Oct 21, 2012; Charlotte, NC, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones point to the fans prior to the game against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

What Has Dallas GM Jerry Jones Been Smoking?

I know a lot of Dallas Cowboys fans like to say that the Pro Bowl is a joke, a popularity contest etc. Maybe in some cases it is. I decided to do an investigation in to that. My questions were: How many Pro Bowlers did the Cowboys have when they won the Super Bowl? How many do they have now?

I am going to put Jerry Jones under a microscope because I cant help but wonder:

“What has the Dallas Cowboys Owner /GM Jerry Jones Been Smoking?”

December 9, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones walks on the field before the game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

When Jerry Jones said that there would be a change in Dallas, the first thought that came to my mind was that it would start at the top with the firing of the unqualified and inexperienced Dallas Cowboys Head Coach, Jason Garrett. Why? Lets take a look at his resume. Where did he ever get any experience as a head coach? You guessed it: He has never even coached a Pop Warner team. Where did Garrett ever get any experience as an offensive coordinator? You guessed it again: The only experience Jason Garrett really has is carrying Troy Aikmans’ clip board as a back-up for the Dallas Cowboys. I have to ask one final question: Who in their right mind would hire a guy with zero experience to run the largest franchise in the country and the second largest in the world? Again I ask: what has Jerry been smoking?

When I turned on the television and heard that Dallas Cowboys Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan had been fired, I was like “WHAT?” Let’s face it, the guy never had a chance. I previously wrote an article titled Dallas Cowboys DC Rob Ryan is getting a raw deal. The facts are all explained there. I said to a friend of mine: that like Wade Phillips, Rob Ryan would probably be the fall guy. He was. What makes Jason Garrett bullet proof? Let’s face it, he has been part of the problem all along. Now, right out of the blue, Jerry Jones is switching to a defense that requires an entirely different type of personnel than what the Dallas Cowboys currently have. What does this mean? In order to make it work, he will need to draft players to fill roles that were already being filled. The problem with that is, he has too many holes that need to be filled now. What positions will he have to short change to accommodate the new scheme? Knowing Jerry, it will once again be the offensive line. He drafted pretty much all defense last year and will have to do the same again this year. Again I ask: what has Jerry been smoking?

Nov 22, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick (left) greets team owner Robert Kraft before the game against the New York Jets on Thanksgiving at Metlife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I refer to the New England Patriots a lot because they are currently the only team in the NFL with a shot at attaining what the Tom Landry led Dallas Cowboys did: 20 consecutive winning seasons with 18 trips to the playoffs during those 20 years. New England is about half way there now. What is the common denominator? A solid head coach and quality personnel. Jerry Jones” theory of buying a championship and the win now attitude has netted 17 years of mediocrity. Dallas has one of the highest salaries in the NFL and some of the poorest production.

The way things stand right now, the Dallas Cowboys are about $20 million over the cap. They have about 17 free agents and no money. QB Tony Romo is due $16 million in 2013, and it is a contract year for him as well. How is Jerry going to be able to afford to resign him? There is no way he can accommodate the $16 million Tony is due with the big contract they gave CB Brandon Carr in free agency last year. Not to mention the fact that LT Doug Free, OLB DeMarcus Ware, S Gerald Sensabaugh, NT Jay Ratliff, and WR Miles Austin etc, all have inflated salaries. What if Tonys’ hiring a new agent is a sign he wants to test the market? Tony Romo has restructured a few times to help Jones and the Dallas Cowboys out; what if he doesn’t sign an extension and says hey, I waited a long time to get this money I want paid? This is the money I let you spread out. People will say that Jerry can just franchise him in 2014 if he doesn’t sign an extension. Really? Do they realize that by 2014 the tag amount will be about $20 million a year based on the top 5 QB salaries in the NFL? If this happens, Jerry will be forced to either trade him now or release him in 2014. Jerry Jones did nothing to prepare for this situation. In fact he got himself in deeper by giving Brandon Carr $50 million and giving up 2 draft picks for Morris Claiborne (Claiborne will really get exposed in a Tampa 2 defense because he is NOT a physical tackler who can handle being a run stopper). In fact, he can’t get off of blocks now.

I have to refer back to the New England Patriots. They are once again in the championship. They also acquired two cornerbacks in 2012. The cost? One was a 7th round pick and the other they acquired in a trade for a late round pick. (Their other CB Arrington was an undrafted free agent who not only attended the Pro Bowl in 2011, but led the entire NFL in interceptions.) Both of the new corners had a good season, and if healthy, both will play in the Championship game. If my gut is right, they will both play in the Super Bowl. Jerry Jones spent $50 million and two draft picks on cornerbacks and the Dallas Cowboys are on the couch. Again I ask: what has Jerry been smoking?

