Tony Romo Needs To Man Up To Jason Garrett.

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As I watch the Dallas Cowboys week after week putting up a ton of yards only to fail to get into the endzone, multiple 3 and outs, and Tony running for his life, it’s obvious to me that the offensive scheme merits most of the blame. It’s time for Tony Romo to man up to Jason Garrett and demand that he revamp the offense to protect the QB better.

Nov 22, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett during the game against the Washington Redskins during a game on Thanksgiving at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Lombardi said it best on the NFL Network. “The Dallas Cowboys’ (Garrett’s) offense puts me to sleep.” I have to agree. They are 32nd in rushing, 26th in the red zone, and 18th in points; as a whole, the team is 31st in penalties. Let’s face it, Garrets’  Coryell Offense is outdated.  Norv Turner, even though a better play caller, is also struggling with it, and he’s probably on his way out of San Diego as a result. There is miles of tape on this system and Garrett has made no significant changes . Why do you think that is? I’ll tell you why. Jason Garrett isn’t the genius everyone thinks he is. Nope, he is a guy that learned another person’s offense, kept the play book and has no idea how to scheme it any differently. (Other coaches have taken an older system like Bill Walsh’s and altered it to fit the strengths of their particular team. An updated version so to speak.)  This is why Garrett always lines the Dallas Cowboys up in the same formations and runs the same plays.

When he was asked why he doesn’t make any changes (about a month ago) the response was:

“I think in general you have to be careful of change for changes sake, he said. You have to be convicted about what you believe in.”

Well, there you have it people. The New England patriots have had 11 consecutive winning seasons and look like a lock for the playoffs again this year. In the time that Jason Garrett has been the Offensive Coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys, the NE Patriots have changed the way their offensive system is run 3 times. In order for a system to be successful, it has to attack defenses with stuff they haven’t seen before. Tom Landry came with different looks and formations all the time, and he also included the occasional gadget play when the defense least expected it.. This is why he was called the “Great Innovator”. He not only designed his own offense, but his own defense as well. It has been said that once he mastered his defensive scheme, he then designed an offense to score on it. The best title I can come up with for Jason Garrett is the “great plagiarizer”. It appears as though he’s stuck with someone else’s play book and has no clue how to scheme his own offense.

Personally, I prefer a variation of the  Bill Walsh style West Coast Offense  my dad uses. There are a lot of different formations that not only confuse defenses, but allow the quarterback to get rid of the ball quicker. Dan Fouts pretty much put the Air Coryell Offense on the map with his deadly aerial attack. The two main things you need for this offense to be successful is an offensive line loaded with guys who are efficient as run blockers and pass protectors and a solid red zone running game. The reason being, the Coryell offense is made up of a lot of deep vertical routes that take time to develop down the field. However, without a solid ground attack it stalls when you get in to the red zone. Not surprisingly, this is where The Cowboys have struggled the most. (26th in the NFL in the red zone.)

Jason Garrett needs to realize that he isn’t coaching the 90′s Dallas Cowboys team with 5 All Pro offensive linemen in front of the QB. A line that was good enough that they could line up the same way every time, pound Emmitt on the ground and attack with the deep vertical routes out of the play action. They could look at the opposing teams defense and say, “This is what we are going to do, stop us if you can.”

Jason Garrett needs to realize he doesn’t have a Larry Allen or a Nate Newton. He can’t big boy opposing defensive lines. This is where scheme comes in to play. Jason needs to learn to attack the defenses with quick short passes. Romo should be able to take 3 steps back and release the ball  immediately.

Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints was blessed with a coach like Sean Payton who schemes an offense, so the QB doesn’t have to hold the ball long. He utilizes his small, quick, shifty guy (Darren Sproles) underneath giving Drew Brees a quick release option. I included a picture of my dad’s running back route tree below. As you can see, there are a variety of ways the RB can attack the defense out of the back field. This makes defenses think twice about sending too many guys on a blitz.


