Jerry Jones: Cowboy Fans Are Speaking Out!

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Tommy, from Seattle:

Well, at this point the Dallas Cowboys should get their best pass blockers ready and prepare to rely on the passing game. Since, understandably, the defense will be a work in progress, much like the offensive line this year. You have to protect Tony and give him some smart route runners. I believe in the coaches in Dallas, but we will see what the Cowboys are made of in these next couple of games.

Oct 1, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Chicago Bears receiver Brandon Marshall (15) makes a catch against Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr (39) at Dallas Cowboys Stadium. The Bears beat the Cowboys 34-18. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Gio in California:

Dear Jerry Jones, the life of a Dallas Cowboys General Manager must be really hard these days, you just invested $80 million dollars and will not get one extra win because of it.  The team is in salary-cap trouble for the next couple of years, it has no depth, and real change is needed at all levels of this franchise. As a fan, we can not do anything but sit back and watch. As this teams Owner and GM, you have the power to change these things IF  you really want to. Please Jerry we are depending on you. You are our only hope for the Cowboys to return to greatness. Don’t you want to retire as the NFL’s best GM ever? This still can happen if you remove this coach and hire someone with the energy and enthusiasm to see this team back to it’s former greatness. There are two candidates who I believe can do this. The first one is Sean Payton, and the second is Jon Gruden. Please pay them what they are worth, if that means making them the highest paid coaches in the NFL, then do it.

Mr. Jones, you must also do your part and let go of the Dallas Cowboys GM position for one year.  Sit down there with the new coach and create a 5 year plan on how to bring the boys back to a workable cap. I don’t believe the positive change will take the 5 years for us to reach. One good draft and another year for development should be the key to getting this team back on track. The 78 million dollars worth of cap space used to pay only 7 players must be addressed in the first year. You can’t change everything in one year. The cap number will kill this team, but I do believe we can handle 1/3 of the cap hits with the right decisions if the Cowboys trading certain players away for draft picks. I believe this change along with bringing some nasty players who are aggressive on the field will bring back the fans who strayed away from the Star.

The rest is up to you JJ, do we continue on this same path or do we start the climb to the pinnacle of the mountain called Super bowl champions?

Andrew Smith in Canada:

How do I begin to express my displeasure with how you have tarnished the STAR of this once proud franchise? How could you possibly bring in scrubs like Mackenzy Bernadeau and Nate Livings as offensive lineman and still expect to contend for anything? Basically those two were castoffs that nobody wanted. You need to do better scouting and drafting to find lineman that can protect your number one asset in Tony Romo. Jerry, how can you stand by a Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator like Jason Garrett? Jason Garrett has this team unprepared to play week after week. They get off to sluggish/lackluster starts. It’s like they have no game plan coming in. Jerry, how can you sit back and watch this Jason Garrett coached team commit the same penalties week in and week out? They are obviously not learning anything from Garrett or even listening to him because if they were listening to him these penalties wouldn’t keep happening. Jerry, we need a Head Coach with some fire and energy. A head coach who doesn’t look lost on the sidelines. A Head Coach that doesn’t have time management issues, be it losing the game out in Baltimore with a little pass to Dez that went nowhere which made for a difficult field goal for Dan Bailey, or the game in Atlanta when he used his time outs way too prematurely. Jerry, how can you constantly go gung ho and give lucrative contracts to Gerald Sensabaugh and Orlando Scandrick, putting this team deeper in to cap hell, so when you need a free agent you are unable to get anyone that is of quality?

Dear Jerry Jones, My name is Daniel Carpency and my profile name is King Cobra. I am 19 years old and am a freshman at San Jacinto Community College in Pasadena, Texas which is near Houston. I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan since I was 6 years old. There are parts of the team’s operating with which I am displeased. Jason Garrett is a terrible coach. Please fire him and replace him with a real coach such as Bill Cowher, Sean Payton, etc. that knows how to enforce discipline like Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells could. The Cowboys are committing way too many penalties, particularly Doug Free, and its costing us games. Please get a new offensive coordinator such as Tony Sparano or Mac Brown or some one that can at least call plays better than Garrett, or allow Romo to call the plays so that we can make use of our offensive power.

