December 30, 2012; Landover, MD, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) runs with the ball as Washington Redskins defensive end Jarvis Jenkins (99) chases in the third quarter at FedEx Field. The Redskins won 28-18. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

10 Questions For Dallas Cowboys' Fans

I have been covering the Dallas Cowboys for quite some time now. I get questions from my readers on a regular basis. I decided to do something a little different this time. I want to get some input from the fans, so I have included 10 questions for Dallas Cowboys’ fans. Feel free to post answers in the comment section below or email me your answers at [email protected] and I will include your input in a series of future articles. Please include your name and location when responding. Feel free to only answer as many as you choose.

Nov 6, 2011; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys ring of honoree Larry Allen during a halftime ceremony against the Seattle Seahawks at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

1. What do you feel is the biggest position of need for the Dallas Cowboys in the 2013 NFL draft?

2. Do you really feel that Jason Garrett is the best option at head coach for the Dallas Cowboys when there are so many proven veterans currently available?

3. Do you think that Jerry Jones will consider bringing in Norv Turner to run the offense so that Jason Garrett can be a walk around coach?

4. Over the last couple of years, Tony Romo has sustained a broken collar bone and now for the second time, broken ribs:

Do you think he really wants to resign with the Dallas Cowboys who have failed so miserably at protecting him?

5. Morris Claiborne has allowed a catch on over 60% of his targets and ranks 14th among rookies and 7th among rookie CB’s with only 1 interception:

Do you really think Morris Claiborne was worth a 1st and 2nd round pick when he was out played by late round picks?

Dec 16, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys receiver Miles Austin (19) runs after a catch against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports


6. Jerry said there will be a 30% turn over in Dallas this offseason. Out of Miles Austin, Doug Free and Jay Ratliff: do you think any or all of them will be cut?

7. In the 1st meeting against the Redskins, Dallas Cowboys QB  Romo threw for over 400 yards with Dez Bryant, Cole Beasley and Dwayne Harris on the field. In the 2nd meeting, with Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, Dwayne Harris and Kevin Ogletree, he had one of his worst games of the season. Harris had 1 catch, Dez had 4 catches, Austin had zero catches and Ogletree had 2 catches. Gosh, Cole Beasley had 7 catches (as many as all of them combined) in a lesser role in the 1st meeting. It’s obvious that Cole Beasley was the mismatch they needed against the Redskins 25th ranked pass defense. The smart teams attacked them underneath.

Why do you think Dallas Cowboys HC Jason Garrett is either too blind or too stubborn to let the best players play?

8. The running game has been on a rapid decline ever since Jason Garrett took over as the Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator. They finished the season 31st in the NFL for the 2012 season. The last time the Cowboys were 31st in rushing was when they went 1-15.

Do you really think Jason Garrett is the right guy to be running this offense?

9. Why do you think the Dallas Cowboys would waste the ink to sign a QB like Nick Stephens, Who only completed 56.4% of his passes and had a 10-15 record when they could have drafted the winnningest QB in NCAA history (Kellen Moore) who was 50-3 as a starter and completed 69.8% of his career passes in the 7th round of the draft?

My theory is, if you want a project QB, at least get one with some potential.

10. Considering the fact that Troy Aikman went 1-15 with a poor OL and the 31st ranked running game, and the fact that the Cowboys couldn’t win a game when Emmitt Smith held out. Tony Romo finished 3rd in the entire NFL in passing for the 2012 season. In fact, he has never had a 1,000 yard rusher (let alone the NFL leading rusher and league MVP) in his entire career in Dallas, yet has never had a season any where near 1-15. Let’s be honest, Troy Aikman couldn’t win at all without Emmitt Smith and that all pro offensive line.

Do you really think anyone can say that Tony Romo is in anyway the problem on the Dallas Cowboys offense?

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  • Ivan Castro

    10 Answers;

    1. Offensive linemen

    2. No. Bring in John Gruden.

    3. No, but he should. Turner is not head coach material, but there are few better an offensive coordinator and quarterback coach/developer.

    4. I hope he will stay, but if I were Romo I’ll go somewhere else.

    5. Let’s give him another year. Then, we will have a better idea.

    6. Free is gone. I think Austin is in the bubble. Not sure about Ratliff.

    7.I think Garrett has a problem adjusting to game situations. he appears to be set on his ways.

