So What Excatly Do The Dallas Cowboys Need


Jan 18, 2014; Carson, CA, USA; LSU fullback J.C. Copeland (44) celebrates after he scored a touchdown for the National Team in the first quarter of the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl game at StubHub Center. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

So it appears the Dallas Cowboys are down to a trickle in free agency. It might be time to look at what the Dallas Cowboys still need. While they have gotten some depth as well as a viable starter on the defensive line, there are some holes that have yet to be addressed. While some needs are blatantly obvious, others are not. Let’s take a look at what the Cowboys need, and what would be nice to have.

First, let’s talk about the defensive line. Many fans, myself included, feel that there is still a strong need for another DT and DE. While there is some talk about Nick Hayden being the other starter, I am not sure many people think this is the best option.

There seems to be a consensus on many mock drafts that the Cowboys will take a DT in the first round. While there does seem to be some issue of which DT they will take even after getting Henry Melton that a 1 tech DT is the biggest need on this team. I would think the Cowboys will take whichever DT is there, although a trade to move down in the draft is a possibility. Many think that even with the addition of Melton, the D line will be addressed in the first two rounds. They still need a DE quite badly and from what many want, Jefferson Jeffcoat seems to be high on many people’s list.

The next spot is really up for grabs in the mind of many fans. While there seems to be a trend toward OLB, Guard and WR, I still think they need to address the free safety position. I would not be upset if the Cowboys go for a Guard in the 2nd or 3rd rounds, I would be more upset if they went WR in the first three. I am not sold that the WR position is in such dire needs that it overshadows the need at Guard, Safety, or even some other positions that will be addressed in the next paragraph. The need at OLB could be more dire than a Guard, but it would depend on who fell to the Cowboys and the rankings of those available.

There are a few spots that not many have commented on, or possibly even thought of. The need for a backup QB is always high on everyone’s list and this year finding one to start grooming may not be a bad idea. Why many are not looking for a fullback is beyond me. There are a few FBs in the draft that could be found in later rounds and could help the run game not just in efficiency, but health as well.

J.C. Copeland to me would be perfect for this, but I would be happy if they  brought one in. Another position many are not thinking about is that of center. Now I know what many are going to say, we drafted Frederick last season. Yes, we did, this is true. However, we lost our backup this off-season and if he goes down we are very thin there. It might be worth bringing in a backup.

The last spot many are not talking about is punter. Chris Jones is an exclusive rights free agent this year and he is the only one on the roster. It might be time to bring in some competition, even if it is for training camp.

So in my opinion my list of needs is as follows:

1. DT/DE – I would say this is 1 and 1a. There is just a need for all of the holes that are on the DL.

2. FS – I have said it a few times, I am not sold on any of the FS on the roster. They can’t seem to stay healthy and there is so little quality depth there.

3. Guard – Improving the trenches is a huge need on this team. Guard is the most glaring hole.

4. OLB – Beyond the health issues of the LB corps, there seems to be a large lack of production from the OLB position as a whole.

5. FB – Murray does so much better with a true FB and it would also allow some protection for Romo and the RBs.

6. WR – If Dez goes down this corps doesn’t look as scary.

7. QB – Yea we have Weeden, but without knowing Orton’s status a 3rd QB would be good to have.

8. C – Behind Ferderick there is not much there.

9. Long Snapper – We never seem to talk about L.P. Ladouceur, which is a good thing. But he is a 10 year veteran and might be looking to retire sometime soon. Bringing in someone at least for training camp would be a really smart move.

10. HC/GM – Yea I know it is a pipe dream.

11. TE – Just seeing if you are paying attention.

So what do you all see as needs? What order?