Cowboys Rob Ryan Is Getting A Raw Deal

I have said this before and I will say it again: I started covering the Dallas Cowboys because someone needed to report the truth. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. As much as I love the Dallas Cowboys, I will remain objective. Love me or hate me, I will never flip flop on my opinions or my evaluations. I have to say that due to the ignorance of both the talking heads of the media and fans alike, Dallas Cowboys Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan is getting a raw deal.

It amazes me how soon people forget that Rob Ryan had the Cowboys defense ranked #1 in the NFL before all of the injuries started piling up. I would like to see any Defensive Coordinator in the NFL accomplish what he has scheme wise, with a bunch of 3rd string players on the field. Yes Cowboys fans, that is what Rob Ryan has been trying to play defense with: street free agents and at some positions 3rd string players from the practice squad.

First, the Dallas Cowboys lost their two starting inside LB’s Sean Lee (arguably the most important player on the defense) and Bruce Carter. Then they lost backup LB’s Orie Lemon and Caleb Mcsurdy. Veteran LB Dan Connor has been dealing with nagging injuries. Rob Ryan’s defense has also lost starting safety Barry Church, slot CB Orlando Scandrick,( in the 2nd half of the Bengals game they lost starting CB Morris Claiborne), and the 1st and 2nd string Nose Tackles, Jay Ratliff and Josh Brent. OLB’s Demarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer are playing banged up. The Dallas Cowboys defense has also lost starting DE Kenyon Coleman and back up DT Ben Bass for the year due to injury. In spite of all these injuries and the consequent need to fill spots with new players that don’t know his system, Rob Ryan’s defense still managed to not only hold a good team like Cincinnati to 19 pts, but keep the Cowboys defense 11th in the NFL for total defense (they were 26th before he came here when healthy). The Dallas Cowboys defense is currently 8th against the pass, and 16th against the run.

If you want to criticize or blame anyone, it should be the Dallas Cowboys Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett because, even with most of his starters healthy, the Cowboys offense is 26th in red zone scoring, 16th in points and 31st running the ball. Without Romos’ escape ability and arm this team would be dead in the water. As a result of Romo’s magician-like athleticism, the Cowboys are 3rd in pass yards. At least have something to base your argument on if you are going to bash a coach. As far as the penalty against Rob Ryan for unsportsmanlike conduct against the Bengals, it was a crappy call. I like a coach who isn’t afraid to defend his players and show some type of emotion during a game, unlike Garrett who sits on the side lines like a mannequin. I don’t know what people expect, but all the best coaches were never afraid to give a referee or a player a piece of their mind. Especially when their player was in the right. I would expect nothing less. Number 71 Andre Smith was repeatedly getting away with holds. As I said in my opening sentence:

“You Can Love Me Or Hate ME, but I am always going to give credit where credit is due, and criticism where criticism is due. However, when doing so, I will present some facts to base it on.”

The idea of bashing/blaming a QB who is the heart and soul of an underachieving penalty laden offense and a guy who is constantly running for his life, yet manages to have the Dallas Cowboys 3rd in the entire NFL in passing, is ludicrous. Tony Romo is doing his job. You need to look at the players around him to see who is not doing their job. The same goes for Rob Ryan. He has kept the Dallas Cowboys defense at the top of the NFL in spite of having 7 of his starters sidelined and having to insert free agents off of the street who haven’t even had a full week to learn the defense. Your entitled to your opinion, but I will say this:

If anything at all, The Dallas Cowboys’ Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan, is deserving of a defensive coach of the year award! Enough said.

