Dec 15, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) throws in the pocket against the Green Bay Packers at AT

Is Tony Romo The Right Man For The Dallas Cowboys?

Dec 15, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) reacts after getting sacked in the fourth quarter against the Green Bay Packers at AT

I don’t want this article to be an indictment of Antonio Ramiro Romo, the undrafted free agent from Eastern Illinois who made all Cowboy Nation believe in its team after years stuck in the post-Aikman limbo.

I have defended once and again the play of a quarterback so talented, that always give his team a chance to win, even against the best teams in the league.

Romo’s career passer rating of 95.8 is 6th in history, just behind Tom Brady’s 95.9, and above the likes of Drew Brees, Kurt Warner and Joe Montana.

By now, the whole football world is well aware that Romo has the highest fourth-quarter passer rating among active quarterbacks. His 102.1 rating is more than five points higher than the second man on the list, a guy named Aaron Rodgers.

So, by the numbers, Tony Romo is an excellent quarterback; one of the best in the league, actually. But, after seeing him doing what he did against Green Bay, I’ve started to wonder if he is the right man for the Cowboys?

Because those two interceptions in the last 5 minutes of the game, are just so Romo. They bring memories back of last year’s win-or-else game against Washington when he threw three interceptions, the last one with three minutes left in the season.

We could also bring back that infamous game against Detroit a year ago and many other examples when Romo just failed to do what the Cowboys pay him to do.

I know you will say that Romo is not the problem, that if they gave him a Defense (any Defense) or a good running back this guy would take us to the Superbowl.

But I’ve seen great quarterbacks get to the Superbowl without great defenses or rushing attack. All Brady, Manning, and Brees have done it, and nobody make any excuses for them when they fail to deliver.

I’ve been a huge fan of Romo since that first season when he took the NFL by assault. I wear his number 9 jersey every Sunday. But I wonder if we have already seen the best of Tony Romo. If this is it; if we have reached Romo’s ceiling.

I keep waiting for that miraculous run that will take the Cowboys to the Superbowl. But year after year it’s the same old story. And what makes it even worst is that the Cowboys always have a chance, but they never make the most of it.

Actually, when things start to get complicated, the regular Cowboys fan gets that familiar feeling that somehow they are going to screw it. We know it all too well.

Heck, even the other teams know it. There was that Detroit player a few weeks ago, who said that they knew Dallas would just blew it. Or Brandon Marshall saying that they “beat Dallas… before the game started.” Jean-Jacques Taylor, one of the best sports writers in Dallas, has found a way to describe what happens to Dallas “they just keep finding creative ways to lose.”

And then you see teams like San Francisco, Kansas City, Seattle, that a couple of years ago were plain terrible, become powerhouses in the league with quarterbacks like Colin Kaepernick, Alex Smith and Russell Wilson. You just have to wonder when (or if) this Tony Romo-led Cowboys team will get to that level?

I’m not saying that Romo is the problem or that he is to blame for the Cowboys failures of the last decade. I’m just saying that this team needs a fresh start, needs urgently to forget about all those past losses and believe they have a chance to win it all.

One of the most overused clichés of all time is the definition of insanity, but I believe this time it’s perfect for a closing.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Maybe it’s time to start looking into the future.

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  • NYCowboysFan

    Being a lifelong Cowboys fans, I would have argued you to death a few weeks ago on this story defending Romo. But I can’t now. After the Detroit game is when I finally realized that as long as Jerry Jones is the owner and GM of this team, they are going nowhere. He loves going 8-8 and drafting in the mid to late rounds of the draft. That way he doesn’t have to pay the big bucks to top 10 talent, but will still fill the seats every game and make his millions. Plus it keeps giving the fans hope that 8-8 isn’t bad, maybe they are only a couple of players away. But every year is the same thing over and over and over. It doesn’t matter who the QB is on this team. I’m pretty sure if Romo was QB in New Orleans that he would have more success and if Brees was QB in Dallas, he would be 8-8. Garrett can take his “process” and stick it where the sun don’t shine. Jerry can take his ego and stick it where the sun don’t shine. I’ve had enough and will continue to do this weekend what I have been doing every weekend the past month…watch the game and just laugh at everything they do.

    • SmartThinking

      Off the field, it’s Jones’ fault. On the field, it’s all on Romo offensively. Together, they’re largely responsible for the mess that is this year’s team!

    • oneputter

      i have to strongly disagree. if brees was in dallas he would be the same player, if romo was in NO he would be the same player. this is a qb driven league, qb’s make or break the team, period. this guy here in dallas will never be anything more than what he has shown us. he won’t get any better, he’s been the same player for the last 3-4 yrs……time to move on!