Please get a new offensive line, put Tyron Smith back to RT, and get rid of Doug Free.

Please hire a new Special Teams coach because we are doing a terrible job in the kick return game. Please bring in more defensive linemen with a mean streak because our defensive line, except Jay Ratliff, needs help. Finally, please hire a defensive line and offensive line coach that can get our offensive line to have a killer-instinct inside them. Thank you, Daniel Carpency.

C. Joseph Wright, SportDFW:

First, you deserved to be thanked for the three Super Bowls in the 90s; those where some of the happiest times of my life. The problem is that I have been waiting far too long for similar glory. I presume that it is foolish, if not offensive, to ask you to fire yourself as the General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys, so I won’t.

I will ask you to review the following football axioms and find some way to ensure that every aspect of the Dallas Cowboys organization is based around adhering to these principles:

1. NFL football games are usually won and lost in the trenches. You can not have a competitive football for very long if you neglect the offensive and/or defensive lines.

2. Protect your investments and best player. It is Tony Romo.

3. Signing high priced free agents, despite being a short term fix that increases revenue, is never a good substitute for solid drafting. If you have to sign too many expensive free agents, then some of your scouts and draft people need to be fired.

4. You have the money, make sure you have the most and the best scouts in the country so that you can draft better.

5. Successful football teams that win multiple Championships are rarely centered on having a bunch of star players. You build a perennial successful football clubs, not by paying for high-priced stars, but by making sure that you have depth and that every player is solid (even if he is not a star or Pro-Bowler). You do not need great players. You need solid players at every position with depth.

6. Like in all organizations, it is imperative that all employees are held accountable for their performance.

7. Competition, at all levels, is also a prerequisite for success in any industry.

8. Find a Head Coach and then staff the entire organization with people who will insist that every aspect of team life will be subjected to competition and every player will be held accountable for his behavior (both on and off the field).

As you can see Mr. Jones, all of the fans are pretty much seeing the same flaws in your organization. My question is: When are you going to recognize it? More importantly, when are you going to do something about it?

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SportDFW would like to express our sincere thanks to all the Dallas Cowboys’ fans who contributed to this post. We salute you, the Cowboy Nation.

SportDFW would also like to thank CowgirlCas for organizing this attempt to gather Dallas Cowboys fans together.

If you have something that you would like to say to Dallas Cowboys owner and GM Jerry Jones, please send it to CowgirlCas, and she may include it in a future post.

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  • Dallas3026

    Scott, I agreed with a lot of what you said. I found it interesting, on a plethora of levels, that you suggested that the GM to lead the Cowboys back to greatness could be a woman. Was that political correctness, an attempt to impress the ladies, or a genuine openness to wise use of resources? I remember when they used to talk about how long before the NFL would have a black Head Coach or GM, do you see women advancing that far in the NFL anytime in the near future?

    • Cowgirlcas22

      I dont see any reason why one of us couldn’t do it. in fact some of the most successful companies in the world have a woman as a general manager or even a CEO

      • Dallas3026

        If you look at the Fortune 500 companies, women have never accounted for more than 4% of the CEOs. I am not saying it right or good – we also need more non-whites on the Supreme Court, but the question remains: how far are we from a world where a woman could be a coach, never mind a GM, in the NFL? Or maybe it would be easier for a woman to be a GM than a coach, I don’t know.

        • Cowgirlcas22

          Well it’s already to a point where High Schools have been forced to let girls participate in the football program. In fact there is star RB here in Fl that is a female lol

  • californy

    Nice article Cowgirlcas, my hat goes out to you for a job well done. I assume Tom Landy hat would come off to should he have been with us today. The Cowboys star once stood for greatness, and a symbol of doing something right. It hard to believe that Tom Landry had 20 winning season in a row, all we are left from Tom are the wonderful memories and his legacy and JJ leagacy of 500 ball for 17 season in a row. As a Cowboy fan we must watch other team reach their dream again in January and raise that trophy hight above there head for a job well done.

    • Cowgirlcas22

      thank you

    • ctcowboy1968

      We had the greatest team of all time in the mid 90′s with Jimmie Johnson and it seemed like the players weren’t doing anything “right” off the field. At this point, I think I would take that again just to see the Boys win on the field consistently.