    8. No. See answer to No7.

    9. Jerry Jones – business genius and football idiot.

    10. Of course not. With a REAL offensive line, Romo will be in the top FIVE qbs in the NFL.

    At least these is what I think the answers hsould be.

    • californy

      Responce to question number 10, Romo is already third in Passing yardage at 4903 for the year, he surpassed last year total by over 600 yards 4184

  • BradAustin

    Just a few quick comments on Tony Romo and his offensive line. On PFF, all o-linemen used by the Cowboys were credited with allowing a total of 26 QB sacks and 30 QB hits. Doesn’t sound all that bad. Not until this stat…Tony Romo was hurried 142 times on the year.

    How many other QB’s would have taken only 26 sacks from his o-line yet been hurried 142 times? All the while still posting 4903 passing yards, 65.5% completions, 28/19 TD/INT ration, and a 90.5 QB rating?

    I say there are less than 5 QB’s in all of the NFL who could pull that off with what he had to deal with. So many fail to realize not only does intense pressure make you try to escape, it also erases all your downfield reads. You have to almost start completely over reading the defense when your eyes return back downfield from the monster breathing down your neck that you had to spin away from.

    It’s very easy not to see a linebacker baiting you or a safety playing possum when you didn’t have the chance to follow his movements for a full second somewhere within your progressions.

    Throw on top a highly inept running attack few teams had to respect with more than their base front, and Tony Romo had to deal with unbelievable disadvantages.

    I can’t even imagine the sack totals talented yet immobile QB’s like Tom Brady or Eli Manning would have absorbed behind this atrocious offensive line. I assure you it would have been a 50/50 bet at best that neither would have made it to Week 16.

    • Truth

      Sorry dude, but you are not breaking it down to “it’s” minute aspect. Tony, by advanced stats, is rated way down the rankings as a QB who holds on to the ball way too long. Thus, creating his own pressure and sacks that have no business being blamed on the OL. When the OL breaks down and/or allows opponents DLinemen a free shot at Romo, then okay, let’s blame the OL or it’s players. But when the OL is blocking and blocking and blocking for more than 3 seconds, it’s not their fault as simply as anyone might think.
      The league average is 2.5 seconds, and if I seen correctly, has been raised to 2.7 seconds as of lately. How many times have we seen Dallas OLinemen block for 5 to 6 seconds and Romo still looking down field instead of running for positive yds., throwing out of bounce or or such??? At times as well, there is no pressure whatsoever but he panicks and runs anyways, NOW allowing DL to have the upper-hand and advantage to get to him???
      C’Mon guys, are we really not seeing this??? Or are we really that naive to let a sports writer bamboozle us as fans. As if we don’t know football and/or what’s “Actually” happening out on the field of play???

