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Dallas Cowboys Reality Check: Take 1

Jan 20, 2014; Mobile, AL, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones with head coach Jason Garrett seen in the stands of the North squad practice at Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The are many misconceptions about the Dallas Cowboy and in reading fan comments on various websites it appears most fans are on the same page.  I would like to help clear-up some of the rubbish that goes through people minds, not because I have inside information but because I am a rational guy.

Misconception No. 1

Jerry Jones is not interested in winning, he just wants to make boat-loads of cash.                                         

First of all Jerry Jones already has boat-loads of cash, cash that he EARNED.  He dropped every dime he had to purchase a team that was in a bad way at the time.  He was a key cog in turning the worst football team in the nation to a Super Bowl Champ in a few years.  He spends all kinds of resources to hire the best coaches and trainers and scouts that money can buy, built the best stadium the World has ever seen and he brings in whatever free-agents the cap will allow.  HE WANTS TO WIN FOLKS!  I truly believe that 9 out of 10 “fans” don’t think that’s true.

Misconception No. 2

The Cowboys are the only team that’s bad at managing the cap.        

The truth of the matter folks is that ANY team with a franchise QB is in cap trouble.  If 15% of your cap is spent on one player, that’s one out of 53, well how are you not going to be pushing it every year.  The cap structure needs to be refined because it does not work the way it is, there should be limits of some-sort, it needs to be tweaked.  Look at the NFC Championship game, you had the Niner’s at the Seahawks.  Each of these teams have Quarterbacks playing on their rookie contracts, do you think that when Kap and Russell Wilson get paid that those teams are going to have the depth that they have now?  Not a chance.  As soon as the payday comes for them, and it won’t be long, those teams will lose vital pieces on both sides of the ball.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Getting back to the Cowboys though, some of their cap troubles came from re-signing old veterans, which it appears they are learning from.

Misconception No. 3

Dallas is bad at drafting good players.        

This one irks me the most because the Cowboys have been quite good in the draft, especially in recent years.  People seem to think that Jerry and Company have no regard for their scouts’ opinions and just do what they want.  Ridiculous!  The Travis Frederick move last year has worked out great, even-more so if Terrance Williams continues to grow.  The Cowboys also continuously find gems in the later rounds, Ratliff, Lissemore, Dwayne Harris, and Davonte Holloman come to mind.  The draft is not a science and the Cowboys do it as good as anybody out there.

In closing, it is easy to harp on everything so repetitively, anybody can do it and almost everybody does.  Go check out the mailbag on sometime, the questions asked are ridiculous and you would have to assume that they pick the best ones to answer.  I guess I just don’t understand the fan-base, and I don’t mean that in a negative way at all.  I understand the disappointment of the past 20 years, trust me it kills me.  To be honest though, it is going to make it that much sweeter when we get it right, I can’t wait for the day.

I will be proud that I was there, behind these guys the whole time…

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  • Chesney Blair

    It is not that most Cowboys think Jerry doesn’t win but it is the way he wants to win is bother to most Cowboy fans. If Jerry truly valued winning he would’ve hired a GM at least fifteen years ago. He clearly doesn’t or is incredibly stupid and thinks he will succeed. Name me one organization in the NFL that runs the same way that the Cowboys do regarding the GM position? How egotistical and selfish of him to think that he knows better than anyone and to have complete disregard to the fan base. Can we start a petition via Facebook or any way possible to voice our disapproval?

    • JoeDaBeast

      I think his mentor, the late-Al Davis did and even though in recent years, no one wants to follow in the Raiders footsteps, it is difficult to separate from someone who took them under their wing.

      • Chesney Blair

        Yes we all know the success story of the Raiders the past three decades. Jerry is trying to upstage him by going on a longer championship drought.

        • JoeDaBeast

          Yeah, I can see how that would make him money. Sarcasm.

          • Chesney Blair

            Yes indeed sarcasm, if you read my post correctly. Recent home games against teams like the Steelers from two years ago, Chicago games at home, and the Packers show that the Cowboys get out-rooted for at their own home. That is just horrible. We are not talking about money here but football decisions. Jerry is not apt at making football decisions no matter how much he wishes to be the case. If the Cowboys keep losing to the next decade, which is a good possibility we will stop being one of the most successful teams in the NFL. Then the popularity of the team will dwindle. Jerry will still be happy as he still will make tons of money but the reputation of the once America’s team will be forever tarnished. You do see that right?

  • SmartThinking

    Misconception response #1: owning the most expensive sports franchise in the known universe very nearly provides Jones with a license to print money. How he spends money on the Cowboys’ franchise is what gets many fans up in arms, especially when you factor in his ROI.

    Misconception response # 2: Who cares what other teams do. This thread and the people who respond, for the most part, are Cowboys Football fans. How other teams manage their money is only moderately interesting in how it stacks up with what Dallas is doing. And, again, inside that context, Dallas is not managing its Cap well at all considering the players and their performance over recent seasons.

    Misconception response #3: Dallas IS bad at drafting good players. Especially players that stick. Other than this last draft, very few players this team drafted in the later rounds are still with the team. Not true with other teams I can name who drafted more conscientiously.

    Furthermore, the argument has been advanced that, this past draft, the team could have postponed Frederick’s acquisition and picked up a defensive player first, then acquired Frederick with a later round selection. I submit that this was probably the case, ergo, Dallas doesn’t draft well.

    I also have written extensively re: my belief that Jones doesn’t place enough emphasis on drafting players who are sturdy enough to survive even one season. Many can’t play because they need surgery or are coming off a surgical procedure before they can play at full strength. Claiborne, Lee, Williams, Murray, all had to mend before they could play. And, all these players have yet to make it through a full season without getting hurt and sitting out for at least 1/4 of the season.