      • NYCowboysFan

        Romo has a career QB rating a LOT higher than Bree’s does. Tony has just never had a complete team behind him or a good head coach. You don’t think that Sean Peyton had anything to do with Bree’s success? I would disagree. Bree’s sucked in San Diego.

        • oneputter

          Passer ratings don’t mean a hill of beans. Its about making plays when the game is on the line. Its about being in control of your team, romo is not. Bree’s commands respect and his players follow….can’t say the same in Dallas. Romo has had teams that were good enough, he ultimately was responsible for throwing it away.
          Peyton does help however the bottom line is the player himself. And Bree’s was pretty good in SD. I wanted Dallas to make a move for him when he was released, to bad BP hung around one more year otherwise we would have peyton and maybe Bree’s…

          • NYCowboysFan

            You sound like the typical Romo hater. Romo has stepped up BIG TIME when the game was on the line. He has 20 4th Qtr comebacks. More than Bree’s. He’s right up there with Manning & Brady.

  • SmartThinking

    He may have been able to lead this team once but right now, he’s one of the problems, not the solutions.

  • Big D Fan

    No Tony’s skills have diminished rather quickly recently. What happened to the deep ball threat? A bunch of under thrown balls. Constantly throwing behind receivers and making his usual bad decisions. Guy loves throwing into double and triple coverage late in games and in his own territory.

  • CowboyMM

    As a life loyal Cowboys fan, 45 plus years now, this has got to be one of the most frustrating times in franchise history. The two total collapses this year to the Lions and Packers will also stand as games not soon to be forgotten. I certainly agree with the fact that the NFL is a QB driven league but with the Dallas Cowboys we have so many other obvious holes to fill that having a great QB only seems to build hope for a team with enormous needs in other positions. Statically we have Tony Romo, one of the top QB’s in the NFL, and has been for quite sometime now. Despite our inadequacies in all other areas, Tony keeps us in most games and at least provides hope that on any given Sunday we can beat any team in the NFL. For all the Romo haters that are true Cowboy Fans I would ask that you answer a very hard question. Where would we have been the past 5 plus years without Romo, 3-13, 5-11, maybe 7-9. Romo can’t tackle, he can’t catch his own passes, he can’t run the ball or block for the half back, he can’t defend the long pass on defense, and certainly cannot rush the passer. Until this year our offensive line was the worst in the entire league and Tony had been literally running for his life. At least we did one thing right this last pre season in strengthening our O-line. Now we must continue to build a team around Romo by focusing this off-season on the defense, primarily the defensive line, and a strong offensive tackle to defend the blind side.

    I am certainly not the one to make Cowboy personnel decisions but like most Loyal Cowboy fans ask the question. What went wrong? Does anyone else but myself believe that we should have won a minimum of 5-6 Super Bowls in the 90′s if had not been for Jerry running off Jimmy Johnson. We often forget that Jerry first ran off Cowboy All-Time Legend Tom Landry first. This leads me to my main point, our problem is definitely not Tony Romo, it is just plain bad Management and Coaching. Please don’t misinterpret the fact that I dislike Jerry Jones or Jason Garrett. Jerry has done many great things for our franchise. He is not afraid to spend money on players and who else has an elite billion dollar NFL stadium? The list of positive things Jerry and Jason have done for the Cowboys is long, like not letting Romo leave Dallas.

    So were do we go from here? The two best things that have happened to the Cowboys since Jerry took over America’s Team was Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcels! Two of the best motivators and player personnel guru’s ever. Plus, they stood their ground with Jerry. Can Jerry let go of his ego for the sake of our beloved franchise and hire another leader like Jimmy or Bill, or perhaps convince Jimmy to make one more run at history. The idea seems appealing, JJ and JJ mend ways and restore the Cowboy franchise back to elite glory! “How bout them Cowboys”.

    • NYCowboysFan

      Very well said.

  • Joe P Serna

    From @nflnetwork research: Romo has thrown 8 INT in final 5 minutes of 4th quarter when game is within 7 points, most in @nfl last 3 years. Also the Qbs you compared him to all have rings and have done it with avg. At best defense’s like the saints. No running game like the patriots so please stop defending that choker no one cares what your stats are if you lose the big ones with picks and bad decisions!!!!

  • Joe P Serna

    For those of you that want to believe in him be happy with 8-8 backing into the playoffs and losing.hahahahahahaha

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