  • californy

    1 The greatest need in the draft is a real Gm who understand player evaluation and understand building the team through the draft. This team over already 20 million and we have about 17 players who are FA. If we let these player go, their 1/3 of the turn over already. Spencer and John Phillips are part of that group. Doug Free,Miles Austin and Ratliff are not.
    2 JJ may consider it but I dont think he will do it. A HC who nothing more than a manager with no say probably wont sit well for either party.
    3. Do I think Norv Turner has a spot here in Dallas. I dont think so. Norv at best is nothing more than a OC, but I dont see he and JG shairing this position. I think Norv time in the sun has pass him buy. I have been studying him and his career has been on a decline and his QB has also shown the same decline.
    4 The Romo Friendly draft ? LOL I dont even know what it is, my guess it the hiring of Berny, Living and Cook. I think they have failed miserably. I have differnt numbers than what Brad Austin has posted. I have 36 sacks the same amount he had last year, I also have a decline in running yards from 566 yards and the drop in ranking in running from 18 to 31 in the leagues, the worst since 1989. The only thing that went up is Romo yardage from 4184 to 4903, but I dont give credit to the OL for this, more Tony Romo legs. Without a mobile Romo I can see this OL the worst in the NFL.
    5 Maurice Claiborne Value. It may be premature to give a value to this pick, but I doubt Maurice will be worth a top 10 spot. Part of his issue is the zone coverage he is defending in. But this doestnt make a difference when his play has represented nothing more than a back stop. Claiborne need to play in your face man coverage, he may get burn more this way but it doesnt matter he will get better this way rising to the challenge.
    6. The Turnoever in this team. There like 17 FA, and most of these FA are all back up player, they are unsigned because they havent been targeted to have a future with this team. This team doesnt need more back up it need player who will challenge the starters for playing time. I rather get new player and move on from a team that been nothing more than a average team.
    7. I dont get JG either, It no surprise to me of Harris success. He was one of college best player on special team and that where he has excelled on this team. Beasley I have been excited about, but this team is running the wrong offence. we should be more of a West Coast offence where the passing game makes up for a poor running game by extending the field through the short passes and underneath stuff. JG mode of attacking is throwing through the coverage and long passes. We had some sucess here but at the same time Tony Romo interecption are way up and Red Zone conversion is way down. That on JG and not Tony Romo.
    8 The running game. Once again it on player evaluation, Berny and Living where some of the better FA run blocker. In all honesty theye were terrible from the beginning, and never showed the potential they though of them. Our number are a reflection of what I am saying here, a down year because of the lack of talent in this department..
    QB development. I also like Kellen Moore, but I also like Cousin from Washington and Tolzien in SF. Why do I like these players, it who coaching them. They boith have great QB coach developing them. Tolzien College number were average at best, but he is not the same player he was in college he better because of Harbaugh. JG couldnt even develope RG3, Kyle Shanahan has done a geat job in developing their Qb, their is no NFL OC who would consider the option a real game plan in the NFL, that why these player are special because of their great OC teaching them and good OL.
    The QB with a future. I dont know whether Romo has a future here in Dallas. There no doubting his ability it his supporting cast that I have question on. Aikman in 1994 had 8 ProBowl Players surrounding him on the offence side of the ball, and 3 more on defence, in this Super Bowl year he had Trent Dilfer number 13 td to 12 interception. Troy was nothing more than a passenger in tis offence. Emmitt was the real catalist in this offence with his 25 rushing TD.

  • californy

    I very much enjoy your article Cowgirl, next time limit it to 5 question and not 10. lol

  • JonnyStimmell

    Great Read Cowgirl!!! I just wanted to write alittle about a few questions, I had. First goes for Mo Claiborne, I’ve rooted for him since day one, but its hard for me to say he did better the Janoris Jenkins and Casey Heyward from the Packers. I dont know if that 2nd round pick was sucha wise choice. As, far as Tony goes, Im good with Romo. The offensive line was a mess all year, and it was messed up in free agency when Jerry just grabbed two quick lineman in Livings and Mackenzy B. We def need to draft one or two guys this year to fill a guard position or to be groomed into one. Since we lost to Washington I’ve been all over the internet looking at draft reports and mocks for 2013. Some guys Ive notice and liked are the safety from Lsu Reid and for the offensive line, I think Chance Warmack would be an awesome road grader lineman we need. I know this draft is gonna be heavy with offensive and defensive linemen, and I was just wondering who you have been looking at and some sleeper studs that may be hiding. I hope we can get some better organization in our offense, if it takes getting a new coach then so be it. I really hope Rob stays for the Defensive unit. Love the fire and passion he puts into his job, and its only a matter of time before many of these young guys start to follow him, if not already are. I’m wondering if we can let Miles Austin go, because for the last few years he has never healthy and these young guys we drafted look really nice. Also feel we need to finally need that power running back, not saying Demarco isnt good, but he has his issues and we need a Alfred Morris for our team. Thanks for all the hard work and time you put in Cass !! I be tuned into twitter and espn to check with you reports all threw out the year!!

  • Dep

    1. A big, run stuffing nose tackle. They don’t need to draft anyone this yr that weighs under 300 lbs. (They need more bullies)

    2. Jason is fine, if he has a change of heart about running game or brings in an off. Cord. That appreciates running game.

  • Gary Smith

    1. Defensive Line, better college O-Line scouts.

    2. Yes as long as JJ is the GM. Garrett has potential. And JJ won’t hire someone that could get all of the credit for team’s success.

    3. No because then what is Garrett’s contribution? Spotlight would become too crowded for JJ’s liking.

    4. Yes he does

    5. Yes – still good enough. JJ may have drafted my 6 year old in the 2nd round – upside.

    6. Maybe Free.

    7. 7 years TOTAL coaching experience at any level. Unproven QB coach. Very unproven OC. Now he’s a HC. Any other NFL HC ever have so little total coaching experience?

