Jan 18, 2014; Carson, CA, USA; LSU fullback J.C. Copeland (44) celebrates after he scored a touchdown for the National Team in the first quarter of the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl game at StubHub Center. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

So What Excatly Do The Dallas Cowboys Need

So it appears the Dallas Cowboys are down to a trickle in free agency. It might be time to look at what the Dallas Cowboys still need. While they have gotten some depth as well as a viable starter on the defensive line, there are some holes that have yet to be addressed. While some needs are blatantly obvious, others are not. Let’s take a look at what the Cowboys need, and what would be nice to have.

First, let’s talk about the defensive line. Many fans, myself included, feel that there is still a strong need for another DT and DE. While there is some talk about Nick Hayden being the other starter, I am not sure many people think this is the best option.

There seems to be a consensus on many mock drafts that the Cowboys will take a DT in the first round. While there does seem to be some issue of which DT they will take even after getting Henry Melton that a 1 tech DT is the biggest need on this team. I would think the Cowboys will take whichever DT is there, although a trade to move down in the draft is a possibility. Many think that even with the addition of Melton, the D line will be addressed in the first two rounds. They still need a DE quite badly and from what many want, Jefferson Jeffcoat seems to be high on many people’s list.

The next spot is really up for grabs in the mind of many fans. While there seems to be a trend toward OLB, Guard and WR, I still think they need to address the free safety position. I would not be upset if the Cowboys go for a Guard in the 2nd or 3rd rounds, I would be more upset if they went WR in the first three. I am not sold that the WR position is in such dire needs that it overshadows the need at Guard, Safety, or even some other positions that will be addressed in the next paragraph. The need at OLB could be more dire than a Guard, but it would depend on who fell to the Cowboys and the rankings of those available.

There are a few spots that not many have commented on, or possibly even thought of. The need for a backup QB is always high on everyone’s list and this year finding one to start grooming may not be a bad idea. Why many are not looking for a fullback is beyond me. There are a few FBs in the draft that could be found in later rounds and could help the run game not just in efficiency, but health as well.

J.C. Copeland to me would be perfect for this, but I would be happy if they  brought one in. Another position many are not thinking about is that of center. Now I know what many are going to say, we drafted Frederick last season. Yes, we did, this is true. However, we lost our backup this off-season and if he goes down we are very thin there. It might be worth bringing in a backup.

The last spot many are not talking about is punter. Chris Jones is an exclusive rights free agent this year and he is the only one on the roster. It might be time to bring in some competition, even if it is for training camp.

So in my opinion my list of needs is as follows:

1. DT/DE – I would say this is 1 and 1a. There is just a need for all of the holes that are on the DL.

2. FS – I have said it a few times, I am not sold on any of the FS on the roster. They can’t seem to stay healthy and there is so little quality depth there.

3. Guard – Improving the trenches is a huge need on this team. Guard is the most glaring hole.

4. OLB – Beyond the health issues of the LB corps, there seems to be a large lack of production from the OLB position as a whole.

5. FB – Murray does so much better with a true FB and it would also allow some protection for Romo and the RBs.

6. WR – If Dez goes down this corps doesn’t look as scary.

7. QB – Yea we have Weeden, but without knowing Orton’s status a 3rd QB would be good to have.

8. C – Behind Ferderick there is not much there.

9. Long Snapper – We never seem to talk about L.P. Ladouceur, which is a good thing. But he is a 10 year veteran and might be looking to retire sometime soon. Bringing in someone at least for training camp would be a really smart move.

10. HC/GM – Yea I know it is a pipe dream.

11. TE – Just seeing if you are paying attention.

So what do you all see as needs? What order?

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  • Chad

    OT should be #5 on the list, unless you’re comfortable with Free and Parnell for the future.

    • n0ble

      Good point, although I think they can get by with Free for a year. I am not sure what we have in Parnell to be honest, but I think if they could get a Guard on that side to help it will make them look a ton better.

      • Chad

        My thought is that seasoning a tackle for a year either on rotation with Doug or inside at RG would be a good way to acclimate him to the step up in competition. Next year we kick said rookie to RT, and get the $7 million space from cutting Free loose. Pick up an OG in the top 3 rounds of the 2015 draft and you’ve got a solid corp for the next decade.

        • n0ble

          I would not be against this, except the staff thinks Free is worth every penny…for now.

  • SmartThinking

    If you care about keeping Romo healthy and playing 16+ games, then you draft a couple of stud OG’s. It couldn’t be any simpler!

    • n0ble

      I think they will go Guard somewhere in the first 3 rounds. I would expect DL in the first 2 UNLESS we drop back in the first then I would not be surprised by an OLB, DL, G, or even WR.

  • Jack Farguson

    I think we need to be adding at least one of each DE,& DT. We have extra TE’s and WR’s and even RB’s those depth players can be added with UDFA’s. Someone that can play Guard or Center would be great. I would like to see a big Rangy Ball hawking Free Safety.

    • n0ble

      If the Cowboys go FB I can say it will be someone who can also play TE. But yes we and they know DL is the biggest hole.

  • brian basile

    1st Pryor, FS Louisville, best safety in draft, a need for YEARS now
    2nd Murphy DE Stanford , Film shows a player
    3rd Richardson OG Baylor, Senior bowl let him fall here, a steal
    4th McCullers DT Tennessee, a DT to put NEXT to Melton
    5th Smith QB Wyoming A couple years learning would do this guy a lot of good, football player
    6th Lynch DE South Florida , He gets his head on straight could be a steal
    7th Johnson RB Central Florida, we fix fumbling issues and guy is a star
    7th Reece WR Baylor, We need a speed demon

    • n0ble

      You are right on the FS…again I will say what I heard recently the Cowboys think they are okay at FS and the starter is on the roster. I also think in the 2nd they are looking at Jeffcoat…I would not hate that pick in the 2nd at all. Do NOT be surprised if the Cowboys go WR earlier in the draft than many think…like first 4 rounds.

  • brian basile

    If we can trade down a couple spots with lets say…the Jets and pick up and extra 4th….Ill take Michael Schofield OT Michigan…Surprised you didn’t have RT on this list, don’t trust Free…

    • n0ble

      Here is the thing. If they go RT they will move Free to Guard. Although some think Free did a good job last season and would only improve with a quality G next to him. I dunno. I think there are bigger holes than replacing Free right now.

  • David

    I would love to see them go with Pryor or Dix, preferably Pryor. Their FS are horrible. This would be my ideal 1st three rounds.
    1) Pryor
    2) Cricthon or Murphy
    3) Richardson or Sutton DT from ASU

    The only way I pass on Pryor or Dix in the 1st round is if Barr falls to them.

    • n0ble

      I love the idea of going FS. Although from what I heard recently was that they think they are okay at FS and will probably not go FS early in the draft. If they do it means it is the highest ranked player on the board.

      • David

        Wow bro I hope that is just smoke and mirrors so GB does not try and jumpt them to get Pryor or Dix. Because their FS’s are horrendous.

        • n0ble

          I thought the same thing. Apparently the staff is high on Wilcox and Johnson. They thought Heath did well for being a rookie thrown into the fire. I did not agree with the Heath thing, but they really do like him.

          • David

            I do not know how they can be that high a Wilcox who has played safety for all of ten minutes or Johnson who has yet to see what a real NFL game is like. I like Wilcox much better as the closer to the LOS guy than the single high safety guy.