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I guess I need to get to the point here. The Dallas Cowboys only have 2 players in the 2013 Pro Bowl (both are second team selections). The NE Patriots have 7 and the SF 49ers have 9. When the Troy Aikman led Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl ,they had over 10. You can say whatever you want, but having All-Pro players matters. It’s not what I would call just a popularity contest. Name one player on that 90′s team who made the Pro Bowl that was a joke? The fact remains that the only Pro Bowl players on this team came under Bill Parcells, if Sean Lee can stay healthy he may make it. Jerry Jones will sit in interview after interview, year after year trying to sell a losing team. Always making excuses and firing coaches. He will say no one loves the Cowboys more than he does. He will say no one hates losing more than he does. Then this same man will put a guy in charge with no coaching experience what-so-ever and fired the coach who has 3 super bowl rings with the New England Patriots as a LB coach. He fires Rob Ryan, the coach who managed to keep the Dallas Cowboys defense in the top 3rd of the league despite having 7 starters out due to injury.

Yet Jason Garrett, the coach who had the Cowboys ranked 31st running the ball, 26th in red zone scoring, tied for the most penalized team in the NFL,  and 15th in points with most of his starters healthy, still has a job. If Jerry loves the Dallas Cowboys as much as he says. If Jerry hates losing as much as he says. If Jerry wants to win as as much as he says then:

He needs to put down the pipe and hire an experienced head coach that has experience at evaluating players, running an offense and game management. Hire a real general manager that can bring in the right personnel that fit the scheme and last but not least, do it without being in cap hell year after year. Sooner or later you run out of fall guys and have to accept the fact that you are not qualified to be the general manager of this franchise. Much like Al Davis, you will learn that the Dallas Cowboys “Brand” wont sell forever. To think that a neophyte like Jason Garrett has even a prayer at coaching against the Bill Belichicks of the NFL forces me to ask:

“What has the Dallas Cowboys Owner /GM Jerry Jones Been Smoking?”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/directortom Tom Salagaj

    Well? Time to put my broken record back on the turn table AGAIN! Here goes…why doesn’t anyone else get this perspective? Jason Garrett is a PUPPET COACH! He is the “yes man” head coach of the Dallas Cowboys so that Jerry Jones can continue to be the “real” head coach of his franchise. It all started when Jerry’s ego could not stand the adulation and respect Jimmy Johnson received for all the great success in those first few years. This is why he fired Jimmy and why he stated publicly that ANYONE could be the head coach of the Cowboys. Then he brought in his next puppet who did manage to get one more Super Bowl due to the team Jimmy had built from scratch, save Michael Irvin who was already here. And ever since then, puppet coaches have thrived as puppets but had no success at having a winning team. Bill Parcells had a chance…but the T.O. debacle sent him away. He never wanted T.O. but the real head coach insisted! Now, we have all seen the 8-8 team stay where they are due to REAL FOOTBALL MEN BEING ABSENT IN THE FRONT OFFICE! So do NOT expect things to change next season or the season after….
    By the way, I’ll keep my broken record comments handy for next year and the year after…remember…I told you so!

    • http://yourdailycowboysfootballfix.com/author/cowgirlcas/ Cowgirlcas22

      lol Great comment! Thanks for sharing it.

  • californy

    The boys lack the small details to get to the next level. There is so
    much of the games the boys are lacking at. When I see Paytan Manning at
    QB last week I see him in conference during the game with his OL and
    then with his WR during the game after viewing some prints on the side.
    You dont see this with Romo. JG need to teach Romo how to do this. You
    really don’t see it with The Cowboys defense coach either especially
    prints on how to handle RG3 Option choices. A couple of years ago JJ
    hired a couple of retire referees to monitor there practices to cut down
    on the penalties. You figure since this work this would of been a
    standard but it was not. Why it wasn’t I don’t know since it work. Now
    we are making the same mistakes we made years ago all over again. JJ doesn’t really have a plan
    or a clue. It was 2 years ago when the Cowboys cut salary and went
    cheap on the OL, and when the player failed JJ threw more money and pick
    up Holland and Fiametta to help out where the draft failed. Then in JJ
    brilliance this year he came up with the Romo Friendly draft and drafted
    no OL, but he did get a couple of OL who underachieved big time. He
    also got Callaghan from the Jets to be this team OL coach. In case JJ
    fails here, he will become JJ next fall guy on the OL department. Yup JJ
    is the man in charge, there no way around it. Where JJ has been
    consistent is at overspending and having this team play middle of the
    road football. He may be the NFL most experience GM but that doesn’t mean he is good at what he does.

