Looking Ahead At The Dallas Cowboys’ Remaining Schedule


Nov 28, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) talks with head coach Jason Garrett during a timeout from the game against the Oakland Raiders during a NFL football game on Thanksgiving at AT

It is said that turkey tastes sweeter with a win on Thanksgiving. The Dallas Cowboys were able to do something this year that they couldn’t do last year on Thanksgiving against the Redskins, that was to win the game on the national holiday. With the win, the Cowboys are now 7-5 with only four games left to play. The Cowboys were able to come out of their week 11 bye and defeat the streaking New York Giants. This win was a big one because it basically puts the rival New York Giants out of the playoffs. Today, the Eagles will play the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals have gone under the radar in the NFC. Arizona has played very well, this is the case with their 7-4 record. Like the Cardinals, the Eagles are also playing very good football. Philadelphia has found their starting quarterback with the terrific play of Nick Foles. With the inconsistency of the Cowboys, Dallas could run away with the division, or they could lose to the Eagles in week 17 in a winner-take-all matchup. With 11 days of rest for the Cowboys, they will have their target on the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football. Let’s take a look at their upcoming schedule:

Week 14: @ Chicago Bears

The Bears have had a very interesting year with the injury of Jay Cutler. Like Romo, Cutler goes under much scrutiny throughout the NFL. Cutler is obviously a better player than his backup, Josh McCown. But, McCown has played better in the time he has been given. In 5 games this year, McCown has thrown for a little over 1,100 yards along with seven touchdowns and only one interception. McCown has also displayed a 100.8 quarterback rating, Cutler has never had a quarterback rating higher than 88.1%. The Bears have been long known for their excellent defense. That is not the case for this year’s Bears team. The Bears are last in the league in rushing yards allowed, they have let up over 145 yards. With the Cowboys starting to run the ball more, Dallas could make good use of their running game in this one. Ballhawk cornerback Charles Tillman is on the IR, but is still designated to return. The Cowboys will have a tough matchup in the freezing cold in the Windy City. In fact, it could be snowing during this game on Monday Night Football.

Week 15: Green Bay Packers

In the past month, the Packers have fell off the face of the Earth due to the injury of Aaron Rodgers. Despite the improving play of Scott Tolzien, the Packers have gone from first place to third place in the competitive NFC North. By this time, Aaron Rodgers and even Randall Cobb will both be healthy. That is very bad news for the Cowboys. The Eagles and the Giants caught the Packers at the right time when Green Bay was without their star quarterback & star receiver. The Cowboys will definitely be going up against Aaron Rodgers, but Cobb could return against Dallas in week 15. This will be another tough game against Aaron Rodgers, who will be healthy come week 15.

Week 16: @ Washington Redskins

The Redskins have gone on a downward spiral this year in the NFC. The Redskins are sitting in the dungeon of the NFC East with a record of 3-8. It could be because of Robert Griffin III’s injury, but this defense is just absolutely atrocious. This defense gives up over 380 yards of offense. The Cowboys’ defense is bad as well, but the difference

Nov 28, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr (39) intercepts the ball in the end zone against Oakland Raiders receiver Jacoby Ford (12) in the fourth quarter during a NFL football game on Thanksgiving at AT

between the defenses are takeaways. The Cowboys are 2nd in the NFL in takeaways, compared to the Redskins, who have only 17 takeaways. The Cowboys are the best team in the NFC with their turnover differential of +12. As always, this will be a close game, but this Dallas team is just a better overall team than the Redskins.

Week 17: Philadelphia Eagles

Dallas could be playing a win-or-go-home for the third consecutive year in a row when the Eagles come to town in week 17. This game could be for all of the marbles for the division title. The Eagles have been playing much better of late with their defense playing better football. Also, the Eagles have benefitted from the play of Nick Foles. The Eagles have won three in a row to make them 6-5. As I said earlier, they have a tough matchup this week against the Cardinals. The Cowboys would benefit greatly with a Cardinals victory today. The Cowboys are getting healthy at the right time, and I expect the Cowboys to win this division.

Review: I still believe this team is in the driver’s seat in this division. The Cowboys have the most talent and are in the best position to win this division. Dallas has played really well at home this year, this gives them the advantage over the Eagles in week 17. But with how the Cowboys are playing right now, they may not need a week 17 win-or-go-home to matchup to happen. But you never know with these Dallas Cowboys. Stranger things have happened, but my best guess is that this Dallas team will host a wild card team in the first round of the playoffs. Stay tuned, Cowboys nation. It’s going to be a fun month!