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  • californy

    I be honest I was really excited about RR coming to Dallas but at the same time I have been dissapointed about the net result. I am not here to blame RR, but it seem to me even with the healthy player at the beginning of the year, we still dont have the right personnel. I have follow RR for a while and it seem to be he always had a defence who D line put up big numbers. This defence because of injury has not done that at all. At one point Lisemore was on pace for 88 tackles per season, but injury cut his rotal almost in half. Brent seem to dissapear when Lisemore was gone. Coleman never got the 60 plus tackles I was expecting out of him when he came from Cleveland. Even to some extent Ware number have not increase in tackles amount. I am bias to alot of tackles, the top Pro Bowl players tend to have high tackle amounts. Tackles are not all the story to the defence I get that, but it does show me the ability of the player to make some when needed.. I dont know wht maybe because of injury the boy have went to a zone defence. The Zone defence doesn not work at all. The depth and injuries have been a liability to the boys all season long.
    I agree with you. It still comes down to the player this team has that makes them a good team. The boy to me lack in player evaluation, they just dont have the right players to become a better defensive team. The last 5 week the boys have gone from the 5th best now to the 11 best defence in the league. Cowboy DB are now nothing no more than a back stop. The DB coverage is very poor and most team makes the plays in front of our players. I cant help but notice some of the young player in the league who are having great sucess, especially on the defensive side of the ball. LaVonte David,Jerrel Freemon, Bobby Wagner and even Vontae Burflict have gotten my attention this year in the tackle department. Burflict and Freemon are two undrafted player and they both are and will be over 100 tackles for this season. Then when ypu look at the CB position, Carr was an upgrade but when you look at his number more closely he really is not. I dont have the stats and Ranking but Newman actually has better number than Carr on the season and Newman only makes a fraction of what he makes. When you look at available FA in 2012, Cortland Finnegan has better number than both Carr and Claiborne combined, and he is much better Cover guy in the process also. Tyvon Branch has more tackle sthan both our players as well. There are player like Reshard Jones safety we could of had as 4-5 rd picks a couple of season ago, who have better number than the players we have in Dallas at a fraction of a cost. I wanted a player in Dennard (33 Tackles and 3 interception in 6 Games) taken by NE in the 7th rd wgo will have better number at the end of the year than Claiborne (40 Tackles & 1 interception) will have as a first rd draft pick. He is a much better CB also. Yup it all goes back to JJ and JG poor player evaluation, and slecting poor condition athletes in this year draft

    • boysteamusa

      The D-Line has been a bit of a disappointment for me too. It’s more to do with players they dont wanna get rid of

      • californy

        Yeah Spears doesnt fit in this team defence they talk about his ability as a run stopper yet he doesnt register any real tackle amount to say he a good player. Spears doesnt offer anything in the passing game at all. He is taking valuable money in getting a better pass rusher. Spear is being paid like a 1st rd draft picks and his number dont even average 30 tackles per season.

        • Gilberto Rosas

          are you British? “defense”

        • Juanito Juanito

          i agree californy, need to be cut

      • Juanito Juanito

        cowboys need a real pass rush from inside defensive line, DT

  • californy

    I want the boys to pick up Kirk Morrison LB who in his first 6 years average over 120 tackles per season. The last two years he hasnt really played. He has expereience playing for RR also

  • jeffhart2472

    You nailed it on the head. How can you blame a guy that is running for his life play after play after play?? A Manning or Brady, as good as they are, would be toast due to their lack of mobility. Dallas needs to cut Free in the offseason and use his cap money for another RT and draft a RT early as well.

    The Defense is so badly wounded, who knows where to start other than just keep getting more depth, especially at DT. Ratliff is not near the player he was and Josh Brent is not that good.

    • Cowgirlcas22

      I would rather they draft a true LT in the 1st round and move Smith back to his natural position of RT.

      • boysteamusa

        here here! get us a OT preferrably an LT

  • Jims23

    Well said. Ryan is the man! I never thought the D was going to be able to hold off the Bengals in that last quarter; held together with some string and glue. But they came through. I was praying that the Bengals did not get the ball back one more time. Credit Romo and Murray for running out the clock.

  • californy

    On another note Steve Brown has been a pleasant surprise for the Giants, this player bounce around the league for years . He is one of the leader in turnovers in the NFL, and he went undrated to. This is the kind of Scouting and player developement we need on defence. The recent players added have been bellow average at best.

