December 9, 2012; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers former head coach Jon Gruden talks during a presentation celebrating the 10th anniversary of the 2002 Super Bowl Champions during halftime against the Philadelphia Eagles at Raymond James Stadium. The Eagles won 23-21. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Is Jerry Jones Going To Hire John Gruden?

As a Dallas Cowboys fan, I’ve spent the better part of the week trying to track down someone from Valley Ranch who is in charge, or in the know, when it comes to plane tickets and hotel reservations. Why? Because I’m trying desperately to get my hands on the list of team personnel who will be attending Senior Bowl Week in Mobile, Alabama. Again, why? Because I feel there are some very important, perhaps even essential, names missing. The glaring absence sought? The name of current Head Coach Jason Garrett.

December 9, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones walks on the field before the game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Make no mistake about it, something, something huge, is afoot at the Dallas Cowboys Headquarters in Valley Ranch, Texas. Ever since the moment the season ended in another “thrown away” fashion in the nation’s capital, the gears have been turning, and the main cogs are within Owner, President and General Manager, Jerry Jones. Jones shouted to the masses: “Things will be highly-uncomfortable at Valley Ranch over the course of the next couple of weeks.” Well, if you’re Skip Peete, Rob Ryan and a whole slew of “dangling” assistant coaches and coaching assistants, the discomfort has come and gone, just like their employment status. But most sceptics, me included, would say, “That’s it? Really?”

The answer to that question is a resounding no, and for those waiting for the other shoe to fall, you’re simply waiting for the wrong foot apparel. The next thing to drop is going to be a gigantic boot. Mountain-sized. And at the end of that boot is going to be Jason Garrett’s highly-educated butt. See, three people have been conspicuously underground since the season ended. Yes, Jerry has spoken on his local radio show, but there have been no sit downs with the media (as mandated by the NFL) to discuss the season in review or what’s coming next. Strange or defiant? Maybe a little of both knowing Jerry’s love of the “spot light.”

This weekend is the Pro Bowl, and then next week the 49ers and Ravens play for the Lombardi Trophy on Bourbon Street. Good stuff, right? So, how do you compete with that if elimination surfaced its ugly head with the conclusion of the 2012 regular season? You wait for the masses to gather and the stage to be as grand as it can be, and then you muscle your way into the showcase. And just how will Jerry Jones get this done?

December 9, 2012; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers former head coach Jon Gruden runs out of the tunnel holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy as he was introduced during the10th anniversary of the 2002 Super Bowl champions during halftime at Raymond James Stadium. The Eagles won 23-21. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

By announcing the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, and that name will not be the continuation of Jason Garrett. Jerry Jones will tell the world his next head Coach will be the one and only, Jon Gruden. As the readership shakes its collective head, to grasp this one, you have to fully understand the “Six Steps Removed from Kevin Bacon Theory of Relativity”. Many are familiar with this Magic Eight Ball type of predictive approach, but unlike the real stretch, this one has merit. Significant merit.

Once again, the Dallas Cowboys’ General Manager is putting coaching personnel in place as he sees fit or deems appropriate. Has the hiring of Monte Kiffin as Defensive Coordinator and the selection of Rod Marinelli as defensive line coach actually been fully, and verbally, endorsed by current head coach Jason Garrett? Unless I’ve missed it, which is entirely possible with my fading memory, I don’t recall Jason on any podium saying, “Those decisions are mine, and they make sense for this organization, at this time, for these reasons………….” People, why hasn’t this happened? Because they are not Jason Garrett’s decisions!! They belong to the Owner, President and General Manager, you know, the one proclaiming much unrest at Valley Ranch. No one has stepped up publicly to explain, endorse and field questions about the current state of affairs at Valley Ranch. Where is everyone? Posses can’t seem to surface any significant personnel or decision-makers. Isn’t that more than a little strange this time of the year? Especially with a ¼ of the League making changes at head coach, and if not General Manager. Traditionally, teams try to put it all together before departing to The Great South so that a “united” front exists when confronting and visiting with collegiate personnel.

