Jan 30, 1994; Atlanta, GA, USA; FILE PHOTO; Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith (22) is tackled by Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Jeff Wright (91)during Super Bowl XXVIII at the Georgia Dome. Dallas defeated Buffalo 30-13. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

Life as a Rabid Dallas Cowboys' Fan, Part Two

As I explained in Part One, the Dallas Cowboys are a part of my life, in at least some small way, in almost every waking moment. Here are a few more of the things I do in my pursuit of loving the Dallas Cowboys:

  • I have been away from home several times at Christmas. When I send gifts home, I wrap one daughter’s gifts all in metallic blue paper with silver bows and the other’s all in silver paper with dark blue bows. I don’t put any name tags on the gifts. The first year I did this, I got a frantic call from both of them concerned that I had absent-mindedly mixed up their gifts (imagine the drama if one of them had to endure the tragedy of opening something that wasn’t for them). I explained that all of the gifts with blue paper were for one of them, and all the ones in silver were for the other. I told them that I wouldn’t tell them which was which until they figured out the significance of the colors. It only took about 2 minutes for them to figure out. Now they immediately call and blandly ask, “Who is away and who is home?”
  • Before I tell the next story, I want to make one thing very clear: I do not condone violence.  Fighting is for troglodytes and idiots; it is juvenile, immature, and even women of average intelligence find it repulsive.  That being said, the last time I actually got in a fist fight was shortly after the Thanksgiving Day game when the Miami Dolphins beat the Cowboys on the blunder by Leon Lett.  Some Dolphins’0 fan I barely knew kept teasing me and teasing me, even after several warnings.  A few days later we were drinking, he started chirping about the Cowboys again, and eventually it got ugly.  I ended up facing disciplinary action from the school, but I didn’t get expelled, so it was worth it! If I had it to do over again, I would probably just bitch-slap him the first time he said something disrespectful, that would have ended things before they escalated into something worse.
  • I worked as a waiter all through university; I can’t even remember how many different restaurants I work at. I do remember that Sunday is considered a regular working day in the service industry, so I quickly learned that I had to tell them all the same thing during my interview: “I am devoutly religious and therefore can not work Sundays.” This may seem reprehensible to some, but I really do worship the Cowboys, and football is not unlike a religion to me. It is certainly based on blind faith and unconditional devotion.
  • In the days before the NFL Sunday Ticket on cable, I packed up two young kids every Sunday that the Cowboy game wasn’t televised on regular cable and drove from bar to bar, often in the snow, until I found somewhere that was showing the game. I went years without missing the second half of a game.
  • When I was much younger, I had a relationship end because after I was supposed to be ‘listening’ to some out-pouring of her heart and soul, she asked me some extremely important question and all I could come up with was, “What? Pardon me? Sorry. I can’t believe that Chan Gailey just called a draw play on third and 8.”  I still blame her.  Seriously, who tries to have a conversation DURING a game?
  • I once skipped my cousin’s wedding because it was on a Saturday and the Cowboys were playing. In hindsight, I blame him: who is selfish enough to schedule a wedding when there is a Cowboy game on? I regret nothing, even if his wife still holds a grudge.
  • Anyone who has worked with me for more than a short time has inevitably listened to the explanation of why every tough decision or disagreement is ineluctably settled by a thorough consideration of “W.W.C.L.D.?” (What would Coach Landry do?)
  • When I was about 8 or 9 years old, long before the days of satellites and cable sports packages, my parents took us to the same Italian restaurant every Sunday after church. The highlight for me was every week when the owner, Julio, would hand me the remote so I could look for the Cowboys game. Watching the Cowboys, eating pizza, drinking cola with shaved ice, church was over for another week, school was not until the next day – those were the days.