    • http://yourdailycowboysfootballfix.com/author/cowgirlcas/ Cowgirlcas22

      LMAO manning created all the turnovers that cost them to lose. But hey he did that when he had zero wins in 8 playoff appearances oh ya romo is the choker right? LMAO

      • californy

        I never said Romo a choker where are you getting that at. All I said is I like Payton manning way he communicates with the OL and the receiver, you don’t see Romo communicating with his team mates on the side line. A good leader makes his player better around him.

  • Jbbravo

    This team is just embarrassing now. I don’t even want to wear any clothing with a star I am so ashamed of this team. Cas I think you should ask yourself also what the fans have been smoking to continue to think we are heading in the right direction with this team. We need help now more than ever. I really want Gruden in here and Jerry to let him run this team for atleast five years.

    • http://yourdailycowboysfootballfix.com/author/cowgirlcas/ Cowgirlcas22

      I would kill for Gruden

  • ‘mericas_team2013

    I don’t believe Ryan was really a fall guy, he never fit in Dallas from the beginning esp with JG. I agree that Garrett is not the future but at the same time I believe he is a big reason Ryan is gone, JG didn’t want him there to begin with. Ryan never really had that wow factor while he was here that made me think hes our guy. Sure his first few games each season the D was top ranked but both years fell and fell hard down the stretch by fundamental mistakes, failing to create turnovers, what seemed like endless confusion on the field, out of position players, too many/few players on the field way too often, and failing to make a stop when it was needed most. Therefore an easy choice to make an example of, it could have just as easily been JG because his offense was even more sloppy and mistake prone but JJ isn’t yet ready to give up on him. I for one am glad the RR is gone, I hated the hire 2 years ago still hated it until the day he got fired. The best thing for this team would’ve been to let both Ryan and Garrett go, but in reality, it would’ve been the same old story over the next several years but with new names and faces. One thing I have noticed, no matter who’s the coach over recent years(since Parcells left), the mistakes and mentality of the Dallas Cowboys seems to transfer from team to team. Wade, Garrett, Ryan along with all the guys by their sides over the last few seasons haven’t been the answer but they’re not the problem either…..

    • http://yourdailycowboysfootballfix.com/author/cowgirlcas/ Cowgirlcas22

      it’s not Robs fault that Jerry gave him a team to stupid to understand his complicated system!

      • ‘mericas_team2013

        Exactly, just like it wasnt Wades fault that he had an aging under performing secondary. Ryan had a lot of work to do here and not much time to do it but with mostly the same players had the same results as Wade. Garrett came in and took over one of the top offenses in the league and drove it into the ground. To me its not on anyone of these coaches as much is it is on JJ for overspending on underachieving players, all of his dead money year in year out, however many poor drafts there have been since Parcell’s time here, even last seasons was a joke, not to mention all the players cut who have been somewhat successful else where. All that I am saying is that NO COACH is going to succeed here unless JJ steps back like he did with Jimmy and Bill.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.valentino.39 Michael Valentino

    Dear Mickey Spagnola, please read this article. In fact, please read everything this woman writes. Then, go back to DC.com and do likewise because THIS is how you’re supposed to write about the Cowboys: no spin, no fairy tales, tell it like it is and back it up with facts. Cas, you officially are my no. 1 sportswriter. Rick Telander is now 2nd.

    • http://yourdailycowboysfootballfix.com/author/cowgirlcas/ Cowgirlcas22

      lol Thank you Mike

    • Truth

      Mikey, don’t be such a kiss-ash, it’s pathetic and you should know better than this. A lot of what she writes is not facts, but better misguided and flawed opinions with no strong evidence or facts to back them up. I’m sorry, don’t mean to offend you but that is the truth. Not entirely, let me correct that…

  • boysteamusa

    Here Here…well said! Garrett’s learning on the job….not a good sign for Dallas

  • Patrick Dunn

    Jerry Jones is always a day late and a dollar short, the 4-3 switch shoulda came when he hired opie, the 3-4 got exposed when the talent got old, Newman, James, Roy Williams. The easiest way to get past that was to get those guys off the field and to start new 3 years ago. Not now after putting game film out on all your talent you’ll be using for the next 5 years

    • boysteamusa


  • boysteamusa

    good point, the scarcity in which Dallas produces pro bowler caliber players lately is very telling indeed. Sad state of affairs.

  • Truth

    Good….outstanding article! I don’t say that much but I have to give it up to you here! Nice once again….