OK, to move slightly back to the Kevin Bacon School of Connectivity, let’s look at some of the coaching pieces currently in place. Those pieces being Bill Callahan, Wade Wilson, Monte Kiffin, Rod Marinelli and several other assistant coaches, all having ties to the four gentlemen just named. If you’re not connected, you’re not staying. Period. Either the existing/exiting Head Coach has absolutely no say, power or endorsement ability as the General Manager paves the road to Coaching Alley in 2013, not to mention a complete change in defensive philosophy moving from a 3-4 (Parcells’ Must Have) to a 4-3, Tampa 2, Kiffin staple. Uh, why? Many pundits and critics are arguing the Cowboys don’t have the current personnel to make the switch, and if indeed that is true, shouldn’t someone be explaining the reasons why the decision was made? Anyone? The only thing consistent about word out of Valley Ranch is “Mum.” Where are the Dallas Cowboys going, and how are they going to get there? Hello? Anyone home?

Unless this whole master plan is being coordinated and orchestrated from outside the organization. I say it is. I say Jerry Jones and Jon Gruden have been “stealthy” and clearly under the radar in their assessments and negotiations. Poor Jason Garrett and his family, left dangling like some kind of wrong-doer in the midst of the gallows floor being dropped. Left to twist and sway in the wind. Would Jerry do this to family? Surely, he would have more compassion to a “Son” than some run-of-the-mill pawn like Dave Campo or Chan Gailey. Garrett deserves better, doesn’t he? Or does he?

Aug 15, 2012; Oxnard, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Bill Callahan at training camp at the River Ridge Fields. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

So, going back to putting the pieces together. So, who was the Offensive Coordinator and play-caller in Oakland when Jon Gruden arrived in the Bay Area in 1998? Bill Callahan. He was a trusted adviser and integral part of Gruden’s offensive philosophy and scheme. Wade Wilson was also a trusted lieutenant on that staff. As the year’s and productive progression continued in Oakland, it was successful enough for the Glazer family to come calling, even at the expense of established head coach Tony Dungy. So the entry of Jon Gruden brings change in Tampa Bay and an eventual Super Bowl victory over his previously-governed Oakland Raiders. Coincidence? Hardly. And to help get that done, because with no offense to Brad Johnson, Keyshawn Johnson and a whole slew of other no names, Tampa Bay’s Lombardi success was rooted in the defensive system and personnel. Who oversaw it? Monte Kiffin. Who was Kiffin’s right hand man and assistant to carry out the Tampa 2 to perfection? Rod Marinelli. So, you tell me if Jake and Elwood Blues are looking to get “The Band Back Together?”

Without Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Garrett providing public endorsement of all Jerry’s personnel/coaching moves, what head coaching candidate in his right mind is going to come in and accept the table Jerry has basically set for him? Either a very, very dumb and naïve one who is only looking for money and the high-profile stage, or one that has been behind the scenes advising the Owner, President and General Manager the whole time. Where has Jon Gruden been lately, and why hasn’t he been the talk of this coaching carousel? Brother Jay sure has been in the mix, but “nada” from film-studying, QB Guru and Monday Night Football Analyst with ESPN’s Mike Tirico. No “Chucky” to be found? It’s like George C. Scott’s depiction of George Patton in the self-titled movie, “Patton,” when it was proclaimed, “The Whole World is at War, and I’m Not Part of It……..God will not Permit this to Happen.”

So, as World War II had its share of bombs and bombshells, get ready for Jerry to load up his own version of the Enola Gay and unload Jon Gruden on the national public via Jerry’s Cowboys Lear One. How big of an explosion it would make is yet to be seen, but like Kevin Bacon, all signs point back to Gruden in a very unorthodox way. He sure knows the “key” personnel on both sides of the ball, and it would be the only scenario where I see someone other than Jason Garrett coming in to take over the reins with comfort and familiarity. And Lord only knows the Cowboys need QB instruction and guidance.

So, America, brace yourselves. The stage in set. Gruden to the Dallas Cowboys will rock the NFL World. Is the mountain-sized boot ready to be dropped on the NFL World? You go, Jerry, get us all highly-uncomfortable, and then deliver a security blanket that actually makes some sense. And if there is no Kevin Bacon Theory of Relativity at work here, will you and Coach Garrett please get your proverbial behinds on stage, behind microphones, with an inquisitive media throng present tell us all, “What the hell is going on??!!

Carry On.

SportDFW would like to thank Scott Knudsen for contributing this post.

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  • Ryan Ramos

    this article completely nullifies your statement that Jason Garrett is not at the senior bowl…what do you have to say about that?

