NBA Mock Draft Part II; Mavericks Select Justin Harper


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16. Philadelphia 76ers select Markeiff Morris. The 76ers could really use some help inside and Morris is definitely the better rebounder and defender of the two brothers.  However, if there is a deal in place that would move Iguodala somewhere else look for the 76ers to take Jordan Hamilton to try to fill his void.

17. New York Knicks select Nikola Vucevic.  The Knicks could either fill their void at center or go with a good defender at guard like Iman Shumpert.  D’Antoni likes his offense so I think he will go with the 7-footer from USC.  Although he doesn’t have a very high ceiling he appears to have the skills that could have him be a mainstay in the league.

18. Washington Wizards select Donatas Montiejunas.  This is circumstantial based on the Wizards originally taking Jan Vesely at 6 or this pick could change.  One of the biggest mysteries of the daft Montiejunas hasn’t played well in the workouts but has some very raw potential.

19. Charlotte Bobcats select Jordan Hamilton. Once again, this is circumstantial based on them taking Marcus Morris at pick 9.  Hamilton is as raw as they come but has great scoring and rebounding ability and could make an immediate impact at small forward.

20. Minnesota Timberwolves select Marshon Brooks. Another team with two picks, this is relying on them going big and taking Derrick Williams at 2.  Brooks is a great scorer and the Timberwolves really lacked a true 2 man last season focing Wesley Johnson to play there most of the year.

21. Portland Trail Blazers select Kenneth Faried.  The Trail Blazers only looming hole is a great defender and rebounder that can offset LaMarcus Aldridge’s score first mindset.  Faried fits this mold better than anyone in the draft.  If Faried falls to the Trail Blazers here I don’t seem them thinking twice about taking him.

22. Denver Nuggets select Tobias Harris. The Nuggets are set at the point guard and shooting guard positions and very deep at center.  That’s why they go with the combo forward Harris here.  Still young at 18, Harris does posses a very solid game to go with his NBA-ready body, so he could get a lot of playing time right away.

23. Houston Rockets select Iman Shumpert. This pick is hardly circumstantial based on them picking Alec Burks at 14 because Shumpert is purely a value pick here.  Although he lacks a good offensive game, he is a lockdown defender, a good rebounder for the guard position, and can play the 1 or the 2.

24. Oklahoma City Thunder select Nikola Mirotic. Who? If Tobias Harris is gone here then the Thunder should go with the next best small forward on the board who in my mind is Mirotic. He is a great knockdown shooter with very impressive range, very similar to a Jason Kapono type.

25. Boston Celtics select Tyler Honeycutt. It’s no secret that Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are getting older.  Honeycutt isn’t a dominating player but is very solid and versatile. He can play at both the 2 and the 3 and could help a lot off the bench until Allen and Pierce decide to give it up.

26. Dallas Mavericks select Justin Harper. Harper would serve as a great back up for Dirk.  He is a great shooter from the 4 position.  I think there is a possibility they go with Jeremy Tyler but Harper is the safer pick.  See post earlier where I discussed all Mavs possibilities

27.  New Jersey Nets select Davis Bertans.  With the exception of point guard and center, the Nets need help everywhere. The new ownership has a pull to overseas players and Bertans can really shoot the ball.  He will be a liability on defense and rebounding but has great potential as a role player.

28. Chicago Bulls select Jeremy Tyler. This pick could go either way.  Tyler was one of the best high school players in the nation before deciding to go overseas where he struggled.  This pick is a big risk but it could end up paying huge dividends in the future.

29. San Antonio Spurs select Kyle Singler.  The Spurs were close this year but need to get one more piece to the puzzle before they need to start rebuilding. Singler is a hard worker and a good knock down shooter that could really find a spot in the NBA. Singler is one of the more safe picks in the entire draft.

30. Chicago Bulls select Reggie Jackson.  Jackson would probably go higher had he been able to workout for any team, but because of a knee injury he has not been able to.  He would serve as a great backup for Derrick Rose and could play the two next to him if needed.

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