. For those of you who havent figured it out yet im referring to Jesse Holley. Holley should have been on the must keep list especially since they knew they werent going to pay Robinson what he was going to demand.

    • Cowgirlcas22

      I was pleading the same case last year for Holley as I am pleading for Beasley this year. However, I think Beasley is a better player. Obviously JG has some fear of change, or just a pure inability to evaluate talent. Unfortunately Holley ended up cut in NE before he really ever got a chance to prove himself because they had injuries at other positions and had 2 starting OL (Light and Waters) retire so they needed depth at other positions. Yes they were loaded with depth at receiver there.

  • osnappp

    After we lose to the eagles in the last minute by more mismanagement, everybody will want Garrett’s head. I propose we let Garrett ruin the season. Get a high draft pick. Trade it down for OL and DL. And hire CHIP KELLY. Chip and R. Ryan could do amazing things. The only way for this team to get better is to change the leadership and install some fear. Give Chip total personnel power in his contract and mold a winner. JJ will have no choice if he wants to quit being a loser.

    • Cowgirlcas22

      as much as I hate to admit it, history shows that Reid not only has Garretts’ number, but no matter how bad the sheagles are playing, they play like it’s the superbowl against Dallas. I have a bad feeling about this game too.

  • bwall

    I heard Lakers fired the coach after just 5 games of a 82 game schedule, and this after the team officials publically backing the coach. So coaches be aware public comments made by team officials on your status MEANS NOTHING. If dallas loses most of their remaining games, and finish worse than 7-9. JJ may ahve no choice but to seek another coach, the careers of the key core players are ticking to an end before an complete rebuild is a must. This team cannot afford to wait for garrett to figure it out with on the job traiing.

    • Cowgirlcas22

      Winning organizations like the Lakers run off of accountability. That’s the main thing lacking in Dallas. I look at what Harbaugh has done in SF and ask myself how can JJ not see that even when they were 6-10 the same yr we were, a hard nosed coach can come in and take the same core of players to the championship in a lockout season when he had to install a completely new system? JG had already been in Dal and his system was implemented. It amazes me that dez and Ogletree have been in a system for a few yrs and can’t execute it as well as Harbaughs’ players did learning in a shortened offseason. obviously the players are not responding to JG’s method of coaching or he just can’t teach it properly.

      • Michael Valentino

        In ’94, under Switzer, Dez would not have been as held accountable as he has been under Garrett. In ’92-’93, under Johnson, Dez might have worn out his welcome in Dallas, all his physical talent notwithstanding. Jimmy held his players accountable. They produced. With Jimmy at the helm, there is no way that team would’ve unraveled during the first 8 mins of the NFC championship in Candlestick; and there is no way Seifert would’ve beaten the Cowboys to advance to the SB that year. It would have been four straight SB wins if Jimmy stayed.

  • boysteamusa

    Bravo Cas! And Bravo Jimmy Johnson!!! These things need to be said. Ive spoken repeatedly about how secure these players feel in their positions….JJ is loyal to a fault. He finally started dumping some guys last year and still refused to be more thorough about it. What do these guys have to be afraid of? If they loose, oh well! The coaches will explain it away. There is always next time…we’ll get em then…process crap. That’s their mentality. So sick of this mess.

    • Cowgirlcas22

      I have been sick of it for a long time. Parcells almost had jerrys mess cleaned up when he walked

  • Andre

    No need to analyze it that much…Jerry’s system of running this team is the root of the problem – very mediocre results year after year speak for them selves. This will not change; Jerry cares about the Cowboys Brand more than he cares about Cowboys Football. The brand is fading, and the fans will stop buying (see RAIDERS).

    • Cowgirlcas22

      I agree

  • David Jordan

    Jason Garrett reminds me of Mike Shula when he was the head coach at
    Alabama. Nice guys but can’t produce. Jerry needs to be the owner and
    quit playing general manager. He owes all those rings to Jimmy Johnson.
    Cowboys have never been the same since he left. Cowboys don;t start
    winning there are gonna be a lot of empty seats at Jerry World.

    • Cowgirlcas22

      I think empty seats is the only thing that will ever get his attention

  • ctcowboy1968

    Ride on COWGIRLCAS! Everything you wrote is 100% right on. The homers and JJ Kool Aid drinkers won’t agree, but they aren’t smart enough to understand. I have written since day 1 that JG is an idiot and unqualified to be a coach. Why don’t we run the no huddle offense? Because JG can’t decide what play to run in less than 30 seconds! KO has a moment here and there, but that is not starter quality. Play Harris and Beasley. They hussle every play and show determination unlike any other WR we have.
    Bottom line is that when the Cowboys win it is inspite of JG poor play calling. He never learns from past mistakes or during the game. Fire him.

  • Juanito Juanito

    thats why the cowboys have 5 super bowl rings since 1996, and all the coaches and players came to cowboys stadium for advice of football operations with jerry jones who said sorry for the fans but this crap do not end soon

    • Cowgirlcas22

      lol thank you for adding a lil humor to such a depressing subject.

  • Standfirm66

    once again, another great article Cas.

  • Tom Salagaj

    My “broken record” comments are finally starting to get some backup. I am so glad that Jimmy Johnson confirmed what I’ve been saying for a long time. The Dallas Cowboys franchise cannot have a puppet coach AND an arrogant, prideful owner who wants all the headlines. So as much as it pains me, I hope the Cowboys lose out in order to make changes come flowing out of that Billion Dollar stadium. Should have been wins and even a 6th Super Bowl. But no…strong “in control” coach, owner who keeps his mouth shut, and a general manager who will back the strong coach. Not in my lifetime, I suspect. I look at Atlanta, Houston, New England, and San Francisco and wonder…what might have been with the players we are just wasting. I also wonder how in the Sam Hill Danny Amendola was released and Cole Beasley is not used. Is he the next to get canned? How sad a state this franchise is in. Sickening.