    I suggest that your three misconceptions aren’t misconceptions at all but are, in fact, part of the modus operandi of this team and how it has been improperly managed by its General Manager who boldly stated this past season that he’s doing his best work with the product he produced that has now ended three seasons at 8-8, dead mediocre.

    • JoeDaBeast

      Strange on how many teams would kill to make the Cowboys’ mistakes. As much as SmartThinking types, he probably just likes to hear himself talk (by himself). Ergo, furthermore, and henceforth, I do declare.

      • SmartThinking

        That you’ve reached the point where you understand the big words is a triumph. Be proud.

        • JoeDaBeast

          I figured I’ve reached so many difficult goals, I’d try a low-hanging accomplishment, being smarter than you.

          • SmartThinking

            You’ll never accomplish that task, Sport. I could be in a coma and I’d be smarter than you. But I certainly do enjoy your numerous comments on losing, poor grammar and all. You know more about losing than anyone else I’ve encountered. When I think about the Cowboys and losers, I immediately think of you. Joe da Bust, Loser Extraordinaire! Enlighten us more, please, with your knowledge of losers. How many teams would kill to make the Cowboys’ mistakes? Any? All? What an monumentally stupid statement! But I promised before that I’d help you. The answer is none. You are the authority, though. Can’t wait to read more losing knowledge from you, Sport. Try to provide an original thought for a change. Maybe next time, I’ll instruct you on the proper use of tense so you can appear at least a little bit more literate in your inane responses. I’ll help you.

          • JoeDaBeast

            You are the type that uses a huge persona to scare people into not debating with you. You don’t have many friends, do you? Probably don’t getting many calls from Mom and Dad? I’d bet that you have friends of family members tell you that they are deceased so that they don’t have to deal with you. I’m always willing to humor you little man (with a HUGE brain), if that’ll make you feel better.

          • SmartThinking

            Bust — I debate for a living so you’re certainly not going to show me anything. As for my family, shoot away if that’s the best you can come up with. I’ll compare friends with you any time you want. Oh. And you’ll humor me? Well. I do find your dimwitted responses funny if that’s any consolation. But that’s more a result of the lack of education and sophistication you demonstrate in your sentence structure and poor grammar more than anything else. One needs to understand the medium to use it properly. Now, let’s get back to how many teams will kill to make the cowboys’ mistakes. Any ideas? I just can’t wait to hear your answer to that one!

          • JoeDaBeast

            So your debating career is a bust? Unless you’re a politician, which still means your a bust. Glad my lack of education and yada yada yada has allowed me to take as good of care of my family as I am. Imagine how it would be if I was like you? Naw, wouldn’t wish THAT on my worst enemy. But you’re right, many teams were glad to be out of the playoff race by Week 10, or have players most of the country doesn’t know, or can not sell their merchandise outside their own location, or hope to squeeze into 2nd place in their Division. Even if you were wrong, your pea brain would explode before you’d admit it. And your comments are not only “entertainment” for me, but for other readers as well, you just have no clue, Mr. T-Rex.

          • SmartThinking

            Bust– you’re the entertainment. I laugh every time I read one of your boneheaded attempts at trying to appear knowledgeable about a subject you know little about. You just try sooooo darned hard! Now, when you’ve still got nothing relevant to write, you blather on, poor grammar and all, about wishing things on me and my family. What’s next? You gonna call my momma ugly? You’re wrong on teams ‘wanting’ to be out of the playoff race as well. Just so they can pick better? Is that it? The name of the game is professional football and the objective is making money for owners and stockholders. The more games, the more money, for the owners and the players. One ball player here or there doesn’t make a team anywhere near as much money as a stadium full of fans for a playoff game. I can’t think of any organization that would kill, or even wish, to be mediocre. GM’s and coaches, from the very beginning of OTA’s to the end of their season, wherever that ends up, preach winning to their players. Not losing. None I’ve known have ever been happy or felt fortunate to have lost any game. Certainly not just to improve their chances later. Most coaches and players are too competitive. But you should know this, Bust. Nevertheless, I’ll try to teach you about the game until I lose interest in seeing you be the fool. So respond. Can’t wait for my next laugh!

          • JoeDaBeast

            You are so drawn to trying to prove someone wrong, you made my point. When I said, “But you’re right, many teams were glad to be out of the playoff race by Week 10, or have players most of the country doesn’t know, or can not sell their merchandise outside their own location, or hope to squeeze into 2nd place in their Division” you were so clueless to realize the sarcasm.

          • SmartThinking

            I don’t read your crap. You’re nothing much more to me than a mid-morning amusement. And you’re going to have to start carrying your own weight on this forum, Bust. I’m not going to keep teaching you about the real business of pro football much longer. Your bizarre responses are beginning to circle back on themselves.

          • JoeDaBeast

            You don’t read it, but you comment on it. Oh, you have one of those text to audio devices or your caretaker reads it to you? I never knew you were THAT smart that you can comment on something you don’t read. That’s amazing!!!!! I would ask who looks like an idiot now, but you’ve been displaying that quality for quite some time now. You’re serve Billie Jean King.

  • JoeDaBeast

    Jake, even though I understand the issue with paying a franchise QB and still staying competitive, I think the Saints and the Patriots are the poster boys for playing and paying the right way, over the past 10 years.

  • Scott.

    #3, 09-10 draft has 3 players on team from the 18 total pick, lee and Bryant are two of them with lissemore the other. Ummm that’s not good. Two of three were pretty much can’t miss picks based on their college career. Although you did preface it with “as of late”.