Tony Romo Claus Saves Cowboys Season


Dec 22, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback

Tony Romo

(9) celebrates with Cowboys guard

Mackenzy Bernadeau

(73) after throwing the game winning touchdown against the Washington Redskins in the final minute of the fourth quarter at FedEx Field. The Cowboys won 24-23. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

From “Goat” one week to “Hero” the next, so goes the tale of Tony Romo Claus. After an improbable drive that capped off a win for the Dallas Cowboys, the defense held. The Cowboys now head into a win and you are in next week against the impressive looking Eagles (More on them Friday). This week the Dallas Cowboys can celebrate Christmas with a little gift from Tony Romo Claus.

Early on the Cowboys looked as though they were going to hold the Redskins to field goals, and maybe get a touchdown here and there. That was until the Redskins intercepted Tony Romo.  At that moment it looked like the Cowboys season was going to be over. Then something happened, Tony Romo became what Cowboy fans love about Tony Romo. He kept drives alive, made smart plays, and moved the team up the field. The Washington Redskins dared Tony to beat them with anyone but Dez Bryant and Jason Witten. It was plays to DeMarco Murray, Cole Beasley, and Terrance Williams that kept the chains moving.

With one minute and change left, DeMarco Murray, for some reason, ran backwards at the goal line and put the Cowboys into a precarious position. Tony Romo hobbled to the line, kept the play alive, pump faked to freeze the linebacker, and threw a great pass to Murray. Touchdown!

No one can tell me with one minute left they were excited to see the defense take the field, that was until they held the Redskins to a turnover on downs. Now the only thing left is to fly back to Dallas and beat an Eagles team that just blew the doors off of Chicago.

There were some good things and bad things from the game that if they hope to win next week have to be looked at. First the good to be reviewed:

1. They stuck to the run. Just when everyone thought they were getting away from the run yet again, they went back to it, and it worked.

2. Tony Romo has heart. Even getting injured, he showed poise and confidence. It is moments like this that fire everyone up.

3. There are other players on offense besides Dez and Witten. It was nice to see Cole and Terrance get involved. If done right this team could be a pick your poison type offense.

4. The defense could stop someone in the second half. This was the first time they held a drive in the second half since the Raiders game, yup, the Raiders game.

5. Micheal Spurlock was a pretty good signing. First punt return for 68 yards. He helped when we needed him most.

Now the things this team has to work on for next week:

1. Pick up the 3rd down blitz. In my Friday column I said this was a huge problem and again Romo got sacked on 3rd downs. Blitz pickup people.

2. Blitzing, pass rush, pressure. Again there was so little pressure on Cousins. Foles hates pressure and without it he will tear this defense apart.

3. Stick to the run, a little more. Look we have hammered this to death, but it worked. Keep running the ball, eat the clock up.

4. Physicality of the CBs. Brandon Carr was being made to look like a rookie by Pierre Garcon. It wasn’t until Orlando Scandrick moved to him and got physical did the Redskins passing game suffer.

5. Heart and leadership. There are so many times they pan the camera and you see one or two guys trying to fire everyone up. Next week is vital, everyone needs to get fired up.

So it was a win. One more win and the Dallas Cowboys are in the playoffs. Scary right? So let’s enjoy this game with a little celebration music until Friday, while we hope the Cowboys realize they have work to do. So the song for this game is Isley Brothers – Work To Do. Fitting right?