    • Cowgirlcas22

      he actually wrote this before anyone knew who went to mobile. He sent it to me and I didn’t see it right away and got it to the editor late. Either way fact or fiction you have to admit it’s a great story

    • C. Joseph Wright

      It was my fault for not including a blurb explaining that the story was written before the Senior Bowl when it was not known who would attend for the Cowboys. Thanks for the comment, we are always happy to have ‘fact-checkers’.

  • ctcowboy1968

    Just wishful thinking.

  • C. Joseph Wright

    It would be difficult to be upset with the hiring of Gruden, but I don’t think Jerry Jones is ready to give up on Garrett yet, especially since he has intimated that Garrett will not be calling the plays next season. That being said, Gruden would be my second choice to coach the Cowboys – Bill Cowher would be my first.

  • Cowgirlcas22

    Great Job Scott. Thanks for sending me the article. As Dad would say, “To live in hope, is to die in despair.” Or like the old saying, “Plan for the worst and hope for the best.” At this point I am going with the latter lol. I will plan on having the sniveling little red headed neophyte on the sidelines and hope for the offensive guru to enter stage right.

    • Zach Flaherty

      “red headed neophyte” hahaha yeah i’m the one attacking tho right? if you guys can say this stuff about one of my family members then i can say something about an article with false information making fun of him. but it’s a cute story tho! i’m sure dr seuss would be interested!

  • Antonio Silva

    If Garrett ends up with another 8-8 season (or worse) in 2013 than maybe, perhaps we could see Gruden…in 2014.

  • Derek Sanders

    Who let’s you kids post this candyland fantasy crap? Go play World of Warcraft

  • Phillip Carr

    No Coach can be the coach he wants to be under Jerry Jones. You people are in a fantasy world. This once proud franchise is the joke of the league, because its all about the owner and that’s how he wants it. That is more important than winning to him.

  • DCBlueStar

    Haha, no.

  • Zach Flaherty

    this is one of the dumbest things i’ve ever read. jon gruden has made it obvious that he doesn’t wanna coach anymore, and if he does, he certainly isn’t gonna wanna work under jerry jones. and how can you say garrett hasn’t given romo qb instruction and guidance? he is one of the smartest coaches in the nfl who was his offensive coordinator for years where romo has developed into one of the best quarterbacks in the nfl. what is this sports illustrated for kids or something?

    • C. Joseph Wright

      I am curious why so many people insist that Jason Garrett is “smart” and “intelligent”, I am not saying he isn’t, but is there any other reason to believe that Garrett is one of the smartest coaches in the league other than the fact that he went to an Ivy League university?

      • Cowgirlcas22

        lol VERY GOOD POINT> besides being book smart and being football smart are 2 different things. You can’t make it in the NFL on brains alone. It takes years of hands on experience that JG doesn’t have. A lot of these pro coaches were coaching while he was still in HS. I am sorry, but experience is the best teacher. Walk in to IBM or any big company for that matter with a degree from any college and no experience and tell me what kind of a job u get. Trust me you wont be an executive. No one starts at the top. JJ is the only guy I can think of who would hire a HC with zero experience.

        • Zach Flaherty

          That’s an intelligent comment. He only played in the NFL for 16 years and was a QB Coach and OC for a couple years so he has experience/didn’t “start at the top”. And he’s a very smart man who knows football and has been around it his whole life. He didn’t have head coaching experience before going to Dallas, so that’s why Jerry hired him to be OC and to groom him while having Wade as the HC. I’ve been around Jason Garrett a lot. He’s a very smart man not just because he went to Princeton, but he knows football inside and out. You can have all these “Fire Garrett” rants, but I know for a fact the Cowboys won’t get anyone better or anyone that wants to work for Jerry Jones.

          • Cowgirlcas22

            Let’s be honest here. He spent 16 yrs carrying clipboards for “REAL” QB’s. He lasted 1 yr in in Miami and is a self taught self proclaimed OC, who had the Cowboys 26th in red zone scoring and 31st running the ball. The worst since 1989. Anyone other than JJ would fire an OC with that kind of production. JJ did fire him from his play calling duties. To save face and avoid all the media criticism for making him HC he will give him maybe 1 more yr as HC. He has gotten by on Romos’ mobility and arm up until now. I am willing to bet he fails again.

