Reading Between Jerry Jones’ Lines


Jan 20, 2014; Mobile, AL, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner

Jerry Jones

with head coach

Jason Garrett

seen in the stands of the North squad practice at Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

So Jerry Jones has owned the Dallas Cowboys for 25 years. In the last week he has done what he has always done, open his mouth and let the words fly. First, it was about how he wishes he could take back firing Tom Landry. Yet, Landry still isn’t in the ROH. Then we hear how he doesn’t think the Dallas Cowboys have to take two D Linemen in the first two rounds. Now, it is he feels guilty about not winning a Super Bowl with Tony Romo.

For all Jerry Jones has done right and wrong with the Dallas Cowboys over his tenure, one thing is for sure, the man tends to say too much, and not say enough all at the same time. When it comes to the firing of Tom Landry, I think he is saying that he took so much flack for it, he wishes he could take it back. There are questions as to why Landry isn’t in the ROH yet, but this could be Jerry’s usual way of hinting at things. I would suspect he is trying to repair some of his image and Landry will indeed be the next guy in the ROH. Now, he brought Jimmy Johnson in once he let go of Landry, but listening to Jerry, he thinks he could have had the same bad year as Jimmy did, and had the potential to keep Jimmy another year.

When he spoke about not drafting two linemen in the first two rounds, my reaction was pretty much, “Well, no duh.” There are quite a few holes on this team, and reaching for a DT/DE just to fill the spots would not be very smart. While I think Jerry will most likely draft one of these in the first or second round, this could be Jerry’s way of preparing the fans for something other than a lineman. Would it really surprise anyone if the Dallas Cowboys take a safety or a guard? Probably not, but I would not put it past Jerry to get something that many fans would scratch their head at. It would surprise me if he tries for a first round QB, but with Jerry nothing is out of the question. Reading between the lines it could be a set up for something no one sees coming or just putting it out there, “Hey we drafted this guy because he was higher on our draft boards, so welcome our new safety.” Which could lead to the third point.

Jerry came out and said he blames himself for not winning a Super Bowl with Tony Romo. Now this could mean he thinks the window is closed for Tony or that he doesn’t think he can provide enough in the next few seasons to win a Super Bowl. It could also mean he is shopping Tony and is not sure of his recovery. I would personally be very surprised to see the Cowboys trade Romo, but again with Jerry is anything ever set in stone? No, would be the answer there. This could also mean the Cowboys are looking for a QB, whether in the draft or in FA, remember Matt Schaub will most likely be a FA this year, and no one is sure of what Kyle Orton is going to do.

When listening to Jerry Jones one has to take everything he says with a grain of salt, so to speak. He seems to want people to read between the lines, and yet can be very forthcoming at the same time. Trying to figure out what he will do next is part of the fun as a Cowboy fan and all of the madness. I would expect Jerry to do something about the cap issues and FA in the upcoming month and then talk about it. I would also expect as we get closer to the draft for Jerry to say a few things that we as fans will have to read between the lines about. Just don’t be surprised if he drafts another TE in the second. Because that is the way he wants it, or is it?