article last week, I speculated about a Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft for 2013: 1st Round: G Chance ..."/> article last week, I speculated about a Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft for 2013: 1st Round: G Chance ..."/> article last week, I speculated about a Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft for 2013: 1st Round: G Chance ..."/>

Cowboys Early Mock Draft: Revision 1


In an article last week, I speculated about a Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft for 2013:

1st Round: G Chance Warmack,  Alabama.

2nd Round: C Jonathan Cooper, North Carolina

3rd Round: OLB Chase Thomas, Stanford

3rd Round: G Gabe Jackson, Mississippi State

4th Round: ILB Jonathan Bostic, Florida

5th Round: G Braden Hansen, Pittsburgh

6th Round: RB Dennis Johnson, Arkansas

6thRound*: OT Brian Winters, Kent State

7th Round: RB Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina

I do need to make some updates. Two of the three comments I received bemoaned me not putting a defensive lineman in the draft at all. I figured that the Cowboys would get one in free agency. I found a list of the 2013 free agents and many of the good ones play in a 4-3 scheme. While they can obviously transfer to a 3-4, I doubt the Cowboys take that risk, so I’ve changed up my draft a little bit. I also assumed that they would trade down. This one does not feature that scenario.

This Dallas Cowboys mock draft focuses on having two supplemental draft picks  in the fifth and sixth round. If Stephen Bowen was good enough to get a 6th round supplemental pick, Mike Jenkins should too. Anthony Spencer is better than both of them, so he should provide at least a fifth round pick. If any of you have comprable players  who have earned their teams a higher or lower compensation, please mention so in the comments.

Anyway, here is my new and improved mock draft for the Dallas Cowboys in 2013.  All of the new players get write-ups, but the old ones get the same write-ups as last week.

1st: G Chance Warmack, Alabama

A good run blocker, he would solve a huge hole at either guard spot and would provide some help for what was truly a pathetic running attack.

2nd: DE/DT Sharrif Floyd

The Cowboys are in trouble here. They need offensive line help bad enough that they should really spend the first two picks on the area, but after the second round, good 3-4 defensive ends are hard to find. Last week I had them picking a center, but they really need a good DE. Floyd had three sacks on the season, two of them against Louisville in the Sugar Bowl. While that could be better, he did have 11 tackles for loss.

3rd: C Mario Benavides

He is a capable center who could beat out Phil Costa. According to Walterfootball, he played well against North Carolina (and more importantly Sylvester Williams, a top 25 pick this year) and played decently against Florida in the Sugar Bowl.

4th: OLB Brandon Jenkins, Florida St.

He would have been a first or early second day pick last year, but returned to boost his draft stock. He broke his foot and missed the season, so he should get knocked down a few rounds. I’m assuming he can’t participate in the Senior Bowl and looks rusty at the combine. If he does well there, he’s a second round pick.

5th: RB Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina

How many times is there the opportunity to get a potential pro-bowler in the fifth round? Even if his knee never heals, it’s a fifth round pick. We’re not talking about something precious. There literally isn’t a Cowboys fifth round pick on the roster from the last four drafts combined. If he fails, so did 4/5 of the other draftees in the round. But if he ever becomes anything at all, he is instantly the best pick of the fifth, sixth or seventh round. I think of it like a lower risk, higher reward Bruce Carter.

5th*: NT Larry Black Jr., Indiana

He’s small for a nose tackle but he can play the run. He takes Josh Brent’s place

6th:  CB Tyronn Mathieu, LSU

He’s short and has serious character issues. But he is fast, instinctual and is an excellent kickoff returner. Even if his only benefit is kick and punt returning it’s a good deal. Considering the Cowboys’ wide receiver depth issues, I’d be more comfortable with him returning kicks than Dez Bryant or Dwayne Harris.

6th*:  G Spencer Long, Nebraska

He can run block, which for the group was a serious issue.

7th: NA

I was reading through the comments section and millared noted that the Cowboys traded their 7th round selection. I put Brad Wing here (leg injuries and punters equal insurance option), but he could probably be signed in undrafted free agencyanyway. Thanks millared!