News and Notes for Wednesday’s Cowboys-Giants game


A round-up of important news surrounding this week’s Cowboys-Giants game with some of my opinions mixed in.

  • Jenkins strikes me as a 50-50 bet to get into the game after practicing on Sunday. To summarize, he hasn’t practiced since 2011, but if he doesn’t play the Cowboys only have four corners. But even if he is active, he probably won’t play that much since he’s never played slot. That might force the linebackers to play more zone to give help if the Giants put four receivers on the field, since I’m not particularly confident Mario Butler can hold his own in man coverage for an entire game without a serious mistake or two. I’m curious how Rob Ryan responds still applies pressure with his linebackers spread out.
  • Second round pick Bruce Carter has officially been relegated to back-up MLB. Dan Connor was signed for a pittance this offseason to provide competition, but ended up claiming the starting gig after a solid summer. With all of the packages Rob Ryan runs, Carter still ought to see the field, but the job was his to lose and he lost it.
  • Cole Beasley has also made the team (as the sixth receiver) but Kevin Ogletree will be the slot receiver, with Dwayne Harris taking the fourth and Andre Holmes taking the fifth. Beasley won’t see the field, but at least that gives them solid insurance. I think we all would take him at over the horrors of Manuel Johnson.
  • This will also be the first game in a Cowboy’s uniform for Ryan Cook. A seven year starter, he gives desperately needed depth at Center after the team lost confidence in David Arkins’ ability to start in a pinch.
  • This will be the first game since 2010 without Stephen Mcgee on the roster. He needed to be cut to make room for Ryan Cook, but considering his preseason, he just needed to be cut.
  • Jason Witten and Jay Ratliff didn’t practice on Sunday. Technically, both are game time decisions, but Witten hasn’t played or practiced in weeks with his spleen injury. While I hope he plays, if he sits this one out without medical or coach clearance, I wouldn’t be shocked. Matt Johnson is also a game-time decision, but I can’t, under any circumstances, see him playing a snap. He’s a rookie without game or practice time and a mid-round pick. Stick a fork in him until maybe week two.
  • The over/under on the Cowboys’ season is 8.5 wins, according to Sportsbook. That’s about I’d predict, but all of the other stuff on the list is complete gibberish to me. I’m 16, not a gambler. Still, for those inclined to lighter wallets, it’s pretty interesting. Check it out.
  • For this game, the the Giants are 3.5 point favorites but predicts the Cowboys will cover the spread. Again, if you know what that means you’re better than me.
  • Sorry, but I can’t see the Cowboys winning this one. With four cornerbacks and a deep receiving core, I think the Giants will air it out deep and often. I know it sounds trivial, but if the Cowboys had Mike Jenkins they could play more man because they would have the cornerback talent. If the Giants go with four (or God forbid, five) receivers, I don’t see the Cowboys playing man. They would have to sacrifice a defender or two in zone that they could use to rush. I just don’t see how that isn’t a disadvantage. If they were playing the Jaguars or the Cardinals, it doesn’t really matter. But they’re facing one of the best quarterbacks in the league with solid depth. Mario Butler will be picked on endlessly and I just don’t see the score being particularly close.