          • Zach Flaherty

            1. If he wasn’t a “Real QB” then how come he was in the NFL for 16 years and was 6-3 in his career as a starter? 2. He was in Miami for 2 years 3. Once again, when you have offensive lineman who can’t block a soul it makes it harder to call plays/run the football. I don’t care what all these clowns say about the “Cowboys Talent”, they have one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL and nothing will be better if that doesn’t improve. 4. Once again you’re disproving your point that Romo didn’t develop under him as an NFL QB. If he didn’t help develop him then they wouldn’t be able to “Get by on Romo’s arm”. 5. There’s a good chance the Cowboys won’t be good again, but that’s not because of poor coaching. they just don’t have a good team. I’m a Cowboys fan but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that with the “talent” they have they’re a middle of the pack team. 6. “self taught/self proclaimed” ? what the hell are you talking about? Jerry hired him to be the offensive coordinator. I don’t think that’s the definition of being “self proclaimed” …

          • Al Beam

            I aint tryin to invade ya alls debate but I have been a Dallas fan since Landry was calling the shots. Jason Garrett is the biggest joke that ever held the title head coach. It was his job to make sure they had a good OL. It was his job to scheme the offense in a way to take some of the pressure off of Romo and the OL., Parcells and his staff developed Romo. Garrett has crippled him. he has no idea how to utilize his strengths. I played a lot of football myself. I was an all american LB. Garrett has a more predictable and vanilla offense than most teams I played against in college. now you can sit here and try and sound smart, but I gotta tell ya, this girl knows a hell of a lot more about football than you do, I can see that with no effort at all. jerrah hired Garrett knowing full well he had no experience at all as an offensive coordinator. You can sit here and talk around the facts, and maybe just maybe someone who never played the game will listen to you, but sorry it wont work on us who have.

          • Zach Flaherty

            well i’m not trying to be smarter than anyone, but how the hell can you say bill parcells developed romo? he had him with the cowboys for 4 years before he even became a starter and didn’t start him for a few years. if parcells didn’t retire romo would never have been a full time starting qb. he has gotten a lot better under garrett, in fact, he has turned into a pro bowl caliber qb under him. so that’s definitely wrong. and how can you say this girl knows a whole hell of a lot more about football than i do? she might, but you’re basing it off of someone who just says what everyone else says opposed to someone who knows jason garrett very well and actually watches the cowboys play unlike all these bachagaloops who think they know everything about football. and jason garrett inherited an old offensive line with the cowboys and they all started to suck and has tried to rebuild it. you can’t put it all on him. the players have to play, and the offensive line is horrible, which causes your playbook to be “vanilla” as you call it. you should know that being a former all american linebacker that it makes it easier for a defense to attack an offense when they have a weak offensive line. and when you can’t run the football and are forced to throw the ball a lot after being behind cause the defense blows, your have no choice but to have “vanilla play calling” . the bottom line is that jerry portrays this team to be a
            “super bowl” contender, which they clearly are not, and puts a lot of pressure on everyone else. this is a young team which does not have much talent, and there is an unfair amount of pressure on them. but hey, what do i know, i don’t know anything about football…

          • Cowgirlcas22

            Romo came off the bench week 6 of the season when Bill benched Bledsoe. He became the 1st QB in NFL history to go to the Pro Bowl with only 10 starts that season. How did Garrett make him a pro Bowl QB when he went there before Garrett was even on the staff?

          • Zach Flaherty

            has he made the pro bowl since then? pretty sure he has. so if you can give parcells credit for making him a pro bowl qb then you can give garrett credit too. and he has spent more time coaching romo than parcells did. i’m just saying if you’re gonna rip the coach when things go wrong then you have to give him credit for the good things he has done too. but i’m sure since you have something against the man you won’t do that and you’ll probably say that i’m “attacking” you hahaha.

          • C. Joseph Wright

            I’ve been a big supporter of Jason Garrett since he became HC. I have not lost all my faith in him, though it has dwindled significantly, but I still question this omnipresent assertion that Garrett is super smart.
            Evaluating the intelligence of a football coach is not easy. We usually base our conclusions on the team the coach is responsible for. I have not seen anything in the Cowboys as an organization, or even their offense, to suggest that Garrett is super intelligent.

    • eric

      garrett is not one of the smartest coaches in the nfl his clock management is below sub par his decision making is under sub par and his coaching is under sub par

      • Zach Flaherty

        i love how everyone says his clock management is “sub par” based off of that 1 game in baltimore. was it his fault miles austin was walking back to the line of scrimmage, dez bryant was arguing with the ref and dan bailey completely shanked that kick? and anyone’s decision making would be “sub par” when you have a makeshift offensive line who can’t block a soul, running backs who are always hurt and receivers who are running the wrong routes. your playbook significantly gets smaller and smaller when your o-line sucks and you can’t run the ball. you can blame the coach all you want but the players win and lose games. it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

        • Cowgirlcas22

          everything you just mentioned is the responsibility of the HC to make sure IS NOT HAPPENING!