    8. No. Needs 30 mins to adjust to defensive scheme. Can’t anticipate defensive attack after 6 years. After 2007 too easy to stop his offense.

    9. Looking for the next Romo??? Pics of Jerry in Vegas?

    10. Yes. Inconsistent and questionable accuracy, touch (lobs, fades, bombs), and power. Best quality is keeping plays alive. But he is a very good QB.

  • TexasBrady

    Great post Cassie. Your doing great. You had great questions Cas. As usual and my beef is Jerry Jones. He has the ability to obtain some of the best GM’s in the business but his shear arrogance prevents him from doing so.

    In the pat 17 years the Cowboys have had 5 double digit win seasons. That stat is pathetic.

    As of the Dallas Cowboys since the very begging I am embarrassed.

    On Tony Romo, he has done what he could with what he had had. Yes he had more Ints. However when you throw 50 times a game you are going to get picked. Their is not doubt if an elite running game can be established Romo will be a much better QB.

    The future of the Cowboys is in the hands of its owner, it’s president and general manager. He is the man who hires the coaches finds the players and drafts the players. Garrett just does what he is told.

  • Colin

    Great article Cas, and a good selection of questions. Here is my uneducated two penneth worth.

    1. D line and O line both need help badly but if singling out a position then nose tackle.

    2. I like Garrett as a Head Coach and I think that the players buy into his philosophy and most importantly I think they play hard for him. I don’t see a reason to replace him as Head Coach.

    3. He’s always been adamant that JG should call plays but I’m sure he’s thinking about it now. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if JG remained the play caller.

    4. He should demand a clause in his contract that says that the Cowboys draft lineman with their first 3 picks this draft. Seriously though, I reckon that Romo would want to remain a Cowboy because I think that he wants success as a Dallas Cowboy and doesn’t want to be remembered for failures when the season on the line.

    5. Its too early to judge, especially when playing on a depleted defense. That said, a first AND second round pick is a heck of a lot to live up to.

    6. I think Ratliff is gone because from what I’ve heard on there seems to be something going on there. Free and Austin come down to cap considerations I think. Austin has been disappointing but he is still a decent no 2 (when he plays).

    7. I don’t know what it is with Garrett there, but he does seem a bit conservative at times insofar as he is unwilling to change things, whether its with player selection or play calling, although the Free-Parnell situation offered hope that he is willing to change things up (perhaps with a lot of prompting from Callahan)

    8. No, but… JG’s offenses have been good at producing lots of yardage over the years, but I never get the feeling that they are able to grind out drives when needed and their red zone offense has been sub par for years. On the other hand I think that Garrett and Romo go hand in hand as far as the offense is concerned and despite his shortcomings, dropping Romo is not a realistic option at the moment. I think a change of OC need to come with a change of QB (in my uniformed opinion)

    9. Don’t know much about him but they spent 3 years “developing” Stephen McGee so they have form here.

    10. Generally speaking, no as worse QBs than Romo have had playoff and Superbowl success, and with Romo playing the team often have a chance to win games that they shouldn’t but talking specifically about the Redskins game Romo’s demeanor just didn’t look right to me, I didn’t feel as confident watching him as I did in the previous games. That aside however, there are bigger problems on the team than Romo,

  • boysteamusa

    Wow, Dallas just fired Rob Ryan…..amazing…Skip Peete rb coach let go yesterday

  • boysteamusa

    Cas, pretty sure you aready know my take on all these question but here goes.

    1. Entire O-Line is priority 1, D-Line and running game next.

    2. No, Garrett is not a good NFL HC. Too inexperienced, out of his league

    3. No, Norv Turner wouldnt want the job because of JG. Im not that confident in Norv anymore anyways.

    4. I think Tony will resign

    5. Mo Claiborne is and will be a good CB. I believe we should have taken Janoris Jenkins and an OG or OT.

    6. Ratliff was a pro-bowler but Im not impressed as of late. Free must go its an embarrasment, Miles Austin needs to renogitiate his contract taken lesser pay for me to want to keep him.

    7. Because your talking about JG, he cant see beyond himself…totally believes he’s on the right path. Those guys u mentioned need more opportunities.

    8. No, I dont know how Jerry could allow JG to keep his OC duties after this horrible performance this season by the offense.

