Rangers Day 2 Draft Analysis


Rangers Draft Day 2

After two intriguing picks on day 1, the Rangers have gotten back to it today in hopes of building a team that will compete for years to come.  All in all the Rangers had 29 selections on Day 2.

2nd– With their first pick of the day at number 83 in the second round the Rangers selected Will Lamb, a big lefty from Clemson.  Lamb, who stands at 6’06”, was a considerably better hitter in college than a pitcher.  He hit around .350 this year while sporting a 5.11 ERA. He does have a fastball that can touch 96 and a hard moving slider with velocity though.  Similar to the first two picks this was again a little bit of a reach.

3rd– The Rangers went with another arm at pick 113.  Kyle Castro, a high school righty from California, sported a 3.56 ERA with 64 strikeouts over 55 innings this season.  He will definitely be able to sign because he never signed with a college but instead would have to go to junior college if he did not go pro.  He was also a phenomenal football player in high school.  Once again the Rangers have gone with a project pick that needs a lot of work but he could turn out to be a steal since he hasn’t even turned 18 yet.

4th– What do you know? The Rangers go with another young athletic centerfielder that has a lot of potential.  Desmond Henry from Compton, California has the one thing that is impossible to teach, speed and a lot of it.  This kid can really really run.  In his junior year of high school he stole 45 bases.  Hopefully, he will make the transition well and turned into a well-rounded player and not be Julio Borbon round II.

5th- They went with another young pitcher here at number 174.  Brandon Woodruff, a very raw high school righty.  He struck out 100 in under 50 innings pitched and does have a lot of potential

6th– I really love the next player the Rangers picked.  Derek Fisher, a high school outfielder from Pennsylvania, can rake the ball as well as just about anyone in this draft class.  He has speed and unbelievable power.  A lot of teams stayed away from him because it will be difficult to convince him not to attend Virginia, but if the Rangers can pull this off some how this will be a great pick.

7th– The Rangers kept the high school picks going with Max Pentecost. Batted just under .500 his junior year and is able to play catcher effectively which is a big plus.

8th– At 264, the Rangers picked junior righty Kyle Hendricks from Dartmouth.  He has great stamina as he went the distance in 4 of his 9 starts this year.  He was voted All-Ivy due to being tied for the league lead in wins.

9th– With their third high school outfielder of the draft, the Rangers picked Rashad Harlin.  Harlin who is a great hitter in high school is currently commited to San Diego St.

10th– They went with another catcher at number 324.  Joe Maloney from Limestone College was the most decorated catcher in Division II baseball this year winning multiple All-American Awards.

11th– Connor Sadzeck from Howard College (TX).  6’5” Righty who went 7-3 with a 3.56 ERA… is currently committed to play at Texas

12th – Gregory Williams from Marshall.  6’4” Lefty reliever with good swing a miss stuff

13th– Chris Grayson from Lee University.  Outfielder with good speed and power

14th– Andrew Faulkner from South Aiken HS, signed with South Carolina and should be tough to get

15th– Jarred Elckhoff from Olney Central College.  6’4” Righty with a mid 90s fastball who went 10-4 this past season

16th– Trever Adams from Creighton University.  Outfielder who hit .387 with 14 homers and 15 steals

17th– Ryan Rua from Lake Erie College. Shortstop.  Hit .400 and is team’s all time home run leader

18th– Nick Martinez from Fordham University.  6’1” Righty was more of a hitter than pitcher in college but sported a 2.75 ERA

19th– Nathan Harsh from Brunswick HS.  6’5” Righty Fastball that touches 90 has a 4 pitch arsenal including a splitter.

20th– Nick Vickerson from Mississippi State.  Shortstop batted .315 and added 25 steals. Good fielder.

21st– Chance Sossamon from Wichita State. 6’2” Righty reliever with a 4.01 ERA.

22nd– TJ Costen from First Colonial HS.  Shortsop who is insanely fast.  Committed to South Carolina.

23rd– Michael Mason from Marshall. 2nd pitcher from Marshall.  6’2” lefty with 4.83 ERA in 13 starts.

24th– Zach Fish from Gull Lake HS.  Catcher with great power that is committed to Michigan

25th – Jordan Remer from San Francisco. 6’2” Lefty 2.11 ERA in limited appearances.

26th– Ryan Bores from Cuyahoga CC.  6’3” Righty 1.46 ERA and 1.1 SO per innings.

27th– Kyle Devore from Sacramento CC. 6’4” Righty who was 11-0 with a 2.5 ERA.

28th– Saquan Johnson from East Bladen HS. Outfielder whose 6.2 60 was one of the fastest in the draft class.

29th– Nicholas Sawyer from Howard College (TX).  Second player from Howard College.  Signed to play at Texas. Throws low 90’s with a good curve.

30th– Phillip Klein from Youngstown St. 6’7” righty who started off shaky but only gave up 25 runs over his last 12 starts.

The MLB draft continued for 50 rounds, but after round 30, some teams begin to pass their picks. After round 30, many selections are made on nothing more than a pipe dream or a hunch. While good players can often come from the later rounds, many of those players will never sign or no not pan out.