2013 Dallas Cowboys Schedule: Tough Road for Cowboys


Dallas Cowboys Mascot Rowdy and the Cowboys have a tough 2013 schedule if needs aren’t addressed before opening night. Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Starting with the New York Giants and ending with the Philadelphia Eagles, Jerry Jones can be happy to see his team start at home and end at home. Unfortunately, the Cowboys schedule is not exactly a walk in the park.

With opponents like the Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants on schedule the Dallas Cowboys are going to need a solid defense.

After the Cowboys face the New York Giants in their first game, most likely coming off of a loss, I think they will take the next two wins against the Kansas City Chiefs and the St. Louis Rams.

But once the Cowboys head to San Diego I think the Chargers are going to take the win. After coming off the loss, rather than come out with fury into their next game the Cowboys don’t have what it takes to defeat Peyton Manning. Manning has too many assets to work with to make way to the endzone and will ultimately defeat the Cowboys.

The Cowboys next game will be a night game against the Washington Redskins. This game is getting much of the hype from the Cowboys schedule because it is still undetermined whether or not RGIII will be able to play in the game. If RGIII does play I think the Redskins take the win, but if not I think the Cowboys might pull off the victory.

Next, Philadelphia Eagles. Before the Cowboys the Eagles will likely be coming off a win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Cowboys have the opportunity to take the victory. Although Michael Vick can move the Eagles down the field but DeMarco Murray is going to lead the Cowboys to victory in this away game.

When it comes to the next game against the Detroit Lions it all comes down to Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson. I’m going to give it to Dez Bryant. I say Highland Park’s Matthew Stafford is going to be rattled by the Cowboys defensive line and the Cowboys are going to take this win home.

Unfortunately I don’t think this winning streak will last too long for the Cowboys.
With the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints next on schedule the Cowboys will take two losses until their bye week.
Although Tony Romo has what it takes to move to the endzone in these games, ultimately Adrian Peterson and Drew Brees will take control over the scoreboard and mow past the Cowboys defense.

Following the bye week I think we see another loss to the New York Giants but definitely a close game. After the bye week Romo is going to make some serious plays against the Giants and I think we see some deep touchdown passes from both him and Manning.

After coming off three losses the Cowboys will be more than ready to take on the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders are using this season to rebuild their team, so for the Cowboys this game should be a piece of cake.

Coming off a big win over the Raiders the Cowboys will head to Chicago to play the Bears for a Monday night game. The Bears will be coming off a game against rival team, the Minnesota Vikings, and the Bears are going to win this game with ease.

Next game against the Packers will be when the Cowboys really get the throw down at home. The last time the Packers played in Cowboys Stadium was when they won Super Bowl XLV. Aaron Rodgers is going to stomp the Cowboys defense and leave Jerry Jones fuming with his team.

Really the only explanation needed for why the Cowboys will lose their next game to the Washington Redskins is simple, RGIII. He will be ready to play at this point in the season and will have a couple definite wins putting him right back where he belongs.

In the Cowboys final game at home against the Philadelphia Eagles I think Romo is going to kick it into high gear for this game. This time Romo will keep his head on straight and avoid ending the Cowboys season with three interceptions, but rather end the season with at least three touchdowns in this game against the Eagles.

Overall the Cowboys look like they have a tough season ahead but will be able to pull off some upsets and bring home some wins ending with a record of 6-9. As for Romo bringing the Cowboys to the Playoffs, the odds are slim but if they can find the right connections against some of their thicker opponents defenses and pull through for the win don’t count the Cowboys out just yet.

9-8NY Giants7:30 p.m.NBC
9-15@ KC ChiefsNoonFOX
9-22STL RamsNoonFOX
9-29@ SD Chargers3:25 p.m.FOX
10-6DEN Broncos3:25 p.m.CBS
10-13WAS Redskins7:30 p.m.NBC
10-20@ PHI EaglesNoonFOX
10-27@ DET LionsNoonFOX
11-3MIN VikingsNoonFOX
11-10@ NO Saints7:30 p.m.NBC
11-24@ NY Giants3:25 p.m.FOX
11-28OAK Raiders3:30 p.m.CBS
12-9@ CHI Bears7:30 p.m.ESPN
12-15GB Packers3:25 p.m.FOX
12-22@ WAS RedskinsNoonFOX
12-29PHI EaglesNoonFOX