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  • Californy

    I can relate to you way of thinking except to the drinking part.  I to feel passionate about the boys.  I may appear to be a heter at time, but it really my way of really showing my displeasure of the direction this team is going.  There is really no short cuts to being the best.  It first start out with making good business decision, chosing the right personnel to wrork with you, sellecting the right type of player, having the right system to develope these players, having the right people who can evaluate players to fit into your system.  You can not cut short cuts to anythings.  You have to have a time table and have the procedure to make it happen, the needed steps.  This is a daily routinee which must be paid by the hard work, the sweat, the passion and the love for the game to be the very best.  I love football almost like a religion.  I go to church on Saturday as a result of Sunday football.  I to also schedule things around the football schedule.  I just want to make it clear I am not a fan of football, I am a fan of Dalaas Cowboy football.  It sad that our season is over at the end of December.  This is the first season in a while that I began to see other team play.  If the boy are not on that weekend, I dont even turn on the TV.  My passion for football is so high that, I dont even watch TV anymore.  I have seen less than a half hour of tv since the Super Bowl, and I just got a new Satelite package.  This dont mean a thing to me unless I can see the boys play on TV,.

  • Californy

    I see the NFL season as a long race.  let me give you some background to myself.  When I was a kid I went to a new school, and on the first day they had us run a long race, a mile.  I always consider myself a good athlete too, that day I finished 3 to the last.  I was shock almost embarrassed.  Over the course of that first year at the school, I was getting strong and faster everyday.  I caught the next person in front of me the next week.  I repeated this throught my first year at the school, until the last month of school, when the whole school was running the race.  I fininshed 3rd in a school that had 2000 students. That next year I was part of a Mile relay team, and i was the lead runner, I felt that i ran the race alone, I never saw my competition, i was running against the clock.  That year our team was the state in that event.  I did this not in front of big crowd but on a practice and track field at our school.  The hard work that is needed is all done in the background away from the public eye.  The sweat and hard work is something that happen without the fan fair.  It not where you start the race it where you finished.  In order to be successful at anything you must have the drive to be the best, to do better everyday, to capture the next person or team ahead of you.  You never lose the concept of your role about being a team member.  This event I felt I ran alone, I felt the pressure to give them a big lead, I was racing against myself and for the team. I  expected the same out of my team.  This event is consider a sprint, you start off hard and you finsished hard.  there is no let down in the middle.  You have to give it your all, and must be focus at what you are doing at all time.  This is how I see the Cowboys.  They were a 8-8 team, they are in the middle of the back, they must start off hard and leave the pack.  They must never look back but look at the people infront of them.  The problem with the boys they get distracted by the press, and lose their focus.  In this sprint you must learn to tune everything out, because, every ounce of strenght is needed to be the best.  The distraction, the blogs, the tash talk, is all for losers.  the real talk is what you do and what is left on that football field.   there is a saying that goes something like this, “Action speak louder than words”.  This is so true about football and about life.  This is how I try to live my life and this is what i expect out of the Dallas Cowboys.  If I speak with a certain tone of voice is because I been at the top once, and I want to get back on there, because the hard work of the journey felt so good.  It not being at the top that matter to me, it the relationship you build to get you there.  These relationship are the relationship and memories I will cherish all the day of my life.  Because for a brief moment in my life I can honestly say I was the best of what I did because of the opportunity and the hard work I paid to get me there.  This is what i want for the boys not the bright light and the spot light but the hard work away from the public light.

  • cjwright

    If only the Cowboy Nation had more fans like this!

  • matt_barbour

    Anyone who schedules a fall wedding in Texas better be ready to flex those nuptials to another time slot if there is a conflict with the Cowboys or a top-10 NCAA matchup .  Either that or have an unlimited open bar at the reception.

    • Erasmus

       @matt_barbour I would not miss a game even for an open bar.  Seriously, more than 50% of marriages end in divorce, but the Cowboys are there for me year in and year out.

  • Dallas3026

    I once slapped my little brother in the face for pretending to cheer for the Redskins during a game.  He cried, my Dad disciplined me, but he never cheered for the skins again.

  • osnappp007

    I took a weekend bouncing gig at a bar in chicago for two years just so I could control a handful of the tvs and audio to play the cowboys game at my convenience.  It was a nice set up to have free food and drink and your game on.  All I had to give up were my friday and saturday nights.