    9. no idea

    10. I think Romo gets jitters, but for good reason with this sorry O-Line. We could use Romo being a little cooler in the pocket….not that he ever has one…I looked back at games 2 and 3 and he was a bit jittery….he has no confidence in his O-Line…and as I said…for good reason.

  • Lionone1

    They’ll draft mostly offense. Callahan is a good coach he just needed the personel.

    The defense however, is in good shape personel wise. It was priority to rebuild it this year I just hope the guys are durable.

  • Michael Valentino

    Cas, I enjoyed your article and the comments by your readers. For what it’s worth, I think this article should’ve generated more responses.

    As I see things:
    1. The biggest need in the draft (and FA) is the offensive line. The D-line also needs to be addressed, but there is no more pressing team need than to build the offensive line. What JJ did last off-season was deplorable, bringing in two marginal players to start at the two guard positions. Free did not have a good year at ORT, and he needs to go. Smith suffered a poor first half at OLT but played better as the year went on. I think he will be a good player at either left or right tackle. In the Draft, the Cowboys need to look to improve the interior of the line. Last year, the guy I wanted all the way was David DeCastro. We know how that turned out. This year, it’s Chance Warmack, perhaps the best interior lineman at Alabama since John Hannah. If Warmack is there at no. 18, Dallas has to go and get him. Barrett Jones would be a great consolation prize if Pittsburgh or someone else snags Warmack, but Dallas needs one of those two guys. The Cowboys are going nowhere with this line even if a perfect clone of Joe Montana fell into their laps.
    2. I’m not a huge Jason Garrett fan in that I am not impressed with his clock management or ability to make in-game adjustments. The team seems to play hard for him but there are still too many penalties. That speaks to preparation and in some cases overall football intelligence. I am okay with JG remaining as HC but he needs to be relinquished of his duties as OC. He is not getting it done there. I would take Gruden over JG, and if Nick Saban ever leaves Alabama for a second stint in the NFL, I’d like him on the Dallas sidelines.
    3. I’m not sure Norv Turner’s the same OC he was when the Cowboys enjoyed their glory years. Back then, the talent was undeniable and lesser OC’s might have done very well with that group. Turner’s Chargers have not impressed me offensively lately. I’m not big on NT returning to Dallas, although I do think he’d probably do a better job with the red zone offense than JG has done.
    4. I think Romo needs to prove his detractors wrong. I don’t think he wants to leave Dallas being compared to Danny White (who got a bad rap, worse than he deserved) and not to Staubach or Aikman. Still, after that INT vs Washington, the Dallas fan base is going to have little patience with Romo in 2013. But he has to be growing weary of playing behind a line that would put Brady and both Mannings in an ICU ward.
    5. I think Claiborne will be one of the best corners in the league for a long time, although switching to the Tampa 2 (and all its zone coverage) concerns me. Claiborne has excellent man skills. I don’t know if he will transition to that style of defense well. Still, we could’ve had Janoris Jenkins and DeCastro had JJ stayed put.
    6. I think Ratliff is gone – too big a contract, too little production, and he did go at the owner in the locker room. Maybe moving to the 3-technique would help his career, but unless he restructures his contract, I’d just as soon see him go. Free needs to go, cap hit or not. JJ overpaid, giving premier OLT money to an average right tackle. Miles is a great athlete who cannot stay healthy and who has not lived up to his contract after his breakout season. He either restructures his contract or I think the coaching staff will look for a veteran in FA and give more opportunities to Harris and Beasley (and Danny Coale).
    7. Is JG blind? I’ve long wondered why Cowboys coaches, even dating back to the revered Coach Landry, stick with certain players when guys behind them on the depth chart should get more time. JG stuck with Ogletree too long and should have had Harris and Beasley get many more reps. Free should’ve been yanked earlier in the season. And Felix Jones needs to be cut before next camp.
    8. The problems I have with JG running the offense is that is he can be predictable, his offense lacks balance, and his red zone play calling leaves much room for doubt. Of course, a quality line would help bring balance by allowing the Cowboys to run more and run more effectively, and they could get movement near the goal line. I’d like to see an OC brought in and have JG turn that responsibility over.
    9. Is this team capable of scouting a future starting QB? I thought they found something in Matt Moore a few years ago but gave up on him. Honestly, I have little hope this team will draft a franchise QB any time soon. Kellen Moore is a good example of a late round project. The Cowboys had a chance to draft Kaepernick. His skill set would’ve been nice to develop behind Romo for a few years.
    10. Is Romo the problem on offense? I think loving Romo or hating him is two-edged sword. He makes unbelievable plays and can do things few QBs can do behind a line that is poor at best and awful at worse. Tom Brady would put up pedestrian numbers behind this line. And Romo often put up big numbers without much of a running game to back him this year. But despite his obvious “wow factor,” I have to look at that last INT vs. Washington and wonder if Romo will ever get this team over the hump. I just don’t know if it is a mental block. Danny White had that to an extent but let’s not forget it was the defense that allowed the 9ers to go 89 yards in the final three minutes to win the NFC Championship in 1980. White played a stellar game; in fact, he outplayed Montana in losing 28-27. And White’s Cowboys would’ve dismantled the Bengals in the SB that year. So, White gets too much of a bad rap. And perhaps Romo does too, but White led his team to three NFC title games in consecutive years (yes, he played behind guys like Pat Donovan, Herb Scott, Tom Rafferty and had Tony Dorsett in the backfield). Peyton Manning and Brett Favre won two SBs between them in 32 or 33 combined NFL seasons with every passing record in the books. They’ve caught little heat for that. Romo will always be vilified in Dallas and in the public eye until he wins a SB.