          • C. Joseph Wright

            My point was simply that getting a degree from an elite school is not a guarantee of someone’s intelligence. Is there any other evidence that Garrett is ‘really intelligent’? Lots of idiots with below average intelligence get degrees from elite schools, even the Ivy League ones.

          • Al Beam

            Good point. I went to college with plenty of guys who had other people doing their school work so they could stay eligible to play football. They graduated too.

          • Cowgirlcas22

            I am seeing that with my own eyes now. half the time they don’t even show up for class.

          • Zach Flaherty

            false. you can’t do everything for them. the players get paid the big bucks to go out and perform and they don’t do it. the players play. it makes him look bad and the responsibility falls on him but he has to be able to trust the players and the players have not been very trustworthy. trust me, gruden would not do any better with these stiffs. no one would.

          • Al Beam

            Cas my advise to you is just ignore these people. they are not worth the effort or the time you give them.

          • Cowgirlcas22

            thanks Al, but I felt the need to speak up cuz my friend wrote a great story and for some unknown reason this guy felt the need to try and attack him.

      • Al Beam

        I have to agree with that. he is nothing more than Jerrahs gofer.

    • Truth

      Although that may be true, and probably is as to saying it, I remember him saying at one point that he would love to coach the Dallas Cowboys. Not sure were he said it but said it several times. I’m thinking about 2 to 3 yrs. ago. No one came a calling for his HC duties, not any of the one 32 teams. Which by the way made me think about Gruden’s relevance to today’s game??
      But by the same token, Jerry’s was in his usual drunken-stupors and as well, without any alcohol in his confidence and love for JG and/or his “yes-men…”

      • Cowgirlcas22

        Gruden has had offers, but he wants the right job before giving up his cooshy lil booth job. I know for a fact he wants the Dal job cuz he told my buddy that. He has been locked in to a TV contract, they don’t just let you out of contracts like teams do out of respect. This whole theory that Scott has could very well be true and Gruden is advising JJ from behind the scenes so that when his contract is up come 2014 the table is already set when he gets here.

    • Cowgirlcas22

      lol I know for a fact he wants the job. I know someone he told that to personally.

    • Ken Norrod

      if you Don’t mind i would like to say Bullsh!tt !!!!!

    • Al Beam

      you have some serious issues. Those that can’t do usually criticize those who can. I am guessing you are probably about 14 or so based on your dire need to get attention and or your attempts to discredit the author.

      • Zach Flaherty

        I might. “those that can’t do usually criticize those who can” ? that’s hilarious. i’m the only one defending jason garrett, so it’s pretty much the other way around. that’s the whole point of this stupid article. you guys can’t coach the cowboys, so you’re criticizing the man who can. and i also believe that you were the one who called him a “joke” too. he may not be landry, no one is, but he’s not as bad of a coach as everyone makes it seem. and no mr big shot, i’m not 14 years old. i’m actually 22. and you’re commenting on this too so why am i the one who’s in “dire need of attention” ? so hypocritical haha. God Bless you though!

  • Justin Yarbrough

    This all sounds wonderful except you left one important fact out. A little known fact about Jerry Jones. He also is a practicing Proctologist. That’s right. Dr. Jerry Jones. This explains why he always has his head up his butt when making decisions about his coaching staff. In the past his theory was, problem: sprained left knee- remedy: amputate right arm ! In other words, fire the wrong guy. I sure hope you are right on this one. I would certainly have more respect for the man. Until then I’m sticking to the Dr. Jerry Jones theory.