  • Jbbravo

    I agree this offense scheme is terrible to watch.

    • boysteamusa


    • Juanito Juanito

      the offense scheme is not the problem, the problem is the play calling

  • Ernesto

    While I do agree with the argument for Ryan, I don’t entirely agree with the argument against Garrett. The O-Line has been riddled with injuries, not to mention Murray missed a good amount of time. Am I saying Garrett is the best fit for the boyz, no. But that is not a fair analysis of him saying his unit has been healthy.

    • Cowgirlcas22

      the only starter on the OL that was lost for more than 1 game was Costa. Murray was short term. Ryan lost 7 starters and some backups. I believe it was more than accurate.

      • Ernesto

        No, Cook and Costa were out at one point, along with Smith. Not to mention the receivers have been banged up and Witten was banged up the beginning of the year. Like I said, I’m not saying he is great, but if criticism is going to be applied it needs to be applied fairly, like “The play calling has been terrible throughout the season” or ” there is not enough discipline on this team”.

        • Cowgirlcas22

          could you post every offensive starter (other than Costa) who is out right now?

          • Ernesto

            Now you are right, I was meaning throughout the season. A lot of the offense is banged up but not out – Bryant, Austin, Jones, Murray (not 100%), Cook, Smith, Livings.

    • Juanito Juanito

      no ernesto, no

  • boysteamusa

    Rob Ryan has done wonders considering all the injuries thats plagued his defense this season. Garrett will probably say not having Costa and Murray hurt him but its clearly more than this bothering the offense. I actually thought the D was pretty good depth wise at the beginning of the season a minus pass rusher

    WE LOVE YA CAS, no hate here…but Im sure there are a few on that takes issue with you enlightening them with the truth even when it hurts. lol
    Will be interesting to see what you and BB come up with for the offense. My jury is still out on BB while I feel he knows his stuff, Im not sure he is not still giving Free to much credit which I have a problem with. Of course he is the expert and Im not but I think Free has been given too many passes and I think BB is starting to see this as well. We need a power RB Cas, keep you eye open for one of these as well. Happy Hunting in finding us some quality players for the trenches. Tell BB I enjoy his know the enemy presentations and how he let’s us know how these two teams playing should math up. I dont understand how so many fans say its nobody’s fault this O-line is consistently jacked up. Somebodies accountable!

    • Cowgirlcas22

      Thank You BTU

      • mvkimme

        smith was never a LT he was a RT in college for a reason…

  • boysteamusa

    Now on the fun side….even though I too love that a coach defends his players and has no problem speaking up……Rob caused us 15 yards…next time…..he should stay on the sidelines and have a donut and cigar. lol…..jk ……I do like the guy alot..he’s definitely a character in his interviews…..and I can only imagine the real him…though he seems pretty much like himself in his interviews too

  • Juanito Juanito

    i agree a lot

  • shewbakka

    not a fan, but Romo still has a lot of potential, he needs better coaching for sure.

  • jwkhutto

    Hmmm. Aikman had Michael Irvin to throw to, Emmitt to hand off to, an offensive
    line that didn’t suck and block like turnstiles, a Daryl Johnston to block for
    Emmitt, a defense that consisted of more than ONE badly banged up All Pro. Romo
    has Ogletree who can’t run routes, a Demarco Murray who can’t stay healthy, a
    Dez Bryant who can’t stay healthy, a defense that can’t stay healthy. Hmm, maybe
    the Cowboys need to fire their strength and conditioning coach, fire Doug Free,
    fire Ogletree, and either fire their GM or at least lock him in a closet for the
    duration of the 2013 NFL draft so he doesn’t eff the draft up again.

  • Dilipan G

    You should hire Juan Castillo as your next defensive coordinator.

    Then we Iggles can take Rob, bring him back home where his dad was a great coach. Either him or Rex, one of these guys needs to come back home. Dallas is not home, fuck Dallas, come back home.

  • Kene GoGo Gorham


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