Newest Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft

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Jerry Jones and his son, Stephen Jones, will need to have their best NFL Draft in the last 10 years for this franchise to succeed in the next three seasons. The Dallas Cowboys need to break out of their 8-8 trend, and that starts with the 2014 NFL Draft. With Tony Romo, Jason Witten, Dez Bryant, and Sean Lee still in place, the Cowboys have a good nucleus of players who are elite at their respective positions. In this mock, I focus mainly on the defensive side of the ball. Here is the latest Cowboys 7-round mock draft with only a week left until the draft.

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  • David

    For the most part I like your draft. However I would rather see them go with an O-lineman in the 2nd round. Their should be a quality one available. Secondly I think you are way off base not thinking the safety position is that bad. No offense but they are horrible. While Church had a lot of tackles he was poor in coverage and helping out the corners over the top. After him you have Wilcox who has been a safety for 10 minutes, Heath who was god awful and started over Wilcox when he got benched. If Barr is gone and Pryor or Dix is there they need to think hard about taking one of them. Both would walk on and be the best overall safety on the team. I also do not think they have the luxury of taking an RB in the 5th round. They still have to many needs and would rather see them draft an WR with higher value there and draft an RB in the 7th round. I dont think they are ready to give up on Randle who was their pick last year. I love the Street pick but I see him gone in the 5th or 6th at the very latest.

  • baronmwd

    I love this Mock. I’m a little nervous about Easley in 2nd but also know he is a 1st round talent when healthy. Love the Barr/Martin & Brooks picks. Street has potential to be a gem in the 7th.