  • Patrick Dunn

    Its whatever! This team is one strong side LB and one play making safety away from being more than capable of running a 4-3. Its 2 years too long from change and kiffin just happened to be out there. Copies ain’t in front of a podium because he had to fire himself as OC and fire his brother as TE coach..he’s in a cooling off period right now

  • californy

    JJ either has a plan or is clueless in what he is doing. I cant see JJ making all these moves to weaken the HC position. If anyone thought JG
    was a puppet before, their no debating that now. I can see why any coach
    would put his career in the hand of another assistant coach. I don’t
    think Callaghan is qualified to be calling offensive play. I don’t
    believe in his zone blocking scheme nor his player for this scheme.
    Those who don’t think Gruden can be successful working for JJ don’t know
    Gruden. Gruden may be the the most qualify person for this job. The
    Cowboy team has always been a media circus and who more qualify for this
    circus than John, who great behind a camera. He never been know for
    having an ego, in fact he has a joking mannerism in handling pressure an
    stress. I am sure JJ will give him plenty of material to joke about. I
    think the possible hold up may be how much Gruden will allow JJ to
    meddle. Gruden has nothing to lose to listen, he has a great job to
    fall back on and a job that he is very good at doing.

  • Douglas Pertzsch

    Y’all are living in Blue and Silver lalaland. No coach worth his salt (i.e. Cowher, Gruden) is going to come work for the greatest of all meddlers Jerry Jones. Jerrah doesn’t want a coach with a backbone he wants puppets he can control and can ultimately scapegoat when his decsions and machinations go south (which they almost invariably do). The only thing consistent about the last 17 years has been J.J.’s incompetence as a G.M. and the parade of puppets that have been disguised as the head coach of the Cowboys (Switzer, Gailey, Campo, Phillips, and Garrett). The only real coach (Bill Parcells) through that whole time period got his fill of J.J. and got the hell out of Dallas. Dallas fans need to wake the heck up and see where the real problem is-it’s your egocentric owner.

  • Danny Tam

    People are forgetting about the Rooney rule. Personally, I don’t understand these moves. Jerry is getting senile and is stuck in 2002 when his mentor Al Davis found his team in the superbowl. Why Jerry doesn’t follow the footsteps of Bob Kraft instead (whose team has been relevant since 2001), I’ll never know.

    • Al Beam

      I agree I think Jerrahs problem is that he is ego maniacal and cant handle the fact that Jimmy gets the credit for the 90′s. He is hell bent on proving to the world that he can do it his way. Meanwhile people like me who were blessed enough to live through Landrys tenure can sit back and laugh at him and his 17 yrs without a championship. The punch line of it is, Tom Landry had a playoff win for every one of those losing seasons and some to spare. I have come to the realization that the Cowboys are doomed to failure as long as this man is alive. I am just glad that Mr. Landry doesn’t have to see what this imbecile has done to his beloved Cowboys. If by some chance he can see it from the afterlife , he is probably awaiting the day Jerrah kicks the Bucket so he can thank him proper for destroying his legacy.

  • Truth

    I have to agree to some point… And that point is that at this point, anyone is better than JG, especially one of the caliber of Gruden.
    Albeit, Jon Gruden is overrated, but none the less head-n-shoulders better than JG!!

  • Lisa Wolf Low

    Jerry can change out who ever he wants….but if we don’t get a new QB it will be the same

  • Chad Cockrum

    Ok, so is Jon Gruden (Chucky) is the new head coach or not?

  • Shaun Hollaway

    As soon as you said “NATIONS CAPITOL” you lost all credibility. You are aware that Dallas isn’t the Capitol of Texas right? Smfh…

  • Shaun Hollaway

    As soon as you said “NATIONS CAPITOL” you lost all credibility. You are aware that Dallas isn’t the Capitol of Texas right? Smfh…

    • Cowgirlcas22

      He was referring to the loss to the Redskins: last time I checked, Washington was the nations capitol. BTW I don’t think you realize who you are commenting to. He used to have an office at Valley Ranch and was a Staff writer for Star magazine lol.He lives in Teaxs.

  • StAndrewstv Webteam

    Hi can we play at the superbowl!!

  • snowyphile

    While you’re at it, call it for Mitt.

  • Tx Kings

    That would be the very BEST thing JJ did since Bill Parcels left. His Super Bowl Winning Staff is already in place and he has experience working with owners like JJ in Al Davis, Why Not? I been a Cowboy fan since the early 70s when Meredith and Bob Lilly, Roger Stauback, Tony Dorsett played and Tom Landry had many thing in common with Jon Gruden. First and Most he was a Disciplinary Coach, a leader by example and a well respect coach. One thing Gruden would do he would be at work from 3am till when ever it takes to get his football team focus , dedicated and fired up each and every time they practice and especially Game Day. Jason is just a man who always comes up with excuses and he is doing the same thing before Wade Phillips got fired , ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!