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  • californy

    First of all great Article Cowgirlcas. Yeah it very obvious to me JG is a clueless OC. In JG first year Baltimore Raven Great LB said that Dallas Game plan was so vanilla they knew the plays before they even developed. Then they bring in MR Vanilla himself in Callaghan who is more vanilla than JG in Offensive line scheme. He ran the same plays in the Super Bowl his former Head Coach had his game plan to winning the game because Callaghan never changed his offence.
    I agree with moving Beasley around. I to see his stregth more as a runner than as pass catcher. Putting Beasley trying to beat Press coverage is not the way to best utilize his strength, he lack the physical part of his game right now.
    Washington Kyle Shanaghan is one of those great OC who is putting his player in a position to used their stregth. RG3 may not have the greatest stats in the world but he play him to his streghth and effiecient at what he does best. There not to many QB who run the option in the NFL, and Rg3 is one of them. Shanaghan offence use many of the same option in their formation your dad uses in his. It too bad JG doesnt give the boys much option other than kicking of FG.
    The defence coordnator greatest fear on Romo is when he get outside of the pocket. So they want to keep him in the pocket. In some ways I believe the wide 9 (Philly Defence) is a way of keeping Romo in the pocket. That why Philly has had great sucess against Romo until this year when they abandon it.
    Part of JG lack of sucess has come along his ability or lack of ability in player evaluation. He and JJ made the wrong selection in personnel when selecting the OL the last two years in a row. Murray in games started is averaging half of the yardage he got last year. Dallas doesnt even know how to use their FB in this offence. The Cowboys offence bearly ran their first balance attack last week when they ran 33 times to 27 times passing. This is an improvement from the 62 times passing to 11 times running from previous game. I dont see Romo having a long career here in Dallas something has to change, either he does in another direction or JG does here in Dallas

    • Cowgirlcas22

      Thank You Californy you make some good points.

    • boysteamusa

      JG is definitely learning on the job. The offense does put you to sleep. Nor do I think he will or knows how to change things up. That means a new mind meaning OC needs to be introduced to the mix. Romo appears to me to be letting Jerry and JG do as they please concerning the O-Line. He did tell them they had gotten to light up front on the O-Line but they just went out and got 2 scrub OGs.

  • californy

    typo “does” should be “goes” at the end of the Blog

  • californy

    On a side note JG can learn better offensive schemes if her studies Boise State, Seatle, SF, & NE offensive Schemes

    • Cowgirlcas22

      my dad has studied a lot of Boise,

  • Jbbravo

    If I am stuck with Garrett another season I hope someone gets him a real OC. Garrett’s play calling has drive me nutts all season. I will admit I am no OC but I even can tell how stupid some of his plays are time and time again. There is just some of his plays that don’t make any since.

    • Cowgirlcas22

      amen to that we got another lucky win Cin had wayyyyy too many drops.

  • jfiorella

    I think jason would be better off as just the head coach and not as a playcaller. I think garrett has great leadership traits and an eye for talent.

    • Cowgirlcas22

      I honestly feel like Jason needs to serve his time in the college ranks or under a seasoned veteran coach for a while. At the NFL level you can’t try and learn on the job. His lack of experience is causing him to make crucial mistakes that he would have learned not to make had he served in another capacity. I honestly believe he lacks the fire and leadership skills required at the NFL level. I also believe he was a career back up at QB, not because of his mechanics, but because he lacked the necessary leadership skills. It takes more than carrying Aikmans clip board and a degree from Princeton to qualify someone as a head coach in the NFL. The running game and offense as a whole has been on a steady decline since he took over as the offensive coordinator as well. Don’t get me started on the increase in penalties and mental mistakes by undisciplined players. This falls on the coach. Like Jimmy said, “It’s a country club and everyone is buddies. There has to be some accountability and there is none.”

  • boysteamusa

    Until I see a decent O-Line and a power rb in the backfield to compliment Murray I dont expect to see anything change on this offense. Just hope they keep playing Harris, Beasley, and Hanna so we can see what we got. Alfred Morris and Bryce Brown are eating up yards in the NFL and they are 6th/7th rd picks. We get Felix in the 1st and OY!! unbelievable

    • Cowgirlcas22

      I agree arian foster was undrafted.My sleeper RB Ronnel Scott was the power back they needed and they cut him. Of course the NYG picked him up right away. I am pretty sure we will see him emerge there. I have to say this is probably the worst OL in Cowboys history, but I still contend that there are things JG can do scheme wise to make up for it enough to move the ball better and take some of the heat off of Romo.