  • bwall

    Great article. Maybe, just maybe jerry sees this as a wake up call, along with the petition filed to the white house, that us fans are sick and tired of mediocrity.

    • Cowgirlcas22

      preach it Bwall

  • boysteamusa

    Jerry is not listening. The Dallas Cowboys are his personal play toy. If he wants to spend several picks on a worn out WR he does so and accounts to no one. If he wants to fill the entire O-Line of scrubs and rejects then he does so. If he wants to train and raise his own HC and put him as the HC of the Dallas Cowboy then he’ll do just that. Meanwhile the New York football Giants are making a run for their 3rd SB victory as the division no longer has a competitor thanks to what’s occurred in Dallas. It’s not America’s Team its Jerry’s.

    • boysteamusa

      I did mean 3rd SB victory since this nonsense going on in Jerryworld. Parcell’s victories with the Giants are different. They clearly were the better team. As for whats happened from 2007 on…management pretty much took Dallas out of the running imo……so the Giants have their 4 rings….but the last 2 and what might happen this year are inexcusible in my eyes….as the Cowboys were set up for failure from the start

    • Cowgirlcas22

      very good points, Until the fans step up and stop handing him their money it will continue. The only way to get JJ’s attention is to hit him where it hurts which is his wallet. Once he starts seeing a bunch of empty seats it will sink in.

  • Jbbravo

    They took the petition down what’s up with that?

    • Cowgirlcas22

      Jerry has friends in high places he has GW over for bourbon and he sits in his box with him for games.

  • Cody Moser

    It’s a good article but my only thing is, isn’t it a little redundant? You can listen to fans, espn, sports radio anything and they’ll say Jerry needs to do this and that and needs to relinquish power to a gm and all of that is true the only problem is it isn’t going to happen. I’m always left wondering why it always comes up like if we talk about it enough he’ll do it. I’m not trying to rag your article I’m just honestly curious why people continually talk about it like it’s something that will happen

    • Cowgirlcas22

      it’s more so a way for the fans to vent. We all know JJ isn’t going anywhere, but we also know if JJ gets enough heat from the fans he will fire a coach!

    • californy

      JJ is 70 years old, he wont be here for ever. JJ is not the Dallas Cowboys he never was. He just the current owner, nothing that JJ has done in the last 17 years has made the Dallas Cowboys organization better. The only thing JJ has done is tarnish the star and provide us with the future Caps hits years to come. As fans we cant fire JJ we get that nor does the article says he going to do that. It just an article that give fans a place to vent our dissatisfaction with the state of the Cowboys.

  • ctcowboy1968

    We are all behind you Cowgirlcas22. Unfortunately, as you stated, this is only venting for the fans. boysteamusa is also correct that JJ only does what he wants. Wealth does not make one smart and ego only makes one blind.
    This team win in spite of JJ and JG. IMO, any fan with good football knowledge could achieve better than both of them.
    Cowgirl, the letters you submitted above are to kind. Reality is a lot worse than that.

    • Cowgirlcas22

      good points ctcowboy thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  • bluensilverallday

    What a stupid article, thank god they dont pay you to write this crap. Why don’t you learn about football before you write crap about the sport and especially about the number one sports franchise in the world, ALL because of the guy your attacking, idiot. Some stupid chick that thinks she understands more than anyone how to run a nfl franchise lol gees loser!

    • Cowgirlcas22

      thank you! My haters make me famous :D

  • bluensilverallday

    and to imply that you mingle with the lowly fans since you think your so high and mighty really shows how sold on you that you are, but your the only one that for sure i notice you dont get but about 20 people reading your articles lol that says it all doesnt it?

    • Al

      damn dude try taking a xanex or something. This chic is cool. Smart too. What happened did she shoot you down for a date or something? peeps all over face book and twitter post links to her articles all the time. I even saw her posted on sports illustrateds web site. I think she knows more about football than any chic writer I ever read. My advise is if you have issues with her don’t come here. We all like her work.

  • Guest

    jerry you have ruined the dallas cowgirls forever-you are so greety and do even know how to win anymore!!!!