The Road To The NFC East Just Got Longer for the Dallas Cowboys


The road to the NFC East title just got a little bit longer for our Dallas Cowboys this past Sunday. In all honesty the Dallas Cowboys were SeaHAWKED by Seattle in the 27-7 drubbing.  All that can say about the loss is, “OUCH, this loss really hurts.”  The reason being is quite simple and Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones should have seen this one coming from right after the Cowboys victory in New York, but they apparently did not.

Sept 16, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett waits in the tunnel before leading his team on to the field against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field. Seattle defeated Dallas, 27-7. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

The New York Giants, quite frankly, laid an egg against the Cowboys. The New York Giants did not believe the Dallas Cowboys had improved that much over last year’s team, therefore the Giants went into their home opener with cocky attitudes believing the game was in the bag. Romo and company went into the game and played hard-nosed football and took it to the Giants and beat them soundly.  So naturally, the Dallas Cowboys adopted the Giants’ attitude of the previous week and got their butts soundly handed to them on a silver platter by a very prepared Seattle team.

We all saw Jason Witten have a game for the ages last Sunday, the Stone Ages, that is. Witten had hands of  STONE and dropped passes that the future of HALL OF FAMER would in most cases never drop.  This was followed up by the Dez Bryant drops. Quite frankly, I was surprised at the number of drops that Dez Bryant had on the day that started out with Felix Jones fumbling his career into the abyss. Jason Garrett did his best to put a positive spin on Felix Jones’ continued poor performances and bad judgment in bringing the ball out from deep within the end zone and the fumble on the Cowboys’ initial possession of the game.  However, you couple this game with Jones failing his conditioning test and it certainly puts a frown on Jerry’s face and a big question mark on Felix’s future in 2012/2013 as a Dallas Cowboy.

The BIGGEST failures of the game were the Dallas Cowboys’ offensive line; Tony Romo was spinning left and right all afternoon dodging the Seahawks pass rushers.  Lets not take anything away from the Seahawks, they have a sound defense and a promising offense. Not good enough to challenge the 49ers this year, but they are headed in the right direction (just ask the Dallas Cowboys).  The schedule does not get any easier as the Cowboys move forward and deeper into their 2012 schedule.  Next up for the Dallas Cowboys are the Tampa Bay Bucs. That team gave the New York Giants all they could handle, and it took Eli Manning’s heroics (throwing for 243 4th quarter yards out of 512 total yards) to pull out the win for the G-Men, so easy it is not going to be this Sunday.

The Cowboys’ defense slipped quite a bit allowing Marshawn Lynch to run for 122 yards, something that was not expected with the talent the Cowboys have at linebacker, with Sean Lee and Bruce Carter holding down the positions.

The Seattle game was a big drop off after what the defense allowed in the opening game against the Giants.  Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan has some issues he needs to address going into Tampa Bay game. This game will not be a walk in the park and Jason Witten and Rob Ryan had better get this team primed and ready as the Tampa Bay Bucs will be ready to knock off our Dallas Cowboys at home. The Cowboys can ill afford to fall to 1-2 as the Chicago Bears follow the Bucs as the Cowboys’ next home game before leaving for Baltimore to face the  EXTREMELY dangerous Ravens with Joe Flacco and Ray Lewis.  The Cowboys’ season is on the line in the next 3 weeks.

We will see if Jason Garrett and Rob Ryan have the MOXIE to get the Cowboys ready to go, I believe they do….

Go Cowboys….!!!!

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