Dallas Cowboy Cole Beasley, Yes He Has Heart


I have no idea why Cole Beasley left the Dallas Cowboys training camp for 2 days.  Someone said his heart was not in it, but that seems difficult to believe. Cole’s decision to leave for two days is no doubt a setback for him.  It’s a setback, but it’s not an impossible hill to climb either.  There is no doubt the young man has the talent or the Cowboys would have not allowed him to return.

There was obviously something more important than football for Cole to have left.  Yes football fans, these players do have a life and just sometimes there are situations that are bigger than the game. One is your family.  Your family will be with you forever, the game of football might be with you for 6 to 8 years, depending on how good you are and how injuries treat you.

While many in the media have rebuked Cole for his lack of dedication to football, I gained respect for him: he had the intestinal fortitude to leave the team (which was unlikely to help his chances of making the practice squad, let alone the 53 man roster) because he felt there was something he had to address that was more pressing than football. Whatever the problem was, he handled it, and he was given the green light to return. The Cowboys coaching staff seemed excited for him to be back.

Cole knows that he has to work even harder if he is to have a shot at making the 53.  He has the heart and the desire to it.  Beasley had to work extremely hard for everything he has ever gotten.  His entire football career is one instance of proving the doubters wrong after another. Many of the comments I have read from the some of the Cowboy fans are brutal.  Who knows what is better for Cole Beasley than Cole Beasley? Whatever the issue was, it has worked itself out, and Cole was allowed to return to camp.

I was a little surprised and disappointed that so few of the Dallas Cowboy fans appeared to respect the decision Beasley made. If the Cowboys gave him another chance, shouldn’t we? He is back now, so the only thing that we can ask of Cole is that he works hard to try and make the team.  The bottom line is, he has a chance, albeit a smaller chance now than before he left. I am in his corner all the way.  All he has to do is give it his all, the rest will take care if itself.

With the injury to Miles Austin, the unknown about Dez and the NFL and his possible suspension, Cole is in a position to have a chance to make the roster. He may be a long shot, but at least he will be in the running.

No one knows  if Cole Beasley will be on the 53 at the end of pre-season, but he seems like he has the drive and determination to succeed, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone if he makes the team. (Remember, this is the kid who said that he disliked being compared to Wes Welker because he feels he is more versatile .)

If you don’t know much about Cole, read this story about his history, you will become an instant fan.

If you missed it, you should also read CowgirlCas’ scouting report on Beasley. Her analysis suggests that Beasley could be an effective weapon for the Cowboys’ offense.

I am rooting for you Cole, just keep doing what you have been doing for your entire football career: keep proving everyone wrong!

Go Cowboys.

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