  • BigDIndiana

    she’s baaaaack
    1.OG and DE. Bern to Center?
    2. maybe not the best, but i’m willing to keep him for awhile
    3. don’t know about Norv, but i would say good chance he may hire an OC
    4. i think he wants to stay because he has been here so long. but ……… i wouldn’t think he is exactly thrilled with his OLine.
    5. not sure you can judge on one year. Also pressure from front 7 has an effect on numbers. I think i’m was in your camp last year(actually think a lot like you the past couple of years on the draft), no trade and keep the 2nd, but hey it’s done.
    6. I think he didn’t play beasley as much because they really like Austin in the slot. I’ve been scrating my head on Ogletree for years????? I wondered the same all year.
    7. Not sure on Free’s cap, but he should be gone yesterday. I could see a couple of vets traded for pics, maybe Ratliff for a late pic but maybe hard to find a taker with age/injury.
    8. I don’t think it’s Garrett on play calls. He is in a situation when he has a 3rd and 2 he is probably 80% sure his line can’t produce. I’m 90% sure they can’t. When Emmitt was running it was ……which side will they pick it up on. Now on 3rd and 2 i’m on the coach going “please don’t run it”
    9. Not a clue.
    10. Goes to show you it all starts up front. Troy would get killed behind this line. Romo is one of the tops in the league in escaping the rush. If we don’t fix the OLine we will be 8-8 again next year. Most QB’s have that 3 second “internal clock” for pass rush …..Romo’s is “one thousand one…..RUN :-)

  • Wade Miller

    1. OL & DL

    2. Yes I think Jasn Garrett has what it takes to be a successful head coach in his league, and I think we should give him at least one more season

    3. We know it’s Callahan now

    4. Yes I believe Romo will stay

    5. The jury is still out on Mo Claiborne, but it will be easy to see if we made the right move or not because Jerry has said Michael Brockers & Bobby Wagner would have been the players we’d have selected if we’d have kept our original picks.

    6. I think Miles & Ratliff both stay, Free is gone

    7. WR is a complicated position to learn, I think we’ll see plenty of Beasley & Harris in ’14

    8. The running game has been a definite weakness, hopefully we’ll spend more picks on OL and DeMarco stays healthy and that will cure things

    9. They must think Moore is too small for the NFL

    10. Romo gets too much of the blame placed on him no doubt about it. This year we MUST SPEND SOME DRAFT PICKS TO HELP THE OL.

  • Truth

    I’ll answer the last question only. Anyways, Romo is a huge problem and not just “a” problem.

    I mean if the last game of the season wasn’t enough for you, than nothing will. You mind is made up and it’s easy to see there is no room for facts, truths and impartialness and/or open-minded to what we as fans see in games.

    • Cowgirlcas22

      Peyton Manning has zero wins in 8 of his trips to the playoffs and choked again this year. He had zero wins in his 1st 5 trips. Out of 12 trips to the playoffs he only has 1 ring. Romo has only been to the playoffs 3 times and has a win. Now you tell me who the choke artist is.

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